The beginning of this reply is text taken from the NASA BPP website which expresses their concerns with people like me. My reply follows.

Exploring the edge of knowledge for profound discoveries evokes special challenges. In addition to the normal challenges of scientific research, i.e. figuring out how nature truly works - the provocative character of grand challenges can encumber such research. First, by pursuing truly profound improvements in the human condition, the stakes are higher and accordingly emotions run higher. Second, by operating on the genuine edge of knowledge, instead of exploring routine refinements of established knowledge, one encounters controversial ideas. This combination of heightened emotions and controversy can taint the productive discourse of scientific study. A typical example is how both skeptics and optimists can sometimes jump to conflicting conclusions and, in their zeal, fail to communicate in the dispassionate and impartial style needed to rigorously identify, test, and resolve the real issues.

Ironically, most of the difficulty encountered by the BPP Project has come from unofficial proponents, rather than from skeptics. Virtually all the skeptics have been constructive. Most skeptics have clearly identified issues and unsolved physics that present challenges for discovering propulsion breakthroughs. By identifying such specifics, research objectives are defined and refined.

The bulk of difficulties have come from enthusiasts whose well-meaning actions have actually impeded progress. Because such problems are increasing, this section has been added to the public web site to explicitly address this challenge. It is hoped, by explaining this situation, that those interested in this Project will better understand the impact of their actions. Below, links are provided to short descriptions of the most common, recurring events that impede progress. Where appropriate, examples are given to help readers appreciate the difficulties. And finally, guidance is provided for more constructive actions.


--- Excerpts from the "Lunatic Fringe" and hopeless amateurs --- (idea submissions displaying delusions of grandeur or paranoia, 9% of emails to NASA BPP)


These samples are offered to illustrate one of the disappointing types of correspondences frequently received by the BPP Project. Although these offerings can seem entertaining at first, they become taxing after receiving dozens of them. Based on the advice of a psychologist, no answer is sent in response to such submissions. No correspondence could provide the type of help needed, and any response would only encourage more of this nonproductive behavior.

To make these excerpts less offensive, only humorous and unthreatening examples are shown. The names of the senders and any other traceable data has been removed from these excerpts.

Typical opening lines:

  • * "I'm not a scientist, but…"
  • * "I'm a retired engineer, and now that I have extra time, I have this theory …"
  • * "Since I'm in prison, I've had time to think about my theories…"
  • * "I've seen a UFO and here's how it works.."

Recall the quote from Edison that: "Invention is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration." Frequently individuals submit their "inspirations" with the desire that NASA complete the other 99% of the work (and anoint the submitters with accolades). A shorthand phrase for these individuals is "one-percenters".


  • * From a man doing time in a correctional institute, who wrote to express his interest in considering a career in physics: “You see, I have always had a love for science, Life Science at first, then went through a chemistry phase which landed me where I am currently positioned.”
  • * From a guy who sends NASA approximately 1 letter every month, all in capital letters, and connected with commas between every word (Most commas omitted for clarity): "This is my invention for metaphysical gears for the transmission of future spaceships. This secret I got from the crystal ray which I devised from the circle, the plane, and the center, long ago. The FBI in Wash D.C. have my crystal ray work." A more recent submission from the same individual said: “You, NASA, see I am an American visionary and the son of man and I hear voices, seriously, from beyond the grave and the spirit world on high, and I ran into your own house, and they confirmed with conquest in myself and faulted, so I told them I would not sell you these engines and faulted myself….”
  • * While giving a lecture to a space society club in Huntsville, Alabama, one of the audience members (NOT one of the NASA employees) offered his help. He said he'd been "Channeling" with Einstein and Einstein had made more progress on his unified field theories.
  • * From a phone call: "I am sure my theory is credible, because ever since I thought of it, I am visited each morning by aliens in my bedroom."
  • * From a web discussion group: “Yep, I have just returned from an interesting experience. On October 21, I was taken at gunpoint aboard a US government secret levitator craft and taken to the far side of the moon. It was really emotional looking down on the earth from space from high-orbit. Moonbase Yellow was nothing spectacular once you got past the high-tech transport and defense systems. Their labs were cool, though, and I think that some of them were clones, or else people changed their clothes a lot. The craft was a neat ride and made cool noises. I could tell that acceleration forces were appreciably damped. I had a window seat, and could tell that there were no lights on the outside. The trip to the moon took a little over two hours. Anyway, they just wanted to sort of guide my research if you know what I mean. Horton pointed me in some interesting directions. Did you know that if you make iron or nickel clusters small enough, the clusters' surface forces are such that that the clusters' melting point exceeds the vitrification temperature? I thought pure iron glass might be cool to someone. Maybe you guys knew this already... I don't really know if I can trust Horton. Peace.“ [Note that he claimed to enjoy the view of the Earth from the far side of the moon].
  • * Yes, this is a direct quote from an email: “Rockets??? Ha! Ha! Ha! NASA will never come up with the Break Through Propulsion System, least they swipe it leading us into Interstellar Travels because they are still applying a Brute Force Concept, rather it will come from a lone inventor. …… Tee! Hee! Hee! ……. And to think my concept was rejected on the basics that it goes against fundamental physics you, NASA and the rest of the Academic world do not understand the basic principles of AC Radio-Gravitics let a lone that nature is superconductive. …I'll permit you to look at my discoveries If you have the balls that is to open your closed mind!”
  • * Another email excerpt: "To tell you the truth Marc, I'm a pot smoking mushroom munching high school dropout and I'm qualified to do two things; wash dishes and invent shit. … I've got other inventions too - an electrochemical computer, ultrasonic foaming process, magnepulsion generator, solid state over-unity device, various concept vehicles, centrifugal antigravity drives, and butlloads of more practical inventions."
  • * “I'm the purple depths of the ocean which is don't forget the purple star gem exploding at seven miles a second at the command of I want to turn into a giantess or imploding at the command of ill leave it by itself I am a blue crested wave under the moon which is hanriffic or hanalriffic and hanalulriffic by me I am an ancient emerald forest or tree your pick which is what I like to call watching bark peel off a tree and sticking it on the back of their neck casting a massmorph spell and watching them rut into a tree or freaking out and turning their head which way I am a yellow tear from the sun which is gnidolpxe star gem which is still the color of qurbol the command is ssetnaig e otni nrut ot tnaw I am an orange pumpkin in the field which kind of reminds me of the phoenix oh I meandsun laughing at me just call that a little Irish schizophrenic humor and finally I am a flaming door which is all part of the right of the active door which most of came from the 21 lessons of Merlin a study of druid lore and magic which is preferable to the bible did I hear the words jungle sanctuary or was that essences…”
  • * From a man who may have forgotten to clean his video camera lens, and shares his monitary desires: “…there was the image…in the shape of a head I decided to start experimenting around the rest of my home and other homes. With each experiment, the results were the same…Each had 2 eye sockets and you can see their mouths moving but you can’t hear anything …They all looked really hateful. Crazy I know, but everyone I have shown, has said the same thing. My motive for this letter is simple, I know I have found something very, very special and I want paid lots and lots of money for it. To be exact, I want millions.”
  • * And here is an entirely different attitude about money: "'Astro-travel - free of charge'. You blithering idiots. To travel the realms of space free of charge is not possible. All members of the public need a toilet. I, Jeff, being educated, charge you all not to expel the fumes of the charge I indict you all with when you enter the correct room of learning, to which I present you all with."
  • * From the inventor of a claimed "tachyonic transceiver:" "If we could just get copies of papers sent to [list of agencies, and a person down in Florida], then we would have it all, and could get together 3 or 4 teams to work on this… as we do not want to fall behind the rest of the world…. Also, I would appreciate a car and salary such that I could meet with the teams as they assemble the transceiver as I would hope to continue to create enthusiasm for the project.”
  • * Here is another job seeker: “Since there are so many clues around, the double alpha geometry will become known. By myself and others. Its' a beautiful by-product from the geometrical evolution of collison, friction, and the state of motion. As you know I've been having one hell of a time with ‘E’…..I may be changing occupations. Since I never became "socialized" I learned a lot about people, and myself, by driving a cab. Now I must have access to some tools. So I may go to work for a generator repair shop.”
  • * From a man willing to devote himself to the good of science: “Just call me a chronic dreamer and a glutton for the unknown. Do you need a Guinea Pig for any experiments. I may be [your] man.”
  • * There are those that assume that Star Trek is real. NASA received over 10 pages, typed, quoting from the Star Fleet technical Manual.
  • * “I entered the new information and data in a mind-altering albeit drug-free trance in which I had a five-month conversation with God.”
  • * It is unknown why this message was sent to NASA. This text is a paraphrase of the submission: There was a young man who claimed that all of a sudden, he could not find his head. He was a headless being and he didn't know what happened. He went and asked his mother why he was born without a head, and she said, "it's there on your shoulders," and he looked in the mirror, and lo and behold, there it was!
  • * From a short and sweet email (if you'll allow the pun), the entire message was: “Hi, I've heard of warp drive. I love strawberries.”
  • * This message followed a NASA lecture to a 5th grade class: “I always ask my parents questions about space and they never know. My dad takes guesses and he is always wrong and when I say the answer, my mom says “O, I knew that, I was just wanting to hear what Dad said!”
  • * From a letter that included a CAD rendering of a wormhole experience (appears as a dark gray circle within a light gray rectangle): "Not really knowing the origins of what I saw, (see attached) I can truly say that wormholes are a reality, although short lived. The image that I am sending you is of a Non-Linear Space-Time Displacement Event, a wormhole by any other name. It found its way into my apartment, several times, to remove from my existance, some personal object, only to return the object to my existance at a later time and in a different location. Truth is stranger than fiction. This is truth. The grey area out side the hole is my living room carpet, the striped "ring" is the interface, the whitish center is the sidewalk outside my apartment at the time of reentry into my existance. The grey carpet and the sidewalk were/are 10 feet, 36hr. apart. I hope that you will take a look at the image. It is a rendered CAD model of what I saw.”
  • * These next quotes are from a grocery store clerk who sends in pictures (and sometimes the cardboard devices themselves) which are claimed to induce "space transparency worm holes." One photo shows him holding a box with the caption: "you can tell that his device [cardboard box[ is working because the lines in the pavement are showing through in front of my pants." In the black & white photo, the black lines and his black pants are indeed indistinguishable. A further quote reflecting a touch of paranoia: “A few years ago I was talking to Mr. [-snip-] who said our conversation was being traced and a black helicopter fly over would possibly occur tomorrow…. Next day a black helicopter flyer with a white triangle and an instrument in the middle of the white triangle flew over. If this was a Pledian ship mimicking a Delta Force helicopter, they could have done their transparency recording of my apartment…perhaps the technology has characters mimicking the counselors or rulers…called Super Beings, from the Pleidian system." And finally, a recent submission states: “A cardboard box used as a stand for the coils after the Mirrors Array was tried lost 34% of its weight and then disappeared. We do not know if this was teleportation or if someone threw it out.”

These are just some samples from dozens of similar submissions.


OK so NASA BPP has shared with us the 9% comical pathological submissions and stated that these people (myself included) have accounted for most of the difficulty they have had - at what exactly is not mentioned.

Here again is what they excerpted from my email:

"To tell you the truth Marc, I'm a pot smoking mushroom munching high school dropout and I'm qualified to do two things; wash dishes and invent shit. … I've got other inventions too - an electrochemical computer, ultrasonic foaming process, magnepulsion generator, solid state over-unity device, various concept vehicles, centrifugal antigravity drives, and butlloads of more practical inventions."

I'll be the first to admit that this is a very bad business letter and that my zeal is far from tempered. I can acknowledge how this is detrimental to the cause, both mine and theirs. What they did not excerpt is the actual IP for a device that would, in theory, reduce inertial mass of any matter within its field, effectively phase-shifting a craft and pilot into hyperspace. They did not acknowledge that despite the lack of professionalism my abstract was EXACTLY what they are looking for.

This is where my criticism begins.

Firstly the dichotomy between proponents and skeptics is relative. NASA BPP thinks of itself as a proponent when it is in fact a skeptic too. They dismiss an idea because of its source, they are not as open minded as they'd like to think. They lumped together my submission with the submissions of blatant psychos because I had mentioned drug use, perhaps they saw the nature of my other IP and considered it a Delusion of Grandeur.

NASA BPP is the first to admit that genuinely good ideas can appear to be insane. History has proven this to be true. Would it stand to reason then that an inventor can be a genuinely good inventor despite his Delusions of Grandeur? For example there was an inventor at the turn of the 20th century who actually thought he could build a transmitter that would send information and energy to any point on the earth, he also believed that he could extract energy from the air, talk to Martians and zap down enemy aircraft with particle beams - why he must be INSANE! That man, Nikola Tesla, is responsible for the AC that runs the modern world and he was pathological - he had a germ phobia, he had OCD, and an obsession with the number 3. Today in some circles he is a demigod, in others continually suppressed, erased from history...

NASA BPP wants Breakthrough ideas but is not willing to go where these ideas must come from - deviant minds.

The REAL dichotomy impeding this endeavor is not between proponents and skeptics but rather Academic Specialist Calculators and Self-Taught Interdisciplinarian Psychonauts.


NASA BPP undoubtedly surrounds itself exclusively with these types of people who are subject to their own brand of delusion - that being an excessive pride in having earned a piece of paper, in having a title, in having a position at the top of their field of expertise, and all this inhibits progress. There is a complementary fear for having risen so high, the fear of falling. A career can be destroyed if the peers and scientific climate are not predisposed to accepting an idea. These types of people have alot to lose by being creative so why would they be? As a specialist the ability to research varying fields and the necessary association of those varying fields is never an interest or skill they involve themselves with. Certainly there is value in being an expert in one thing but not when everyone else is too. The ability to manipulate theoretical constructs and the ability to impose them as an applied system to observed phenomena are two different things. When it comes to Zero Point Energy and HyperSpace bridging that mathematical gap is impossible; until a device produces novel phenomena such as inertial mass reduction and teleportation they will never know the accuracy of the math.


These, the "unofficial proponents" lacking any credentials or peer review are, in consensus reality, completely invalid merely because they didn't go to a special building and pay a special person to reiterate what was in an otherwise accessible textbook. They lack structure and perhaps formal communication skills that higher education can impart. They may have gone to a university library for free or received permission to "sit in on" a particular class for free (I did just this at Cornell). When the internet appeared they likely "Googled" anything they wanted to know for free. They invested nothing yet received everything but a paper, and eventual title. I myself have spent the past 12 years learning how to be an inventor, I have spent countless hours studying, researching and when my ideas are ripe soliciting the IP to countless venture capitalists, bankers, institutions and foundations who specialize in that particular field of expertise. Perhaps this type has metabolized certain molecules known to release the mind from local and linear thinking, which can actually reveal the structure of free space by confusing the observer and observed. This type may have also cross referenced several systems regardless of age and seen similarity. Mystical New Age writings, some channeled, may help explain the implications of Quantum Mechanics, Chaos and Information Theory. Oh I put in The 99% perspiration but when I attempt to submit papers for a particular invention/theory for peer review, when I can actually find the appropriate journal or website or professor I'm immediatly asked where I went to school and well I get as frustrated as a great Govt. program that gets its budget cut.

I see humility in the latter type of proponent, in the divulging of information however useless. And were these folks actually "paranoid" as NASA BPP claims they would not have received any submissions in the first place. We are as unsure of the validity of our ideas as the prior is with their equations. We the pathological need not be reduced to a funny page on a website we need to be respected as a means to an end, we need to be exploited for what WE ARE GOOD AT. I for one don't want or expect NASA BPP to do any of my work for me, I want to be intimately involved with those specialists so that I can learn from them and associate what they can't, I want to be in a lab doing R+D and prototyping new spacecraft.

It is my hope that by responding and speaking for the types I was lumped into I can make NASA BPP understand the impact of their INACTION and lack of perspective.

My secondary criticism of NASA BPP relates to The Disclosure Project and the phenomena of "compartmentalization".

Zero Point Energy and its manipulation was relegated to Black Budget Projects for years as the (dis)information suggests and is slowly but surely coming out of the closet. Its been mentioned in Janes Defense that Boeing is exploring this ZPE.

I have to wonder why NASA BPP just doesn't hire someone who has already done back engineering work for one of the Black Budget Projects? Certainly Dr. Greer must know one or two. Would that not solve everything?

Is it possible that one part of our Govt. has known the true GUT for years and another claims to be clueless? It is my assumption that the budget cut for the NASA BPP is related to someone decompartmentalizing the independant cells of research and recognizing redundancy in the respective covert and public endeavors.

The funny thing about all this is, with the amount of media attention NASA BPP and Disclosure has received they MAY AS WELL be clandestine operations!

Can their be a point any longer to (dis)information and black budget programs? The arbiters of consensus reality will let us know soon...