On preterism, Left Behind


No Avatar/anointed teacher before me has read the entire Bible, Koran, Torah etc, so my knowledge of these books should not be requisite to proving my claims or in fact doing my job.

The only relevant scripture for me to contend with is prophecy.

I have a major problem with Hal Lindsey Tim LaHaye and their clones, who are in my opinion the epitomy of the "false prophet". Their sins are too many to count but they can be summed up by saying that they have added and taken away from the Book of Revelation. So it was with great excitement to find END TIMES FICTION by Gary DeMar.


I have read enough scripture to know when to take it literally and when to take it symbolically but nonetheless Gary has read more in depth than I have. Since reading his book I learned that I cannot rely totally on my own gnostic ways to explain scripture. I can't always say that such and such is just symbolic on a whim, some things should be taken literally and so I find the term for what I have always known - Partial Preterism.

When DeMar explains that some prophecy was fulfilled in the first century of the church, and uses the bible to validate the bible I find it hard to disagree. But I must reconcile symbolism/literalism & then/now.

DeMar argues that "you", "this generation", "the end" etc, applies to the early disciples and the end of the old covenant age and again its hard to disagree.

But now the gnostic interpretation must be considered.

It is safe to say The Christ Yeshuah ben Joseph taught his followers plenty of esoterica that never made it into the bible, the idea of incarnation for example.


We must also consider the fact history repeats itself. It is therefore possible that one prophecy could apply to THEN & NOW. Many of Nostradamus' quatrains worked this way.

So "you" means you when you were in the year 0030 and 2002, "this generation" of humans and this root race of karmic families, the end of the old covenant and of this entire veiled age/yuga

The crimes against Christ and the early followers of The Way can still, karmically speaking, be avenged via tribulation today - not just your sins but the sins of your fathers will be paid back.

What is an age to man is as a day to the Lord. DeMar seems to have overlooked this and in his attempt to correct LaHaye he has repeated LaHayes mistake of failing to see the big picture.

So I've finished DeMars END TIMES FICTION, I've learned that there is a name for this kind of prophecy, Partial Preterism, and I've learned that DeMar is a hypocrite. He rags on LaHaye for picking and choosing what to tweak and what to leave alone in order to construct his infallible interpretation of scripture. His book is littered with arrogant certainty.

There is a lack of consistancy in his explanations. For ex. He is trying to find a preterist explanation of Revelation 13's beasts out of the earth and sea . He can explain away breathing "life into the image of the first beast" as ventriloquism, magic, etc, but he does not explain how first century Rome is also a talking statue that has authority over all nations lands and tongues or what "fire from heaven in full view of men" means.

I bought this book because I thought Demar might help me dispell some myths, turns out he doesn't even believe that I would return in the flesh. So Gary, FUCK YOU - CLEARLY the enemy of my enemy is not my friend.