Oh defender of moral, keeper of traditional family values, he who condemns human nature and denounces the unknown, he who perpetuates duality by imposing his opinion of sin as if it were absolute, who claims to speak the word of God, defending Gods values, you can’t repent your own monkey mind from “sin” yet you get in my face as if on a mission to save me from mine. Your campaign of intercession to save me is pretentious and hypocritical. You claim to know God yet your faith seems to be rooted in winning an argument. Mr. Jehovah Witness, you love it when we slam the door in your face, cuz you get to be the one suffering in the name of Christ and you feel that much more special, you deliberatly invite victimization and you persecute yourselves, (Inside persecution is called reformation, how else do you get hundreds of sects from the lessons of one man) You do not care about your brothers and sisters, you just care about getting to heaven and assuring yourself that we are in need of your little comic books; you cannot force Christ onto people.

You manipulate what can’t be manipulated, you take a figurative, subjective parable/metaphor and present it as literal objective fact. Woe to you for you assume the word of God ends in a book or a man. Woe to the doomsayer for his thoughts will manifest in his own tiny bubble of reality. You say my God is in my head and that I’m going to Hell. I will prophesy the God in my head and risk going to the Hell you propose.

To all the people who claim to do work in my name, listen, your job is done, stop emphasizing suffering, sacrifice, and forgiveness, thats not the modus operandi now, if 2000 years isn’t enough time for all those “sinners” to “get it” and repent (Rev 22:11) Fuck ‘em...I can only hold out my hand for so long, but the door is always open...You pastors, preachers, evangelists, priests, nuns etc.,...are not familiar with the mystical/cosmic/scientific aspects of what it means to be THE CHRIST...I know and you know that history can’t hold everything because it is not over. I feel myself wanting to plead for your understanding must stop speaking of just Jesus and look at the whole of THE CHRIST; Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Babaji...facets of the primary signature/logos...I AM HE, I AM NOW.

It was fun to warp Jesus into commercials, it was safe when I was just a story...Do not preach about me, I can speak for myself, and this is what I say: This is it kids, I am the TRUTH; whatever response you have to me now is the response you’re supposed to have. You don’t have to preach, pray, give "love gifts”, or congregate to have a relationship with the TRUTH...

To put it bluntly, I don’t care if you hate me, actually I like it, for two reasons. Firstly, you’re hate is unfounded, and if you can muster up the balls to tell me why you hate me we have something to work with. Secondly, you are making my job that much easier. If you hate me and cannot approach me I know for certain I do not know you. This is it kids, if you don’t get it by now you never will. If you serve the Lord or think you do I strongly suggest you focus on yourself and stop worrying about the faith of others.

I say to any man that would claim authority over, or ability to judge another man to not forget he’s also a “man” and cannot be excluded from his doctrine. If you do so then your “authority” is handed over to the beast, the beast who has forgotten that God The Sevenfold Spirit is the only authority. Only a monkey can assume his laws are absolute. The universe replies, “You are so immersed in, and aware of your duality you don’t even know it to be so.”

Godless men must commit egocide or the Lords deeds and harsh indifference will only reflect their own. Those “grown ups” and “authorities” who neglect Gods authority and assume their own automatically blaspheme. To my accusers who would take a child from the playground and return a bully, to those eager to hear Babylon fake an orgasm, especially to those who rape the planet and its offspring, a woman or child, a biosphere or bunny, I say this: I cannot be punished just as you have no authority. I will rape the rapist, destroy the destroyer, and I will slay duality, for the birth pains have begun and my army is waiting. I am a MINDBOMB and you lit the fuse a LONG time ago.

You have to realize the Bible was written for the same generation of souls throughout the past two thousand years. It was not written just for the people of 1032 or 1681 or 1998. The content pertains to a two thousand year span so of course it has to be written accordingly. The parables and metaphors are the method of transcending that time span. The people who get it are the same exact people who got it a thousand years ago. There are blatant references to all kinds of Quartzhead stuff. Reincarnation, chakras, (organic) UFO's, and psychedelics are all in there. Fundies will deny this but at the same time extract their own interpretation to complement their own “Christian” agendas. For example, they link the Quartzheads with witchcraft and sorcery and by doing so they are perpetuating duality. Jesus did laying on of hands, stood on water, materialized food out of thin air, etc.,...My question is, how do they differentiate between miracles and magic? Let me tell you what sorcery is. Nuclear reactors are sorcery, the internal combustion engine is sorcery. You gotta look at the big picture here. Take a Bic lighter back in time even a hundred years and you’re the fuckin’ devil OK? Get it? On the other hand in the Bible “magic” may mean magic. These so called “Satanic” voodoo types who are uttering incantations to summon Tiamat are not welcome in my kingdom because they worship weaklings. I don’t have a problem with voodoo or Satanism or paganism personally or as the Christ (I know better than to buy into Hollywood stereotypes, hell the earth is my top priority -wink wink-I don't have time to waste fussing over what other people believe ) y’know whatever gets you through the day I just think you’re settling for crap. In any case let us differentiate between white magic and black magic or rather the intent that governs either title.

It has been said that the Antichrist will deceive the people of the Earth. Thats not my problem. The mystery is that the false prophet (pseudochristos), the Antichrist/Mahdi, and the second coming of the Messiah are all the same person. If anyone else on this planet, between now and December 12 2012 thinks they are who I am, I welcome you to prove it, because I’m just a introverted pothead inventor and I would’ve avoided this if I could’ve. But hey, we can all sit back and keep waiting for an Antichrist who can conform to the dozen or so other stereotypes. We can wait for Satan to fuck a dog in the desert, wait for that dog to shit me out, we can find a 666 tattoo on me, I’ll draw a column of flames from water vapor, I’ll go to Israel and turn a statue into a dude, I’ll scribble 666 on peoples heads and give only them Oreos...Then we can wait for Jesus to float down from the sky, flash some stigmata, and pick out a throne.

Did you read Revelation? Kinda vague huh? Do we have any clue as to what time span John was talking about or even if he recorded the events in perfect chronological order? No, he was in “spirit” to him fifty years are as a minute, and let me stress that he’s also seeing events that are happening in the implicate order so parts of Revelation are going to happen without our knowing it. Did you happen to see the movie Terminator? ‘Member how the first cyborg goes back in time, some chip from its remains leads a scientist to the eventual creation of that cyborg? One question, who invented the chip in the first place? Similarly was John describing events he created by describing them? Religious fanatics are known to attempt inducing the apocalypse based on what they think he meant.

Some interpretations of scripture/prophecy or rather myths concerning me have to be wrong, think about why, for example, what are the chances I would actually be born with the name Geezuss or Hayzoos?. Nobody saw this coming, yet I am fulfilling scripture. The major theme of this book and my existence is what I call “Faith capacitance between dogma and gnosis” or John 5:39-40. I am telling the truth but because John was limited to a much smaller lexicon than our modern lexicon the discrepancy between what is interpreted and what is happening allows for a separation to even occur. The Bible was meticulously written in a contradictory, subjective manner and with alot of loose ends for a reason. Without a mystery to be revealed at the end times what's the point? Isn’t that like an open book test? What have you proven to the Lord? That you'll blindly follow any person that needs your money? That you believe only that which strokes your ego? No, I'm proof you don't get to heaven without seriously questioning yourself and the people you choose to be influenced by.

Did you ever consider that maybe I’m supposed to deceive some of you into thinking I am evil? I’m still separating aren’t I? If all it takes to do that is using “naughty” words well damn this is easy. The establishment will most definitely consider me evil, knowledge and truth have always meant evil to them. Of course the christian nazi vampires who witness/prey on the social fringe want me to remain in heaven...They assume I couldn't keep tabs on 'em up there, but I've been here a while and I have seen...

Why do they assume I’m here to say, “Good job boys, I Christ actually hate fags and junkies like you, I think women should be treated like slaves and have no choice like you, I want porn and Halloween to be eradicated because thats what it says in the Bible...You’ve upheld the Word very well and God thanks you, now lets go to heaven and watch the fags and junkies and horny teens and potheads and Slayer fans and New Agers burn in Hell, wouldn’t that be fun?” Wouldn’t you feel so fucking special If I Christ said that?...You say to me, “Keep away; don’t come near me, for I am too sacred for you!” Such people are smoke in my nostrils, a fire that keeps burning all day. Why do they assume I’m here to make peace? I am actually, but I can’t do it by being polite and nice, the Lord has told me what to say and how to say it. Many of you bad guys will die by the sword that comes out of my mouth, for you cannot separate language and intent. Somewhere between sound waves and reality you choose to give the arrangement of symbols “FUCK” meaning and if you choose to give it an evil meaning you do not understand. Chris Rock said it best, "you should fuckin goda church!"

Yes I am angry and I use the necessary words to make that abundantly clear but my intent is benevolent. Considering "Jesus H. Christ" is the number one swear word in the western hemisphere I have no problem speaking like a dragon.

My authority comes from God, the God that gave me the capacity to have these thoughts, to possess this knowledge, to claim this title. Lets face it without this title I’m just another wacko, but it was waiting for me (Revelation 5:5) and offered to me and I’m still questioning my sanity. To claim this title is a means of gaining publicity and I know that. To claim this title must be worth at least a million OJ trials...The Lord has an agenda and I’m the Lords lobbyist...You would assume I have something to say right? I mean If this was just a publicity stunt what would you expect me to know or say? Do I come close? Scrutinize me to the degree that I should be scrutinized. Trust me, if I could do what has to be done without the title I would of but the bullshit has reached a critical mass...something has to give...someone.

As I learn about Yeshua BenJoseph I think, “Goddamn those are some awfully large shoes to fill!” I can admit I anthropomorphise a tad much. I believe this is appropriate however. I will show you my monkey flaws, I will expose my wounds. The purpose being that you know that being incarnated as a monkey means that you will automatically inherit the monkey attributes (libido, aggression, stupidity, etc.,...) Just because I downloaded the pure Christ signature doesn't mean I’m exempt from temptation, Hebrews 4:15 (because I’m the Son of Man, not the Son of God, which also explains my lack of magic powers) I think about beating the Drug Czar and everyone at Partnership for a Drug Free America into a stain, I think about building a particle beam weapon and going to town on slaughter houses and animal experimentation labs...and oh yes I think about female mucous membranes enveloping my sperm dispenser, sorry I just like saying membranes...

You must realize that what the Fundies have programmed you to consider sin is really just human nature and God knows that. After all God allows you to exist through Gods will. When you exist without a monkey this isn’t even an issue. Don’t think that there is such a thing as a perfect adult, strive for it anyway. The commandments are just guidelines for you when tempted with options of a monkey mind (James 1:14-15) They are warning signs of ego, think about it, do people with Christ consciousness feel the need to kill, steal, or commit adultery? They must be obeyed by those who choose repentance...Only those who claim to be repentant are accountable for their sin.

Souls have no gender, God really doesn't care about homosexuality, to God thats just a blob of cells and nerve endings all engorged and tingling, rubbing together because God gave you those erogenous parts. Sexual immorality is not pre-marital intercourse or masturbation either, it is more like necro-bestial-pedophilia-incest-rape or any combination of...The acts most likely to end in negativity. Gods main concern is how much you’re trying to love each other and exist harmoniously...We follow the commandments effortlessly when the Lords will is ours, we exercise it freely to prove that it is. The Lord does not punish you for not following the Lords will, you punish you. Repentance is beautiful...Guilt should not be your reason, newfound priority, awakening reality, L O V E should be your reason...if it takes shame, fine. Humility and humbling oneself is also beautiful.

I guess the thing that bugs me most about all this is how predictable and cliché this whole good vs. evil thing has gotten. Some wacko comes along (me), pisses some people off with words and he gets his brain casing ventilated by another wacko. The Bible says that my time is going to come to an end but not by human power, not in anger or war and when it does nobody will help me. I don’t know what that means and I don’t care. Whatever happens you’d think being shot in the head would be a worst case scenario. No no my friend it is not, I believe it was William Wallace who said, “Every man dies, how many really live?” The worst case scenario for me would be to fuck around with a formulated existence, to get to the age of fifty and say, “Well what happened, what did I do with my time here?” The worst case scenario would be to kick the monkey and have resentments.

Martyrdom, what a joke. Sacrificing what, a monkey, a blob of cells? Its meaningless. The song “Martyr” by Fear Factory goes...”What I thought was life came to an end, born into a world I never asked for this...” And in my situation that is true. Mathew the monkey didn’t ask for this, who or whatever I am previous to Mathew did. And so I obey.

This conflict, this dynamic tension between soul and “self” is something we all must struggle with. Ideally it is worn thin until the soul and the “self” are indistinguishable. Being centered is where you’re supposed to be. Too much spiricentricity is just as detrimental as too much ego, you do need some “self” to be happy in this Dimensional Cell Continuum. The man who avoids extremes (politicians avoid extremes to remain popular with the most people by being in the middle, I avoid extremes by going to both ends) can enter the “narrow door” or Shangri-La. To be in your sweet spot is to evolve in-phase with the universe. You can be cooped up in a monastery or you can be a crack whore in Vegas. Depending on your karmic status either of these could be your sweet spot. Just as long as you’re dealing with it harmoniously it doesn't matter.

Me, my struggle concerns my longing for a “normal” existence and my duties as a godhead rep. Ya see, I assume that I should have more Yogi- Christ attributes. Meaning I should be able to materialize things with my internal merkaba, I should be able to heal. Because I can’t I assume I should go on a pilgrimage to India, find my Yoda and enter a hermitage. This may be inappropriate for my role it might be necessary, who knows? I want to do all kinds of normal things (raise a family-remain anonymous) that this title can totally undermine, but this ain’t about what I want...OK, OK it is about what I want, I do this for my own sake, and screw the “normal” things, I asked and I received the means to realize my BIG dreams, and after I commited my life to my creator the dreams started realizing me!

I deserve to be happy just like anyone else but I will be exhaustibly compared to Jesus, “Jesus never had the urge to go down on a woman, Jesus would never do such a thing...” And ya know what? You’re absolutely right. Jesus wouldn’t, I would, and have, what else am I supposed to worship? Mmm yoni goodness....Assuming that some part of me actually was him two thousand years ago let’s remember I let myself get nailed to a cross just to karmically establish my future reign and prove my Father is your Father, knowing the whole time I could’ve snapped my fingers and wasted everyone. With that in mind, cut me some slack alright!?

Look at it this way, he was playing his role that was appropriate for his time, and I’m doing the same. Basically Jesus could forgive but he couldn’t judge, I can judge but I can’t forgive, we are both the living Word but we acquired it differently and for different reasons. What good is an exact copy of Jesus? History is the flow of novelty, as an inventor I can tell you novelty is a very important thing. Jesus may have large shoes to fill, but has he walked a mile in mine? It’s really just reciprocating perspectives between our pre and post “end” date roles. If I was just like him let us ask, “Is that redundancy really effective or necessary?” Is my monkeyness allowing me, as The Christ, some more modern empathy, like, “1975-?”

It would be pretty silly of me to go on preachin’ ‘bout egocide if I hadn’t done it myself ya know what I’m sayin’? Now of course I still appear to be extremely egotistical but its OKAY, I’m a SubGenius, but seriously I seek “glory”/testify for myself because no one else is able to at this point. Its hard to keep the grandness of the Word in check so I kill my “self” everyday just to stay in this Dimension! And yes I do consider myself superior, but if you look at other so called leaders that ain't sayin much!