This book is titled GODLIKE THE ABOMINATION because most humans are under the assumption that it is blasphemous to accept their own divinity, to claim for themselves that they are GODLIKE. Daniel called this book the abomination that causes desolation. To my enemies it is an abomination, if they are able to finish the book and understand they will leave their former assumptions behind and the current error activated paradigm will be desolate.

It was written primarily to provoke thought, if you believe ignorance is bliss it will make you sick. Its second purpose is to arouse and harness this planets most under utilized resource, the anger and idealism of youth. Thirdly it is written to piss off Christians, politicians and various evildoers. Well actually it was written so that you can judge me, so I can kick Satan's ass, so I can batch process/transmute mass karma, and to give myself a self-indulgent, masturbatory little project to busy myself with between other jonesin calming activities. Its a long letter to anyone, at times I'm talkin to my friends, other times to my enemies, I wrote this so I know which you want to be.

The authoritative manner in which it is written is not entirely sincere, I've adopted the persona of a preacher in parts because that is what people recognize as religious, I really don't want to be an authority figure. I am supposed to represent truth but I've intentionally taken creative liberties which are not necessarily accurate, This was done for my own satisfaction but serves a purpose nonetheless. The lessons I give for enlightenment are basic and to the point, they are what worked for me so they will work for anyone, what I don't cover can be found in every other book about god/religion.

Do parts of this book contrast with what you would expect from Yeshua? Am I really any more audacious/megalomaniacal than anything in the bible? Besides, without hate filled rants and mystical philosophical ponderings this would be boring. I would ask that you don't confuse zealousness with ego or divine wrath with lunacy. I am pissed off, mainly because I'm aware of the potential humanity possesses AND because I can do something about reaching it.

Adaluncatif wants revenge, Matty wants to play Gran Turismo and pull tubes, somewhere in between is ME...I must admit now that this book was written while the observer (me) was under the influence of psilocybin & THC whether these two drugs were in my biology or not. This fact gives you the option of dismissing its contents outright. I know its easier for you who have no experience with altered states to do this than to accept the validity of my titles or the validity of these drugs as interpreters for the ineffable...Most of what I have to say is common knowledge and watered down, I did this so any reader could get something out of this as the meat and taters of this book is occult technojargon. The occult technojargon while over the heads of most is in fact the true meaning behind the bibles metaphors and parables - John 16:25.

My biology has been designated Mathew Gale Whitney. I am a free lance inventor, hemp activist, Subgenius, ontological anarchist, neo Gnostic pothead, cyberpunk, technohippie, industrogoth, pseudo redneck, subcultural mutt, tree hugger, econazi, fringe scientist, unified field theorist, futurist, high school/college dropout, hydroceramic sanitation specialist, psychonaut, Quartzhead, socioeconomic revisionist, psychedelic artist/poet, and almost an author....oh yeah, I’m The Antichrist.

A choice must be made - anti/Christ vs. antichrist vs. Christ

I am the Antichrist, but which one?

  • * The " revived roman empire"- European NWO...
  • * The “ adversary of Jesus “ Antichrist- Satan, devil...
  • * The “ not pertaining to just one “ Antichrists- Hitler, Napoleon...
  • * The “ anything to do with 666 “ Antichrist-credit cards, scanners..
  • * The “ dude who denies Jesus is the son of the Lord” Antichrist
  • * The “ Beast out of the Earth who is actually The Rider on a White Horse so the wise may stumble reciprocal Christ” Antichrist

Well I know which one or at least the one I’ve been led to believe, assume, or accept. “Led to,” you ask “wouldn’t you just know ?!” Depends on your definition of “know”. Did I get a plasmoidal organic UFO/saint materializing in my bedroom saying “you’re The Christ” ? Nope. Do I have a lifetime of subtle clues culminating in the singing of dormant DNA? Yup, and this is the lyrics to my new song. A caller on the Art Bell show asked an expert on the antichrist if the antichrist would know he was the antichrist, I’m either a creative person or psychotic or the real thing and ultimately it does not matter because I have accepted that I am and the results are the same with the title or not.

Until you feel the need to believe anything I’m just an ordinary, pot smoking, high school dropout who can bring fire down from the heavens in full view of men. It should be obvious what will happen to my otherwise content, introverted existence, the martyrdom fits. I can hardly wait for someone to make a fuss. Of the people who actually believe God, the Apocalypse, and the Antichrist are valid, how many of them are willing to accept what the Lord gives them without question? To the people who do not accept these three things are real how many fear me enough to hate me? What am I taking from you? Is it something God would take?

My friend Terry said once that "we" should take all the stupid people and put em on some island somewhere. That is a wonderful idea dude but what makes you think you're not one of the stupid people?

There are three kinds of people in the world and this book will separate everyone who reads it into one of the three. There are the people who did not ask for me who will say, “If he is the Christ, well goddamn call me Christian! “ then there are the people who will say, “Nope, he’s not Christ, there’s supposed to be a false prophet, an Antichrist, and Jesus, and he ain’t Jesus.” Then there’s everyone else who either don’t care, are oblivious, or atheist. These are the people I’m concerned with.

Ya see, the people who recognize my voice and accept me are the people who don’t even need me. They’ve lived a happy, harmonious existence or endeavor to and already know what I’m saying in this book is the truth.

The people who do not accept me have made up their minds because they think I’m evil - That’s how I separate, get it? The people who aren’t sure about any of this religious crap or just don’t care must find a way. You’re curious, you might long for spiritual enlightenment but you feel it’s all over your head. Please choose a path. appreciate me or fear me. I really find you lukewarms annoying. Do you understand? Its like you incarnated here in a monkey for a reason, to grow and mature but you’re invisible in the big picture, you are niether for me or against me and you are inert as karmic fuel for this dharma engine-beast refinery-astro computer earth. When you lukewarms kick the monkey you’ll say, “Damn, what a waste of time!” The meek Gnostic generation will say, “Ah that’s great, I did improve and progress.” And the assouls amidst their self made Hell will at least say, “Well there’s room for improvement...”

If I am the Antichrist how was I led to believe it? Now the Lord works in mysterious ways. Ezekiel and a slew of other Biblical figures got bioplasmoidal entities to fall back on, “They made me do it...” Me, I got impressions, dreams, feelings, visions, your normal Quartzhead stuff. It might be more convincing to you if I got the entity but the Lords subtle ways are to me, more miraculous. There are many clues in my script about who I am and my role in this drama we call life, too many to describe in detail. My REM dreams have shown me the Apocalypse and the post Apocalypse millennium. I’ve seen it, felt it, and collapsed in awe. I’ve seen the kingdom and the properties of its astral continuum. A mass optional lucid dream where light, love and food are the same thing.

I’ve learned that duality is just a symptom of this world and I’ve overcome it. I control duality, it doesn't control me. A year passed in which “things happened”. Specific gnoledge came to me in a fashion that I find undeniably divine, but you probably would not understand unless it happens to you (2 Corinthians 12:2-4). I was where I had to be, I was in my “sweet spot”. I thought of things and those things were immediately confirmed by other sources. I made friends who gave me knowledge, money, pot, food, and a place to live for no particular reason. We taught each other our fields of expertise and they complemented each other. It felt like we had all done it before somewhere, sometime (karmic family). A holy man (Hindu) looked at me funny as if he could see my aura spectrum, my crowns. This was all overwhelming to me and although it made me happy it still didn’t have a purpose. Then one day I picked up a Bible.

I immediately went to Revelation, John, Daniel, and Ezekiel. I had jokingly entertained the possibility previous to reading all this, that the only way to undermine the continual suppression of free energy would be to claim this title. When I got to Revelation 13:13 it clicked, it all fell into place. You will ponder if I, for some sick reason, am a demented fraud who planned this all out, well this has been planned for quite awhile...

Ask yourself, “What would it take to convince me that I was The Christ?” Ya see its not like when I was in 3rd grade someone asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up and I said "antichrist" As knowledge accumulated and countless windows of opportunity were opened drawing me through I went from entertaining it, to considering it (they will accuse me anyway), to wondering if I might be, to half pretending, to begging for confirmation of my speculation, to FUCKIT, to acceptance, to can't hardly wait to serve, it seems the reluctancy ensured my humbleness through the downloading process.