Y'know I did not have to claim to be the Christ; Shiva or Maitreya would have worked too. Hindus and Buddhists however, in their thousands of years of existence, have never strayed from the teachings enough to damage the good name of their respective founders. Regardless of what God intends for you who claim to be followers of Christ yet deviate in every way possible, regardless of what I think, in consensus reality the only people who think you are doing a good job representing me are you.

Jesus was rejected by Jews for not being a conqueror, you will reject me because I AM. But it is with great irony that I reject you first. You like me when I'm a mute on a cross, you can say anything you want and I will not correct you. And now that I correct you on your false assumptions you reveal your true nature. I have tried to teach you but it is impossible, for you are unreasonable hypocrites. I have become tired of you, so very very tired, so "Christian" make me your enemy and wait for your true savior, it will not change the will of our Creator.