I did not get smart just from retaining past life memories, I have read a lot of stuff, here are the books and websites that I feel are most relevant to my claims, my technology, these times and this archetype:



Naming the AntiChrist - The History of an American Obsession
Children of Ezekiel
End Times Fiction
Kryon books 1-5
Keys of Enoch
TimeWave Zero
The Aquarian Conspiracy
Wizard - The life and times of Nikola Tesla
The Holographic Universe
Self-Aware Universe
The Big Bang Never Happened
The Sirius Mystery
Jesus and the Essenes
Biomimicry: Innovation Inspired by Nature
Aghora 1-3
Revelation X
The Emperor Wears No Clothes
The Tipping Point


Bible Prophecy Research Title: The Prince of the Power of the Air Plays a Mean HAARP
The Influence of Vedic Philosophy on Nikola Tesla's Understanding of Free Energy
Disclosure Project
Space Energy Access Systems
ZP Energy
Bill Hicks


"Do you think that when Jesus comes back he's gonna wanna see a cross? Isn't that like going up to Jackie O wearing a rifle pendant, 'just thinkin' of John, Jackie'."