Wolf packs have an alpha and omega wolf. The role of the leader is obvious but the importance of the omega to the alpha is not emphasised. The authority flows from the alpha through the pack to the omega. The omegas purpose is to endure the entire resentment of authority the rest of the pack displaces down to it. If the omega didn't put up with the abuse the authority of the alpha would be compromised and the whole pack would decide they were capable of being the leader even though they were not qualified for the role. This would cause the alpha to increase its verocity to restablish its position in the pack, and the pack would suffer from a backup of yang. The omega relieves the resentment of authority by allowing the pack to feel a taste of supremeness. Without the omega the alpha would not occur.

In this covenant Jesus is the omega, saying to the pack, "go ahead guys I'll lie on my back, exposing my belly so you can pound those nails in, if it makes ya feel better." I'm the alpha saying, "The pack has more important things to be doing than bothering Jesus, now lets get going" Every christ plays each role in his own right, for myself in my family I am the aloof, chill, above-it-all wise man, and the unemployed, highschool dropout, still living with mom at 24, druggie, pipedream factory. To you all I am the mentally ill freak and the dependable Superhero.

The Dogon have described the Nommo or christ as being composed of 4 beings. Christianity has 2 or 3 depending on what you consider Adam to be. To be specific I'm talking about definite incarnated Melchizedek. There is also the question of those pertaining to just this covenant. The Dogon say that the middle two are blacksmith, Tesla and myself. Jesus is the victim and his twin descends with the blacksmith. The relationship suggests someone else comes after me but it could also mean the three of us become the fourth when viewed as a whole.

I have presented myself in several ways in this book. I don’t really bother separating Mathew from Messiah, SubGenius from Quartzhead. If I left one side out or neglected to mention something then I’d feel I was being deceptive. I chose to show you all of me, so that you may witness my progress. The Lord is not above revenge or hatred because humans are the ones who supply the universe with those responses; for us to be Godlike everything else must have a capacity to be humanlike. The UNIverse recognizes ONE god, itSELF, this is why I’m not Christian enough to be Christian, Hindu enough to be Hindu, New Age enough to be New Age etc....I’m previous to them ALL.

The weight of this hasn’t really sunk in yet and probably never will, I’m just doing what I feel I must do, just like Exxon, Philip-Morris and Eli-Lily. I still question myself though, “Am I claiming to already have Christ consciousness, in which case the spirit has already descended into me in which case my assumptions of this were wrong cuz I still get angry?”, “But isn’t it my job to judge and be pissed off for God?”, “Do I Mathew have some residual karma that needs to be worked out before I fully inherit my title, like right now I’m just playing a precursor role and when I fulfill this role I will fully actualize into the King of Kings?”

I probably shouldn’t get so anal retentive about it, the revelations have come fairly consistently when the time was right. Jesus wasn’t really the Christ at my age either...I always wonder how much he knew and when he knew it. He knew The Father intrinsically, I know The Father (mostly) conceptually. It really bugs me that I’m still under the veil of Maya. If I wasn’t though I imagine I wouldn’t even have the capacity to be angry for this role. Similarly I bet Jesus got annoyed at times when he really wanted to be angry and kick ass but couldn’t. On the other hand I think it would be very fulfilling to be able to heal people with a kiss, I have to do it with Microwave Resonance Therapy, Lakhovsky Multi-Wave Oscillators, ZEUS’s negative ion vortex, tachyonized water, LEMs, pathogen signature destructive interference modulators... (Actual cures are more likely to be found in energy than in pills, Jesus did not require pills to cure/heal, the above is just externalized mimicry of his laying on of hands, both are just manipulation of waves...oil companies suppress things that can render them useless and so do pharmaceutical companies...) One man is not a threat to them if he is limited to his own biology for the production of "miracles."

The Lord has chosen me to be one of the carriers of the Lords word in its untainted state, kinda like the psilocybin mushroom, which is also known as Teonanacatl/Godflesh/Fungi Christ. When I say “one of” I mean that the Yogi-Christs exist and in some ways are even more qualified for this role than I am. As we are drawn to the eschaton an additional144,000 humans (for special reasons) will awaken to the singing of the magnetic/auric/merkaba DNA structure that’s waiting for them on the other side. Let me elaborate on that, ya’ see, DNA is a molecule and it’s the transdimensional link/interdimensional fulcrum between the monkey/earth and the astral body/new Jerusalem, it functions in more than one Dimensional Cell Continuum, how else do you get an immaculate conception? I’m prepping y’all for an immaculate death, which is just birth into the previous DCC...This doesn't mean you have to be one of us to make it to heaven which is different from MeekWorld, which is different from The Isle of Paradise/Central Sun. Many humans are already sufficient carriers of the word and don’t necessarily have to attain Christ consciousness to please the Lord.

Many people have virtue like Woody Harrelson or Linda Ellerbee. Many people are enlightened like Jerry Garcia or Timothy Leary. Many people are spiritual like Paramahansa Yogananda or Martin Luther King. Many people understand the universe like Loden "bowls" or Terence McKenna. Many people put the Lord before their monkeys. Many people are balls out crazy. I am all these things and amongst other reasons that is why NOBODY else can be “The” Christ...You may say I have a Christ complex, I say we should ALL have a Christ complex, thats the point, not to see how monkeylike you can be, thats kids stuff, crazy stuff. You’re here to see how GODLIKE you can be, thats the challenge, thats what pleases the Lord.

Like I said, my existence completes the actualization of the “Word” as it manifests in linear space-time, in humans. A duality so great that it encompasses a two thousand year span. Jesus met me halfway as a passive Alpha lamb, humanlike, coming from God. I am meeting him as an aggressive Omega lion, Godlike, going to God. Together we represent the ideal for human existence in the human condition. I am a walking, talking Reality Prism, I’m a crystalline bubble riding the Chaos membrane with one foot in the “sea” and one in the “earth” (dimensionally amphibious) and I can break the light of the Lord down into the spectrum of the word. I’m a child who has unwarranted peace. Its so easy for we kids to have resilience cuz we don’t play by your rules, CUZ WE DON’T PLAY YOUR GAMES! When you project onto a child you get jealous or even angry at the childs carefree world. The kid’s not weighed down with worry and adult trips and the kid is acceptably self centered... Maturation is measured in units of what? By whose standards? I’m just a six year old that knows too much, and like a kid I wrote this book cuz I can. I, like a child reflect the potential you buried under ego. The Christ/child is the standard from which you judge yourself relative to the Lord; does a 3 year old know or care that it is Jewish or African American? Do I care?

I tell you the truth, I don’t actively judge individuals for God, that would take too long, YOU judge yourselves. YOU decide your fate in the cosmos not me. You will be judged/marked based on your response to me, and by "me" I mean Jesus too. Scary huh?

Jesus asked, “Who do YOU say that I am?” I’ll make it easier on you and simply ask, “Do you know me?” And I don’t mean have we met each other. I mean, do you recognize any of your “self” in me? Do you agree with anything in this book? If you agree with anything, you, by law, must agree with all of it because I don’t lie. You can’t have any half-assed faith in me, its all or nothing, sorry that’s just the way it is. True light workers recognize each other not unlike gaydar so I'm not worried.

I can spot a poser, I know if you have the love of God in your heart or if you’re just paying lip service to some big invisible guy in the sky; your intent and actions reveal your faith and virtue. The cross around your neck, how many gutterpunks you proselytized to or how many Chick comics you distributed are pathetic actions and intent. I can see you right now, sitting on your pew wondering what the pastor thinks of me, thinking that he would be more qualified to identify me than you, well keep in mind, if I'm christ he's unemployed...wondering if the Pinks around you will scorn you if you dare to believe in me. Well sit there and wonder...

In my past incarnation as Nikola Tesla I may have been (was) too engrossed in my work for my own karmic good. It was an extremely important role, the man is responsible for just about every modern convenience we have today, but all you hear about is that dork Edison. Sorry. Point is, I/Tesla had “night visitors” giving me knowledge and that took priority over any lessons I was supposed to deal with. I like to think having a woman in my life is one of those lessons. I/Tesla had this neurotic fear of intimacy and now being a Pisces I am totally inclined to some snuggling. I was pious enough back then to be a real slut today...As Nikola all I cared about was my work, I just didn’t take the time to be human. He was well on his way to being a GRAY. But I’m sayin’ “OK, I’m 21, I’ve retained the knowledge Nikola acquired, I’ve invented all the cool shit he wasn't able to invent and whatever else I feel like inventing so maybe it’s time to sit back, take a bonghit and think about something else...” Yeah I’d say I’m justified in puffin’ herb and munchin’ little scrolls, hey, that almost sounds like a breakfast cereal, Little Scrolls, yeah, puffed corn shrooms and marbit pot leaves...”Fortified with a full days dose of Vitamin G”, “A part of this complete existence!”

I mention all this because the Fundies turn there noses at the reality of reincarnation. This Christian/Western dogmatic disease proves its own narrow mindedness is inferior. Enter the East.

I’m partial to the Eastern approach to spirituality/religion for two basic reasons. One is that the labeling, commercialization, and consequent degradation of Christ through “Christianity the organized religion” (as opposed to Christianity the natural tendency) has built up the whole thing and torn it down simultaneously. I mean that Christ is eternal, and in the past two thousand years it has been severely abused. Ya see, “Christianity” is a mere infant next to Hinduism, Buddhism or Zion Coptics. I believe that the older something is the more evolved it is, but with christianity, its just more time to fuck it up. Now the teachings of the Bible are just as ancient and transcendental as the eastern texts its just that the Hindus, Buddhists and Rastafarians are not caught up in trying to be right and forcing their opinions, that is the infantile part. The second reason is that these annoying, Bible thumpin’, southern accented, “Give me money so I can honor the Lord through yelling like an obnoxious hick”, psychopreachers are know, like, uh...sad. But hey, who am I to judge? wink wink. I think Christianity as a cult of Pagans and Essenes was great, it became a religion when Constantine decided he was one of them. He made it what it is today, yet another way of controlling the masses. I like the preachers who talk about the Christians who are faking it, they are obviously playing to the congregation, trying to distance their own BS from the people who may doubt them with a good ego boost, "There ara Cuhristians out theyuh who think that they don't haveta goda churcha..." yup they are "fake" because they don't want to be associated with assholes like you! I'm well aware of the fact that there are people out there who love Jesus, who actually behave as if he will come back, who are only intent on helping others and don't feel the need to waste their sunday mornings listening to a man talk, and they are ashamed to call themselves Christian. Of those people, many will recognize me and to those people I want to say that you don't have to be ashamed anymore. Now I don't want churches springing up, I don't want WHITNEYISM...but if you want to be associated with me and you want everyone to know it just wear a smile.

As I’ve been writing this book I’ve been reading Autobiography of a Yogi by Paramahansa Yogananda. The thing that strikes me most is how non judgemental he is. This man has effortlessly drawn parallels between, and complemented East and West, Christianity and Hinduism. He can do this simply because Hinduism has seniority. The Fundie preacher types can’t even pull their heads out of their asses long enough to learn about what they’re dissing, so fuck them. I learned long ago that you don’t even question something until you’ve grokked it, and you don’t grok something until there are no more if. A Yogi, swami, sadhu, maharishi or Jedi Master are the dudes I want to learn from. These preacher types are just pulling things out of their ass, they are annoying dorks with nothing to offer but reworded Biblical text, personal anecdotes, syrup music, and staged healings/murder attempts.

"Initiate me into Kriya Yoga my beloved master...” Not too many Americans are prepared to say that. Yoga the Eightfold path is technically a shortcut to the Lord, it can turn Al Bundy into a saint through egocide, karmic cleansing, and proper breathing when coupled with discipline and benevolent intent. America I’m afraid will never catch up with the East.

There is something America can do, and that is eat reality prisms, psyche soap, Little Scrolls, shrooms, whatever...I said that there are references to psychedelics in the Bible. Regardless of whether I’m right or wrong the fact is Godflesh=Gnosis=Egocide. Not everyone is cut out for Yoga (Kriya Yoga anyway) but anyone can trip and gain more or less the same Gnoledge. The only people who truly grasp what ego is are people who trip or have a N.D.E. and until “Flatliners” is feasible...

The Little Scroll and the forbidden fruit in the middle of the garden are references to psychedelics, and in Adams case we’ll broaden the definition because most likely the psychedelic wasn’t a mushroom, it was sexual procreation or whatever caused/necessitated the Earth to be a classroom for souls/playground for monkeys, a.k.a. in-lesson. Adam and Eve are not just humanoids, they are an archetype with multiple meanings.

Anyway, in the Bible the Little Scroll is eaten. There is no mention of what is written (implying gnosis) except that on both sides there is written lament, mourning, and woe. We know we don’t eat “scrolls” and they don’t taste like honey, nor do mushrooms for that matter, so what does it all mean?

It means that prior to partaking of the prism, Adam and Eve were Christ or unity consciousness beings. When they partake of the psychedelic/reality prism the result is a perception of duality/polarity.

When Ezekiel, (2nd root race) a polarized being just like you and I, partakes of the Little Scroll/psychedelic/reality prism the result is a perception of Christ/unity consciousness. On both sides of the direct experience there is mourning (of the soul or ego). Thats what is meant by “tastes like honey...” and “turns your stomach...” The soul “tastes”, the ego “digests”. When we eat shrooms our soul is tasting the untainted word of God or Christ, and our ego must digest that direct experience. Ego would just as soon puke that flavor of God, that enlightenment. The ego is all about self preservation just like the body. What happens when you drink too much alcohol? In an effort to preserve itself the body barfs it out. You see, the descension or ascension is relative to what side of the veil you’re already on.

...When the serpent says that knowing God is knowing of duality that is a valid statement for Adam and Eve. For us, knowing unity is knowing God cuz we’re already polarized. Get it? ...As for Eve being the original wouldn’t be here if she hadn’t been curious, cripes man Genesis is so open to interpretation I ain’t gonna get into it, except this, if you take everything literally yer’ fuckin’ stupid! I think we should keep religion where it belongs anyway; in a kitchen at 4:20 a.m. with a bunch of drunk college students!!..."well I think..."

When I was 14 or 15 my curiosity about drugs peaked. The “religious experience” linked to psychedelics was fascinating to me y’know, like what the hell is it? And if all it takes to have a “religious experience” is the ingestion of some piece of paper or mushroom or cacti button well goddamn, I’m gonna try it. At the same time I was getting exposure to the “New Age” (we Quartzheads resent that term because it is neither “new” or an “age”) and I read a book on ESP that said only a small percentage of the mind was utilized. I decided that expanding my mind was the only reason to be here, and that if I couldn’t move beyond the average mind and develop its full potential what’s the point? So I committed myself to mind expansion and self actualization.

My first 30 or so trips on LSD over a six year period were not so special. Oh sure they were fun but there wasn’t a hint of spiritual connectedness. I also looked into brain hemisphere synchronization tapes and crap like that but I was getting nowhere. My eagerness and impatience had finally been defeated and I let go, “If it’s meant to happen it will...”

Perhaps the most obvious question raised when tripping is this, “where do the hallucinations originate, in the eyes or the brain?” This is a great Zen thingy, it forces an enigma; who can say exactly where sensory input ends and perception begins? -consciousness can question itself, -language is just agreed upon symbols, -intent is torn between time, -emotion fills in the gaps. Where does knowledge reside? Is it nothing more than the sum of 26 letters we can recombine infinitely?

On LSD I had minor epiphanies and my share of bad trips. In hindsight however, I can see that I did gain something, that it was actually good to have a bad trip. Ya see, A bad trip is egoshock, a slap to the psyche. The bad trip taught me respect for my own brain, the bad trip taught me, “Don’t presume a fucking thing or you’ll go down!” That is true in everyday life but on acid its amplified. I was at a party once and I assumed I could read minds like, “I know you’re thinking whatnot about me...” So I go up to these people, totally cool people who I kinda knew from a mutual friend and I’m like all cocky -n-shit, and I confront them about these thoughts they were having about me. Normally I could care less what people think but dammit, I was on acid... So these totally innocent people are looking at me like, “What the fuck is up with this freak!?” At that moment I knew I had stuck my foot in my mouth. I should of turned around and walked away but I didn’t. I had one of those things that you think about when you’re in bed at night, one of those “point of no return, faux pas that you think could never really happen in real life cuz you would catch yourself kinda things.” So I’m standing there with my whole leg down my throat... That my friends, IS a bad trip and I was traumatized by it for about a month. I hope those people remember me and get a laugh over the fact it was the Antichrist that made such an ass of himself.

In the summer of 96 (the perfect summer I’ve been waiting for) my dear friend Marty traded me a little blown glass bowl for what Terence calls “A heroic dosage” of chunky, blue bruised, kind fuckin’ smurfy shrooms. I woofed them down. I sat on the pavilion of The Commons (Ithacas downtown outdoor mall where I lived) and quickly became hysterical with laughter. I was tripping pretty hard after only 20 minutes and decided it would be wise to retire to my pad before it escalated to an ecstatic state. It did. I started getting synaesthesia (Gee your voice looks pretty), energy raced up and down my spine and my flesh turned to fluid. “Here it comes, that religious experience I’ve been waiting for...” I collapsed on the floor and began laughing, crying, and heaving around. I FELT soooo loved. I could grok the Lords presence in everything, I knew at that moment that we were all just the Lords beautiful expressions here to serve each other. The feeling of being loved to my core displaced all the petty resentments and remorse I had been carrying my whole life, it just didn’t mean anything in light of The Lords presence. I wanted my father, mother, stepmother, friends, and family all there right then so I could hug them all. They weren’t there so I thought I might run back down to The Commons and hug strangers, in Ithaca that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary but I decided against it. I stayed in my room and flopped around like I had a stun gun up my ass, damn, what a release it was...

After an hour I calmed down enough to just be grinning that shit eating grin we trippsters are infamous for. I ventured back downstairs to my outdoor mall living room and returned to the pavilion. I sat down and began pondering, “What was I before I bifurcated into man and mushroom?”

As I sat there radiating my new found love, wondering how to serve you all, my beautiful fellow creations, a strange thing happened. Hippie after hippie, my Rainbow Nation family, people I never met, just began flocking around me. I had been to a gathering the prior year at the Hector National Forest next to Seneca lake where I lived and I thought, “These are the people who’ll inherit the Earth!” (Matthew 25:34-40)

I don’t look anything like them and they still knew I was one of them. They say, “Oh, cyberpunk, can’t be too bad.” The subcultures have a common bond. We know what it is. It still amazed me though, that they would be drawn to me. Goes to show you, appearances mean DICK! I knew then that the Lord was looking on us with joy.

The hippies converging around me may have meant nothing without the psilocybin, the pavilion is, after all, lovingly referred to as “Freak Central”, but the trip was valid. No old stupid clinical government scientist who’s never done it is going to convince me otherwise. It was more valid than anything any ‘ole psychopreacher ever spouted. Although the intense emotion of that direct experience has faded, the gnosis remains.

People sometimes say that psychedelics aren’t valid compared to the disciplined approach of Yoga and meditation because they’re drugs and drugs are “bad”. I disagree, firstly because “bad” is a symptom of duality and I think I’ve raked that over the coals enough already, but mainly because just because something is effortless doesn't inherently mean its not real. Also if you were to attain Nirvana I'm not sure you could stop experiencing it. With psychedelics you have a choice, for myself I appreciate what they teach me but deep down I also appreciate the little amount of veil I have left.

Here’s something to think about. LSD is man made, its resonance in the Chaos Membrane/Morphogenic/genetic grid is dull. It is shallow, reflective, matrixy, and abrasive and it takes about 10 hours to metabolize the average dose. Psilocybin is ancient and organic. It resonates well and is deeper, more textured, and rich. It is more “psychoergonomic”. The average dose takes about 6 hours to metabolize. DMT basically makes you a ghost in the previous Dimensional Cell Continuum, and it is metabolized in about 10 minutes. Now, continuing this pattern we can conclude that our brain, that electrochemical wonder is really just refining or filtering out these previous realities to what you’re perceiving right now. You are tripping at this very moment, nanosecond to nanosecond. We are consuming consciousness as language in one DCC and metabolizing it as emotion in another, a flow if you will...Behold the prism inhibiting and exciting the efficiency of the glitch filter with neurosomatic tuning fork crystals, distorting/offsetting the modulation of linear time.

When I walk down the beach and pick up a shell I don’t see a shell. I see a petrified, fossilized Spherical Wave Front traveling down a Fibonacci Helix Vector. When I walk through the woods and admire a tree I don’t see a tree, I see the flora equivalent of my circulatory system. To me nature is the trippiest thing around.... If you don’t dig the idea of tripping, you’re gonna hate heaven. Heaven makes DMT look like a stood-up-too-fast. Tripping is your own personal micro Apocalypse and it will totally prepare you for the big one.

Speaking of trips, when you die or as I put it, “kick the monkey”, you will cross the line between linear and static time. In that moment of transfer as an event in space-time the gaps ( times of disharmonious intent ) of your incarnation are filled. In your time down here the Lord perceives your life as one of two things, harmonious or not harmonious. This filling in of gaps is karmic law which is incremental in your oversouls dharmic law.

For you to fully return to spirit you must be held accountable for your deeds, your disharmonious, rebellious, blasphemous ways. This is achieved through empathy. Empathy the likes of which you cannot imagine, total empathy with whatever entities you hurt. They say “your” life flashes before your eyes at that moment. You will instantly know at that moment that truly “All is one.”

If you are worried now, good. Do you want to repent yet? Do you think God cannot do that for some reason? Let me tell you what God can do. God can turn light into ripples of sound into nodes (the novelty of structure via points of density) into chaos into unique expressions. Repeat forever. Somewhere along the line you get to something so unique that it can only resemble everything before or after it. That is what we call “life” my friends. When you kick the monkey you become everything before and after the monkey. You are just God either way. You are not separate from God. God is not some old Santa Claus for adults, hanging out on some clouds. God is the One. You must agree that as part of the “One” you and I cannot be separate from its love. It is that love that allows for this communication to occur a million times over before it did. It is that love that gives you the option to even have faith in it or not. Ultimately you are punishing yourself by preventing the oneness from flowing through you to its full extent.

The judicial system is pointless. It cannot possibly serve justice the way God can. The death penalty only perpetuates the disharmony. Do you assume God lets so and so get away with injecting acid into a childs brain and then fucking the stab wounds of the corpse? Of course not! Do you really think a man can punish another man? Brother, prison is a goddamn luxury. When so and so dies he’s gonna be in so much fucking pain he’ll beg for the second death (or third if you consider egocide the first). This is why I keep stressing that ego will FAIL you miserably. If you don’t accept that I hope you enjoy being an assoul cuz that’s all you’ll ever be. A wisp of karmic ghost smoke drowning in a lake of fire gasping for one more monkey to resolve your self. Writhing in your self made Hell, bearing Satans doom with all the other assouls who are torturing you, because like you, thats all they ever learned to do. An eternity of reflected negativity, pulsing over and over the fact you just plain SUCK until you regress into the consciousness of a stone. The guilt and regret doesn't come from anywhere now but the light you banished yourself from. Hell is merely being banned from heaven. That sounds rough, maybe its all bullshit, like the threat of coal in your stocking, if its true its self chosen, the universe has the capacity for such a place, whether its in your mind or the center of a black hole/black cube-o-death.

So, if you want to ventilate my brain casing go right ahead, please.

If I can offend or threaten you to that point then stop for a moment and consider this. I gave you the option to feel that way in the hopes you may recognize ego and promptly stomp it to a stain. I’m not trying to tear you down, I’m trying to build you up. That, my brother, is all the mercy you’re gonna get. When I call you a worthless piece of shit its out of love. I’m the living word man, I can’t be offended, I can’t be threatened, and I sure as hell can’t be victimized. I absorb negativity like a thirsty sponge. All I have is pity for you.


To the people of Jerusalem: This is an equal opportunity covenant. The meek will inherit the Earth. Look around you, do you see much meekness? The words of the Bible are NOT exclusive to any one denomination, sect, or religion, there is no favoritism. Furthermore God does not recognize cultural/religious continuity, God recognizes karmic/spiritual continuity of individual humans. God does not acknowledge your need to feel special. A human may have been of a certain religion, race, or ancestry two thousand years ago however its soul has been in dozens since then. This dogmatic religious crap is a product of your narrow minds. You are like siblings vying for the attention of the one parent/God. You say, “Look at us Lord, we’re betting on our opinion of you, we have more faith and devotion than all the others and we know we’re right!” I don’t know how any sect can assume that they are “The Chosen Ones”, that for some trivial reason the monkey they sit in is more or less special than another (Galatians 3:26-29). If anything, you’re chosen to bear the most karma, which for some reason the Lord appreciates. The real chosen ones are the people who could care less whether or not they are “The Chosen Ones”! You are not your monkey, your monkey is meaningless, what is in your heart is what the Lord acknowledges.

To be honest I don’t even see the difference between Muslim, Judaism, Christianity or for that matter the Amish, Baha’i or Jehovah’s witnesses and I don’t have to. I know it is all based on letters arranged in a meaningful way. I really hate to burst your bubble, I mean I know you were all hoping for me to float down on a cloud and make everything all nice and better. What did you expect me to do? I think you’re all fully aware that you’ve been breaking the law, been neglecting some extremely simple, universal instructions. I’ll repeat them, “Love each other as you love “your” Lord.” and “Don’t be assouls” nuff said.

I suspect you will cling to your little city (the whole planet is sacred, and you won't be on a major grid point anyway) and your little trips and the meaningless value attached to them. I ask you, what is more likely, only one denomination is the keeper of the puzzle or you’re all keepers of pieces? Is it more likely that each one of you is going to be one hundred percent dead on concerning scripture or you’re all going to be partly wrong? After all, you can’t deny the parts that talk about a “mystery”. I am that mystery but you go on and dismiss me as a fraud because I’m from the west (Daniel 8:5) You continue waiting and fighting with each other because here in America we will be arguing over the color of Jesus’ skin.

The fear of death as far as I’m concerned is lack of faith in the Lord. In any crime where threat of death exists, real indifference/faith would undermine the leverage the criminal has, you wouldn’t fear death and you would resist his threats. Oh sure he may blow your brains out and take your money and sadden your family, but you’re going to a really cool place and he AIN’T! On the other hand you might actually like this dimension and find it more sensible to just fork over the money, I don’t know what I would do because money is as useless to me as a monkey, depends on the crime I guess. Ya see, I’m immortal, all that means is I don’t really give a shit what density my intelligence rests at. Actually, I’d prefer to be free of my monkey, but I’m in no rush, which reminds me, to all you so called “Assassins”: One word of advice, squeeze the trigger; if you jerk the trigger and graze me I will get annoyed and I will be forced to exercise my authority over Satan and his little horde of demons...Have A Nice Day.

There are many atheistic, science minded people who refuse to believe in the existence of the soul/astral body. Let me try and make an analogy for you. Let’s say the monkey has a soul like food has calories, you can’t see them but you know they are there. Let’s say the soul and calories are forms of energy residing in a organic expression of intelligence. When food is deprived of its expression of intelligence (digested) its calories are absorbed into another body/expression. Similarly when the monkey/expression is deprived, the soul too is absorbed into another body/universe. If you understood Zeropoint physics this would make total sense. That analogy is a little weird so try this one. A man is shot in the head and is immediately deprived...his soul is freed as a precondensed expression of energy in the morphogenic/genetic grid. In other words, all the energy that was being utilized to maintain his monkey is no longer needed so where does it go?

You may be asking “What energy?” Think of it this way, the same way you burn a peanut to measure its calories is like if someone sat down and cranked over a generator by hand or foot nonstop until the monkey dies. That persons body had in it kilowatts of energy. I’m not saying a man who gets shot has more or less soul than a man who dies of exhaustion, I’m just saying there is energy.

Yeah, yeah aint much without intelligence. By intelligence I don’t mean a brain thats smart, I mean the fact you exist at all. If man is made in Gods image and God created everything from DNA to solar systems and everything in between, its safe to say there is intelligence behind it. The only non abstract way I can convey this is mentioning a phenomena known as phantom limbs. What I’m driving at is, intelligence plus energy equals soul.

I said that the end of history, or linear time will be December 12 2012. Yeah, people have been spouting off dates here and there for quite some time. What makes this date any different? Well actually there is another date, December 23 2012 so I might be wrong. Those eleven days in between may represent the time taken for the blatant effects of the pole shift to begin and end. The beginning of the end and the end of the end. Uh anyway, to answer that question, Terence McKenna took the I-Ching sequence and applied some logarithmic equation to it, took the results and super imposed them on a historical timeline. He got that date. Turns out the Mayan Tzolkin calendar ends there too. Not only that, but the GRAYS (for reasons I’ll explain later) can’t touch down on the post end date Earth.

What are the implications of this reality? Well, with only 14 years left in history it means alot of things.

It means that things like the Human Genome Project, Three Gorges Dam, and Social Security don’t mean a hell of alot anymore. It means millions of people are gonna die in a relatively short period of time. It means that people are going to have a much easier time at saying “FUCK IT!” It means that MeekWorld is right around the corner. I can hardly wait.

I’m kinda disappointed though. I wanted to live in a Star Trekkin’, Bladerunnin’, Neo Tokyo with cyborgs, nootropic wetware, and black market replicators. I want E.L.F. wave didjeridoos and fiber-optic VR websites...

I wanna zip around urban decay in my hydraulic muscle exo-skeleton and tank skates, I wanna sport a centrifugal drive anti gravity backpack and a jet powered chainsword and a particle beam rifle so I can take down poachers who are pickin’ off the last of the tigers for their penises.

Guess I’ll just have to settle for smurfy, golf coursey, landscapes. Intricately cut riverbeds and gorges and waterfalls of marble and smooth cliff faces. Aquamarine lakes and warm days of floating leisure...Endless gardenjungles.

Whoa, kinda floated away there for a second. I want to remind you of what would happen if the Apocalypse and I never happened. You take the current state of the world, let it run exponentially forever under the rule of monkeys, what do you see?

I see stupid old assholes still waging war, but not over petty things like now. They are fighting over who gets the last remaining air filtration systems. They are fighting over unsalinated farmland and U.V. resistant clothing, carcass incinerators and electrical generators. They are fighting over drops of water that aren’t contaminated with preservatives and bleach and a thousand other toxins. I see Jack Kevorkian offering classes because between the liquid diets and processed food, between the anti-bacterial craze and the nightly news (or as I call it “Who died today”), between electromagnetic bio-disruption and pharmaceutical anarchy (No, I will NOT ask my doctor about Claritin), the doctors and the stressed out monkeys they try to heal have reached “FUCK IT!”

Yes boys and girls these are the Last Days, we are at the fork in our evolutionary road. We have more or less proven to the Lord that we are little more than beasts. We are like little bratty kids who get into some shit we’ve been told a million times not to get into, well guess what? Daddy will be home in a few minutes and he’s gonna open up a big can of All Purpose WhoopAss...This is just the beginning, the Winter of 97 and Hale Bopp and wacky cult shit is just a hint of what's coming back around, subconscious signs of the convergence...So boys and girls are we gonna put EVERYTHING back just the way we found it or is Our Father going to spank our little monkey asses from one natural disaster to the next? How this is cut short matters not, it is for the sake of the elect, y’see my friends are the people who have every intention to live in harmony with the Earth, the Lord and the Lords creations but are not being allowed to cuz others insist on being pricks.

I’m gonna switch gears here for a moment (although its kinda related) and tell you about some REM dreams I’ve had. They reveal the Sixth seal.

I’m sitting on the beach here on Seneca Lake facing north. It is nighttime and I’m just looking down the lake and admiring the stars. Along the horizon an orange glow slowly spreads across the skyline like a sunrise, except it isn’t the sun. The glow doesn't graduate its light, it has a definite border. It continues until it gets directly overhead then stops. I look out into the orange half of the sky and there is a black dot that reminds me of an eclipse except it is swirling, draining, into a kind of hole. I turn to look at the dark half of the sky and all the astral planets and dark matter celestial bodies become synchronous to our increasingly inclusive observational capacity, they become closer and more colorful, there seems to be alot of balls of light zipping around...

The other Apocalyptic dream is a recurring dream that I’ve had about twice a month for the past two years or so. When they first started they went like this:

I’m standing in a valley and like the movie Independence Day, these very large geometric, polygon shaped air/spaceships come toward me from over the hill. There is a tremendous feeling of awe. That dream slowly evolved into something weirder.

The spaceships are now one large airplane, like a commercial airliner. When I look up at it starts to nose-dive towards me. I want to run away but I know its pointless, I kinda want to stay and watch it crash. I do. At impact I can feel a shockwave of heat and bits of shrapnel hitting me, again, there’s this sense of awe. After a few of these dreams it dawns on me that I’m the one causing the crashes and I feel ashamed but at the same time omnipotent. That dream has evolved into my current one.

The airliner is now a dinky little Piper Cub and I force it down at a whim just by looking at it. It tries sometimes to stay up. My will against the planes creates this amusing little show where it nose-dives and then pulls out of it briefly...this goes on a little while and then the plane inevitably bites it. Instead of shame and awe I now feel quite cocky and sure of myself. I get off on watching them crash. Last night in this dream my father is standing next to me in a field when a plane passes overhead...I say, “Hey Dad, check this out!”...You can draw your own conclusions as to what it all means.

Just for fun let’s compare an orthodox religious figure with a contemporary like myself. The Pope and me.

We’re both white males and his God is my God regardless of interpretation, so let’s get to the subjective stuff. Catholicism. Its a religion. I don’t know anything about it except that people say its kinda strict, and its based on letters arranged in a meaningful way. The Pope is the religious leader for that religion. What does he do? He goes around and lets people kiss his ring. He sits behind a wall of Lexan and waves to people. I don’t know what his purpose is besides giving opinions about homosexuality and abortion. (Tangent: Abortion is nothing more than the removal of a blob of unwanted cells in the body, like cancer. It is potential life. The fetus’s would-be soul knew way before its removal that it would never be. No progress has been impeded from the other side and the experience of an abortion is a valuable lesson on this one. I understand what it is like to feel passionate about something, but I tell you the truth, bombing abortion clinics negates your feelings about the preciousness of life, you are now hypocrites. If abortion really is evil then the Lord will deal with it, why the fuck do you have to intervene? Everything that lives must die, it doesn't matter when. You have no faith in the Lord nor do you understand the Lord. The Lord had to abort a child so that I would exist, how do you think that makes me feel? I’m really glad that fetus died! I’ve tried really hard to figure out what the big fuss is, and I get annoyed that I have to lower myself to such a subjective level. I don’t really care about abortion, I am a male I don’t deserve an opinion and it is not my problem. I only express my thoughts on this because people think I am against it. Pro-life, Pro-choice, who cares? If you people want to stand around with your little signs and your emotion trying to convince each other...Yes you have a right to get upset about the removal of a slimy, crunchy, little blob of unwanted cells, and you have the right to defend a womans option to spread her legs and get it yanked out. I guess what pisses me off is that there is SO much DEATH yet people pick and choose which form of perishing they will respond to. If this is about the disgusting imagery, get over it. If you think the fetus suffers in some way, get over it. This isn’t about adoption or the physical pain of childbirth, this is about humans assuming they understand things that they don’t. This is about clinging to an irrelevant issue so you can vent and argue your frustrations with the whole world through it...Perhaps you should familiarize yourself with the Serenity Prayer. My official position as Christ is this: THIS AIN’T ABOUT MONKEYS!)

For arguments sake I’ll call myself a religious leader. Existence. It’s my religion. I don’t know anything about it except it exists and is based on love. I am a religious leader for that religion. What do I do? I go around kicking Satans ass for deceiving you. I act like a global Robin Hood. I don’t know what my purpose is other than exposing bullshit because I AM an authority. I acquired my title through love and because I find myself worthy of it.

What of faith? Does it require any faith on your part to accept the Pope? His Purpose? Does the Popemobile say anything about his faith in the Lord? “Gee Lord I really believe in you but not enough to be without bodyguards and bulletproof glass...” Me, I tell you how I prefer to be assassinated. What the hell is he worried about? I’m the one fucking shit up for the common good, I’m the one disrupting the establishments hold on evolution, I’m the one who should be paranoid about death. Fortunately I passed “faith” about 50 incarnations ago...


You may ask, “What makes Matty a better judge than anyone else?” Well I come before and after everyone...forget the cosmic reasons though, If I say crack is evil I don’t say it cuz of a PDFA commercial, I say it cuz I smoked it myself. If I say its unfortunate to be homeless its cuz I was for a time. Authority without empathy is where the problems begin. But before all this, we can all agree...the world is fucked up! But fear not, the Living Word is armed with a infinite imagination and is not afraid to use it!

The government we know is a guise. Partisan politics is a front, the war on drugs is a front, these Dateline, Primetime, 20/20, 60 Minutes, expose programs and the “Fleecing of America” segments are a front. They “investigate” scandals, and cover ups and such and Al Gore talks about reinventing government in respects to the “National Performance Review”. You know what it is really all about? There is a virtual cornucopia of corruption involved here. They allow a certain amount of it out in the public domain to cover their own asses. You know why? Cuz they know America is on the verge of revolt. They figure if they can release the little stuff (decoy nightmares) out via TV then Americans will see that “something” is being done about the power abuse and that will keep us pacified, if that alone doesn't work the sheer volume of conflict is enough to induce apathy. I didn’t want to believe the networks were involved, I mean you look at Tom Brokaw and think he’s the most trustworthy person around, personally I’d like to see him as President, (Jerry Springer V.P.) but that doesn't hide the fact that there are two more branches of government, the media/consultants and the lobbyists/Mafia. How they “check and balance” is unclear. Toms sincerity doesn't hide the fact that the networks are owned by G.E. and Westinghouse (who wouldn’t even exist without Tesla) ...I sent the info in this book concerning free energy to three of these “expose” programs. You’d think that would be a big deal huh? Would get high ratings and all. Even the networks have alignments and priorities that precede serving the public.

I know how to teleport myself across the galaxy at 2.9 times faster than the velocity of light, I know how to create matter out of energy, these assholes ain't gettin much past me...

I know alcohol and nicotine kill more humans annually than all illegal drugs combined so don’t fucking preach to me about the “Dangers of Marijuana”, don’t tell me its a gateway drug and you care about my welfare.

I know you fuck this planet and resist progress until it is unprofitable.

I know you know about the unveiling and that you made Mr. GRAY trendy to save your own ass. (and I think we have all warmed up to the idea by now, they are the next best distraction to God or WW3)

Mr. What Aliens?, Mr. Let’s make the U.S.S. Eldridge invisible, Mr. Its just a weather balloon. So Mr. silent partner puppet master, you go ahead and stay aligned with Mr. GRAY cuz he’s part of Gods conspiracy on you. Sure, you can run away and escape the Apocalypse but good luck getting back...Hiding underground won’t prevent you from disappearing off the grid either...SUCKER!

Mr. I’ve got a throbbing ICBM and need a wargasm

Mr. Let’s suck liquefied dinosaurs out of the depths of the Earth, spill it all over, burn it and shoot it up in the air where it can permeate everything...

Mr. mutually assured paranoia

I know you ain’t gonna nuke a damn thing, there’s too much real estate to lose...peoples minds are your battlefield now, not to mention nuclear weaponry was outdated before it existed...Ya see, you actually need humans and delivery vehicles to make your little fights happen...I don’t.

Hey Mr. World Leader dude, you own the sand castles but I am the ocean of waves eroding your usefulness. I am everything you can never be because I am everything that you can’t see. WHY? WHY? WHY? You should be on your knees thanking the Lord for even existing and you have the balls to harm the Lords creations?????? My only response is, awe of your stupidity, shock, pity, and eventually cruel laughter. If you poor, pathetic, glorified fuckstains require all that land, power, oil, weaponry, money, political strength, slave labor, religious authority, and “respect” to be happy that's cool...I’m happy to take it. That's right boys its a dog eat dog world and from where I sit there just ain’t enough damn dogs...

You’re gonna lure, train and force people to kill each other, now THAT’S entertainment! You’re gonna spend billions of dollars on things just to destroy them, now THAT’S art! You’re gonna spend billions more to keep a war on drugs going so you can acquire black budget funds, now THAT’S business!...If you had any brains at all you would not fuss with neutron bombs, biological and chemical weapons you'd invent a sterilization bomb, its humane and tyrannical....hell it might be necessary if the endtimes were not gonna take care of the overpopulation, yeah I'm talkin to you India and China...

I guess the problem with harmony is that there just isn’t much monetary profit in it. If we’ve maintained the economy this long by deviating from harmony we should be able to flourish simply by returning to it. The fact is, whoever is threatened by my existence loves money more than the Lord. Normally we say, give to Caesar what is Caesars but LOOK at what he takes today, slack! For the establishment to exist some form of conflict must first be created, all entertainment is based on conflict, where’s the drama in happy, healthy, well adjusted people? Of the conflict that exists how much is consensual? Yeah, yer’ a corrupted prick, but we citizens willingly put you in that position...All conflict is self preserving. For its own sake it exists. You need me for conflict, that's how you know you exist. Wouldn’t it just be easier if you WERE ME? If you come within my presence I will offer no conflict and you cease to exist.

There is a direct correlation between political correctness and victim consciousness, so because I’m not a victim of anything I have no need to agree with or acknowledge P.C.

The fact I’m a Subgenius gives you the option of chalking me and this book up as one big fucking joke. What a luxury that would be. If I was just a SubGenius this would be the greatest act of Poetic Terrorism/Media pranking of all time, but I’m not.

Ya see, if I aligned totally with “BOB” I wouldn’t really be a SubGenius. The fact I’m also a Quartzhead means that I don’t necessarily agree with “BOB” therefore making me that much more of a individual Whatever...The Church of the SubGenius does, in any case have Gods approval, likewise I and most SubGenii never had a problem with Jesus, just the people who claim to represent him. This brings me to a rather interesting point concerning my peers. I can be identified with people who are supposedly “Satanic”. OKAY fine, but I’m Satanic inasmuch as Satan is a needed component of God. Firstly Satanism is in essence, to me the Golden Rule in reverse, (but because I acknowledge the dominance of love I stay centered), mere acceptance of the human condition and celebration of the full range of emotion. (Ironically this will bring you closer to enlightenment quicker than Fundie Christianity will.) The symbolic stuff of Satanism is as stupid as any other idolatry, the rituals and crap are just as weak. Secondly the majority of Satanists actually believe there is power in negativity. This is what I believe, since most Satanists don’t actually know what Satan is they aren’t really aligning with anything real. The ultimate lie is perpetuated by christians who attribute every undesirable thing to one evil entity. Since most of my peers are turned off by the whole Fundie representation of Christianity they turn to cults-n-shit and are still not fulfilled. When my fellow Slayer fans decide to quit judging Christianity based on Ned Flanders and actually pick up a Bible they will discover in the past and in Jesus the exact same attitudes they are confronted with today, they will learn to rise above the ones who hate them by becoming what their antagonists didn’t expect, they will assimilate and surf the bullshit instead of resisting it.

Just as an employer sometimes prefers to hire the inexperienced I have revealed myself to a nation, (the subcultures) who aren’t so easily pre-programmed to do my “work” in a way that displeases me and who didn’t kiss my ass...and also its simply less effort to work with people I can relate to.

Most Satanists say Christians are hypocrates. Most Christians say Satanists are sinners. Do you know what offends me more? When a christian proselytizes to a Satanist, the christian forgets that not only has a satanist ADMITTED to being a sinner he/she flaunts it. When a Satanist wears a t-shirt that says, JESUS IS A CUNT he/she is basically saying to the christian, "I admit I don't know my creator and if my creator can be offended by my lack of knowledge then my creator IS A CUNT." Satanists have more humility than Christians and are therefore less offensive, a satanist has truly admitted to being a sinner which is half the battle, he/she will repent when and only when he/she is ready. A would be christian will sign a little paper on the back of a tract or become a TBN/CBN partner, call themselves born again and hide their ego under a steeple thinking thats all they have to do, after all millions of christians can't be wrong! Hey I'm okay, I'm a "christian" GOD LOVES ME NOW sigh...

A Christian getting in my face telling me, -ME!- what Jesus thinks, and what Jesus will do, and what I have to do to be down with Jesus...thats a billion times more offensive than pentagrams and naughty words.

As for the hardcore Satanists that eat babies and stuff, still a lot less offensive than any wars done in the name of "GOD"

Y’know, I really don’t care what stigma is attached to The Church of the Subgenius, cuz the stigma attached to being the ANTICHRIST kinda precedes that dontchya think? It just so happens that the “PINK” described in the Church of the Subgenius is exactly what the Bible describes as “blasphemers” and “rebels”. To be a follower of the Dobbsian way is to be anointed. To be a Pink is to be afflicted with a inflated ego and a deflated self esteem at the same time. Every one of us (Dobbsians) at first, mistakes ourselves with Jesus, eventually realizing that it was just a blessing from Bob, that he bothered to grace us with our SlackDrive-with the exception of yours truly cuz I am the Slack and I am FAR BEYOND DRIVEN!

The Pink will Zombify itself just to have money and security, the SubGenius will bust his/her/its ass just to have everything else; slack is worth working for! In MeekWorld Slack ceases to be quantitative cuz that is all there is (and I ain’t talkin’ ‘bout that prescribed False Slack) , and this is why the Pinks are doomed; they need BS and conflict to exist, their existence as victims ends when things are perfect, but you know they’re the people who, no matter what you do or say are gonna bitch, “But geez God I didn’t ask you to love me SO MUCH?!”

War on drugs? War= what stupid old men do to get off. Drugs=what everyone else does to get off. (P.S. This little rant must’ve been written when I was FUBAR’d because the direction of it is)

- Drugs are not a problem, proposing that they are, now THAT’S a problem. I’m so fucking sick of you old people telling me what I can and can’t put in my body, and I believe it was Jesus who said that nothing that goes into the body can make a man evil, only that which comes out of it. And doesn't it also say somewhere that everything is permissible just that not everything is beneficial or constructive?

Your propaganda plays on the emotions of a minority stupider than you....OOH the drama! Lets blame something. I know, how ‘bout crack, no, crack and ngrs, wait, crack, ngrs and guns. Yep, that about covers it. There’s not a facet of the sociopolitical economic downfall that can’t be blamed on the over refined leaves of some plant, those big-lipped shaved apes, and chunks of metal. Surely they are the reason YOU’RE SO FUCKING STUPID!

Nevermind the fact that 90 years ago crack was called Coca-Cola, nevermind the fact it was you’re great, great, grandpappy that imported the AFRICAN AMERICANS in the first place, nevermind the fact that the same bureau that regulates alcohol also regulates those chunks of metal.

Everyone displacing blame on everyone, now that's effective, effective at keeping your sorry ass employed. Mr. career politician, Mr. planet rapist ego slave, Mr. suppress and oppress, Mr. whateverpartisan as long as the lobbyist sucks my penis!

Oh but I’m just a product of your establishment, you’ve made me so comfortable with my apathy and ignorance that after my routine of Mcjob, six pack, and glowing noisebox you’re just a faceless, untouchable entity to fear and respect. And the war on drugs? Who cares?! I got my Old Mil’, my sit-com. Let them ngrs kill each other, and put those hippies in jail and... BLAME something more trendy and newsworthy when you win that war!

Just as a homosexual does not serve his/her self by denying his/her sexual orientation nor do I to deny my pharmaceutical orientation. I puff herb and munch shrooms because they are sacraments, psyche soap with which to cleanse my monkey mind. People drink alcohol to forget their problems, I eat reality prisms to understand mine. God provided these things because God can’t communicate through alcohol and nicotine, those are Satans domain. The establishment wants me to pay for its drugs and then pay again when I’m in the hospital with cirrhosis or emphysema. Fuck that. I’m not paying to kill my soul/body when I can kill my ego for free...Where shrinks and Prozac fail my sacraments prevail, where beer and crack lose they win.

This book, its transmissions, and inventions are going to be deemed by some old stupid people as products of a drug induced state and nothing more...When I first got stoned at the age of 16 I stepped into the flow and a long suppressed memory surfaced. I was an inventor. (when I was a little kid of about 5 I would tell my daddy and godmother that I was an inventor. Between divorce, parental interrogation (see The Celestine Prophecy), shrinks, and girls I had forgotten.) At that moment a conductive spot opened up in the Chaos Membrane and I became a novelty vortex. I started getting that rocking, spinning sensation so I laid down and closed my eyes. Images came into focus and I realized I was on to something. That something is what I call my Mental CAD (Cannabis Aided Design).

I actually trace ALL this to that moment. So I guess you old people are right, it is all drug induced...Listen, I don’t defend Cannabis to be trendy, or to justify my habit. I owe alot to this plant, when I was going through my tests, my dark times I didn’t have these fancy schmancy reuptake inhibitors, I had good ole THC, THE ORIGINAL ANTI-DEPRESSANT!

Like it or not God made pot.

....and the Christian comeback, "God made poison ivy too but we don't go around smoking it..." - GOOD ONE!