The Rapture/AntiChrist Myth and why those who started it are going to hell...


Where in the bible (the be all end all scripture that's perpetually reinterpreted) does it state that Jesus will come and take away people who call themselves "christian" (the only qualifying aspect to that chosen priviledge of being raptured) in order to spare them from horror and woe?

Well let's back up here. Isn't the fact that perpetually reinterpreted bible verses even exist reason enough to seriously doubt the validity of any one whether the word is interpreted literally or symbolically? (Not that the original or still intact parts are flawed) What more reason when there are hundreds of christian sects and three versions of the RAPTURE scenario? When consolidated, the sum of proposed end times pop prophecy is a cheesy, Disneyfied, mish mash of bullsh*t.

This is how misinterpretation of the verses collaged together:

-- JACK IS BLUE (meaning sad, misinterpreted as the color), therefore everyone named Jack looks likes a smurf.

-- In the original Hebrew, words were written without vowels. If we did this to english and tried to interpret a word, even within context it could be misinterpreted. Ex. WE HAD A SWEET TREAT LIKE A ______ . In the blank would be C-K-. It could be CAKE or COKE. Similar YET SO DIFFERENT!

The idea of people disappearing from visible sight randomly is a real phenomena dubbed "Involuntary Spontaneous Human Invisibility". Rarely reported, it should be noted there are specific reasons for it happening. The scientific reason has to do with what causes magnetic pole flips. Eventually Earth will blip into the galactic plasma mirror/shearing plane/electromagnetic null zone/photon belt/monopole/lake-of-fire/omega attractor/sliver-o-hyperspace as our solar system in our arm enters. Among 6 billion people some (not necessarilly the chosen) DNA responds as a precursor phenomena by "singing a new song" aka phase-shifting. This unbiased or nonchiral state is the unveiling of the Merkaba or light body, but not a total deviation from this dimension as the bodies still have mass - that has to be willfull! ISHI also phase-shifts clothing; in Left Behind people leave naked.

That movie also suggested children under 12 years old are exempt from sin and lack of professed belief system; presumably because they are innocent. This is contradictory to the often mentioned notion of being born with sin (actually true, sin = karma but try explaining that to a Christian!) It's the little inconsinsitencies that add up.

The Second Advent of The Christ, with its many prophetic constraints, has reduced the event into (IN THE OMEGA CODE 2) A:

Large lightning bolt that selectively kills soldiers who are doing identical things under identical orders except the ones left standing from this genocidal lightning bolt (similar to a lightning bolt the "AntiChrist" summoned earlier in TOC2) were - THANK GOD - Americans!

I guess we have to wait to see how Tim Lahaye portrays him.

I think Christians don't bother to think about these things for selfish reasons; it hurts to admit you were wrong, intellectually quantum physics and Jesus can't mix, and emotionally its fun to believe you are special and God loves you cuz you say stuff. I think though they expect a huge metaphysical laser light show in the sky and/or superpowers and some kind of conflict...perhaps they really want to experience all the drama and excitement on earth that will ensue even though they won't be here - the movies are the next best thing.

The crux of this essay is the fact that the rapture just doesn't mesh with prophecy (multi-cultural). That being, Christ will appear into consensus reality through the mass media, as a HUMAN MALE because he invents miraculous and helpful technology (free energy Rev. 13:13), judges the nations, destroys those who destroy the earth, and basically kicks the arscord The First Beast (out of the sea) is the mass media/internet. It has authority over all nations lands and tongues, to John our dependance practically is worship. Its wound that was seemingly healed is a reference to Y2K and breathing life into the image of it is Artificial Intelligence. The I AM is exercising all its authority.

One more thing, because its really annoying me...666 the number of MAN...

  • God is Light (among other things)
  • Man is made in the image of God
  • Hebrew "Garden of Eden" = 144
  • Harmonic of Light = 144
  • 144,000 = harmonic of 144
  • Base 12 DNA molecule
  • 144,000 divided by 6 = 24,000
  • 24,000 divided by 6 = 4000
  • 4000 divided by 6 = 666.666666...

Any Questions?

Does anybody want to know what The Abomination That Causes Desolation is? (Let the reader understand)


The Astro-Quantum Physics of Judgement Day?

What the Illuminati Draconian Neo Nazis have planned next?

The preceding informative rant was posted today at the forum. This site was featured in TIME MAGAZINE and it claims to be one of the most popular sites in cyberspace with over 4000 registered members. In the forum guidelines a list of undesirable types is given. One person they don't want there is "The one true prophet". I've been posting similar rants for a couple years now and appearently there are alot of wanna-be one true prophets popping up as of late, although I've yet to see I understand where they are coming from - they don't want to be annoyed. Truth is, most Christian forums, this one in particular are nothing more than folks blowing sunshine up eachothers asses. Truth is they are blatantly protecting themselves from ANYTHING that bursts their bubble, censoring reality as usual.

I broke a personal record for being deleted. The last one was Zola Board, it took 3 days, at Rapture Ready it took 30 minutes. Within that 30 minutes however 80 people viewed the post. The 4 replies were various admin congratulating themselves for having deleted it so quickly. This act only proves my point. Maybe, just maybe, one of those 4000 people would have benefitted from my post but now they can only see the subject heading and wonder...another suggested that I communicate in a less militant way...

The really cool thing is that I also posted this same piece at, a indy media site, one guy gave me a personal message stating that he was a long time christian with unwavering faith and that he really appreciated it as the answers he had been given up till then just didn't sit well...and he wanted to KNOW if I had any more writings.

I thought of something the other day, being one prone to seeing paradox, and this IS a joke but subjectively true for many besides me...

If The Rapture is the removal of Christians from Earth to Heaven, would that not make Earth Heaven?