In keeping with my adherence to the biomimicry methodology I have created these five pieces of Propaganda.

See, my whole trip would be considered the fruiting body and public places would be the casing in this mycological metaphor, Spores are S.P.O.R.E.S.

These SPORES are intended to be spread back and forth from cyberspace to local space (your local bulletin boards at the market, work, bank, library, dorm, etc...) so that GODLIKE can permeate the infosphere with unstoppable redundancy.

I understand that folks like me are poor and cannot send donations to the cause, but it costs very little to print up a SPORES and tack it up somewhere, and in many ways this action is more important than capital.

God and I will be eternally gratefull if you should do this. If you want to take the initiative to download the whole site and make your own mirror site which will link from the original ( ) that would be great too!


  • These images can be copied to your computer and sent via email. Further down are images for printing

    Print these and copy them freely. Cut the tear-off tags and post in your local supermarket, on telephone poles, or anywhere posting is legal.