When you entered this continuum your oversoul of the implicate took a seat in your DNA and became a soul in the explicate. There is a fine line between linear time and static time. Your ability to cross that line allows you to exploit your oversouls attributes, which is what your supposed to do. This facilitates you as you work through your karma. You were dealt a hand with which to use to fulfill your dreams (In accordance with the Lord). Most likely you didn’t play that hand very well in your last incarnation. Don’t feel bad, without shortcuts it normally takes about a million years to work through all of it. If you had played that previous hand perfectly you would have fulfilled your role contract, graduated your lessons, realized your dreams, and attained “Guide/Angel” status and you wouldn’t have to be here.

You are a beautiful soul sitting in a monkey and you have tremendous latent abilities to transcend Maya/Satan/Ego. You have not learned to be spiritual even though you have the capacity to. You instead learned how to be an ego, the stiff mirror resistor in your consciousness circuit. Ego is the part of you that acknowledges, rationalizes, and eventually embraces negativity simply for your convenience, the part that always has to be right and have the last word in, the part that has yet to collapse under the flow of Gods love. It is learned and programmed and it is not real. By projecting your “self” on the primary and secondary mirrors (other egos, media) of your bubble of reality the reflection provides you with a frame of reference for your emotional and mental processes. This continual externalization of faith and self snowballs exponentially in a downward spiral. There becomes more worth outside you than within and you become one with empty shadow crap, a mirror unto yourself with nothing left to reflect. You’ve become another down trodden conformist, mid-life crisis havin’, rat racin’, sit-com wannabe facade of self denial. You lost yourself somewhere between “shit happens” and “fuck it”, then you die.

You will be held back a “grade” because you regarded yourself as a monkey and nothing more (mere-hume). You didn’t work through any karma, you refused to tap into your soul, learn any lesson, or follow your true path. You will not have progressed and your remaining karma obligates you to...that’s right, do it again! How does one avoid such a fate?

Have you ever said, “If I only knew then what I know now!...or I wish I could go back in time and get a second chance at...?" Well now you will know and this is your last chance to avoid that fate. In order to progress spiritually you must have benevolent intent. This involves blind faith and letting go and at first it will all seem silly. If you’re really far behind it will all feel like a sacrifice even though you’re gaining far more than you can imagine. If you’re one of these people that goes around saying “It hurts my brain to think”, forget it. When you first step into the flow the rewards may seem vague at best. The more centered you become the stronger the flow becomes until you are the flow. The choice to be a flowing window conductor is the first step. This is also known as repenting. And just to warn you, God really gets annoyed if you change your mind to go back to being an assoul. You only really get one chance. However, once chosen the flow will pull you into centeredness automatically.

The second step is actually quite enjoyable. It is the dissolving of the detrimental ego. Your waking consciousness is in a state of equilibrium at its core. Half ego, half spirit. You’re so aware of this duality you don’t even realize it. You must offset this equilibrium to know it is real. When you neglect one half you accentuate the other and vice versa. To accentuate your soul you must utilize the Reality Prisms-psychedelics. THC, LSD, DMT, psilocybin, mescaline...Skipping the oozing, breathing, crawling, morphing, fluid fractal geometric kaleidoscope hallucinations and pulsing trails, skipping the bullshit scare propaganda, this is what happens. Ingestion. As you tear away from normal consciousness your ego becomes aware of itself and you experience mind burps. This is where sensory input and perception start to disagree with each other in a kind of feedback loop. If your ego imposes fear into the loop it will get caught and it will feel like the trip is having you. If left unchecked it will snowball into egoshock a.k.a. bad trip.

If however the intent and atmosphere is cheerful and beautiful as it should be, and you go with the flow, you will fully integrate into this natural state. When you do, you get a few hours to redefine your subjective reality relative to the “all is one”, “be here now” mindset your in. When the prism is metabolized your trip is done but you carry forever your refined Gnostic interpretation of things. Soon the appropriateness and subtle timing of lesson shines through your petty ego trips and you become that much more unified with Christ consciousness. This is interactive baptism, this is dynamic anointing, this is something no psychiatrist can offer.

You only need to do this about one to six times a year and it helps with the third step, voiding karma. Some religions call karma sin, in pop culture its called "issues". Some of these religions equate confession with repentance, as if absolution is a alternative, as if talking negates sin.

You’re sposeta blab about it and beg forgiveness for being so bad; because after all you’re just a human and could never be good enough for their god. The most you can hope for is mercy. BULLSHIT. Talking to a priest may make you feel better but if you think repenting ends there...you really haven’t dealt with it and you will always know that until you have dealt with it. Karma is not the balancing of abusive and victimized tendencies over lifetimes, if it was, nothing would progress and it would imply that our fate is not in our hands. Karma is simply units of lesson/psychic potential and the lessons will always come up until they are learned. The degree to which you forget is equal to your potential remembering and on both sides of the veil you choose to do it voluntarily. I had to do alot of stupid things to get here...so will you. I am not proud of all the things I’ve done but I know better than to be ashamed cuz I chose to forget things “up there” so that “down here” on the souls proving ground, the playing field of reality, my learning of lessons is interwoven to help resolve the karma of others This free will is the womb in which God reproduces.

The “way” is the method to look past the hurt, anger and sadness of your egos reaction, to find the underlying reason you feel that way and to come to grips with it. When you do, you realize the lesson was appropriate for your growth. Jesus said, and I’m repeating, “love your enemies.” Your antagonist presents you with an opportunity to be a victim or a student, it’s your choice. I’ve found its enough just to appreciate my antagonists for the teachers they are.(Tangent: It’s very tempting to have witty comebacks and to prove you’re right when some assoul teases you or tries to induce guilt. Fuck that. You let me deal with them. You say to yourself, “The Omega Lion and The Lord know you’re just a stupid monkey” or a nice thing to say would be, “Hey buddy WE ARE ALL IN-LESSON!” and thats the end of it. Remember the Sticks and Stones rule, you preach it to six year olds but you yourself can’t abide by it. Look, if you know you’re justified or in the right (In accordance with the Lord) then don’t perpetuate ego. Ego says, “I am right !” The soul says, “I am”, the “right” part is inherent and needn’t be expressed, see what I’m sayin? In other words, ignore the bastard, thats what he needs for his lesson, to know you don’t feel the need to reflect his ego. You’re a window. Ignoring him is loving him. Trying to reproach is admitting you’re a victim of something, and I’m only gonna say this once, God is not pleased with victims.)

The fourth step is to interpret your astrological attributes, to find your niche, your personal path, to do what you love while being harmonious and happy. You deserve to be happy as long as (you guessed it) whatever it is that you do is OK with God, that’s what I mean by harmonious. If you don’t know what that means I ain’t gonna tell you.

Anyway, assuming you stopped being an assoul, you got some degree of gnosis under your belt, you’re gladly working through your karma, and you’re in the flow loving yourself and the Lord equally ( more on misguided faith later), the only thing left is exist. I hear so many kids my age saying, “I don’t know what to do with my life !?” Well, we can thank the establishment for that. The only reason you even ask that question is because you got it drilled in your head that you have to do something. You don't need a diploma or degree to serve or to get to heaven. This is hard for me to give any advice about, I kinda always knew I was an inventor, however I know what I’ve seen. The measure of success is the distance between the corners of your mouth. The smile on my face came about when I gave up to the god within. My ego was nothing and it literally takes nothing to resist the flow. The collapse of your stiff mirror resistor will be seamless. All is one. When you give up to the one within the remaining one helps you. This is Co-creation. You have two guides assigned to you. They are comprised of previously graduated generations and they love you very much. As a pre-synaptic function of the Apocalypse you can now acquire a higher ascended pair. They can clearly see your windows of opportunity, all possible choices, paths, and outcomes from the anti-now. They serve you out of love and they love it when you acknowledge them. It means you are ready for them to go to work and that is GOOD! (Tangent: Now Fundies say that communication with the spirit world be it dream interpretation or channeling or tarot cards is always with evil spirits who are out there to deceive you, they really don’t get it. If that were true then all angels are really just demons. Demons only have access to godless, stupid people who are unable to discern right from wrong. Do you think demons would waste their time on warriors of light that’ve already passed the little tests?) The demons exist to accuse you of being just a beast and thats easy The angels exist to prove you're not just a beast. Being caught in the veil your higher spiritual nature must be acquired willfully as opposed to settling into your lower monkey nature which takes no effort.

Now then, doesn't it seem silly not to employ their services? Dreams and intuition times faith in yourself equals Dreamfaith. This is how Co-creation works. You acknowledge your guides, and they guide. You have faith in yourself and they have faith in you. You pay attention to your dreams and don’t give up. This is giving up to God. Its not saying “I believe” and sitting on your ass, waiting to win the lottery through magic. See the difference?

It's ego vs. God, who will win? Who has to make an effort at self preservation? The basic problem is this. We humans for the time being are on the receptive side of reality. You as an entity in this DCC regardless of sex are designed for a matriarchal existence. If humanity is to recognize itself it must rebel it, must depart from what it knows to “know”. This is patriarchy. This is humanity trying to “be” by being what it isn’t. Children do this, teens do it too, its called “seeing how far I can push” what one considers authority. We the children of God constantly rebel in our ego, trying to be something we were not intended to be. Males imitate God, Females don’t need to.

God is not Santa Claus for adults. God is the omnipresent, omniscient, ultimate, infinite, unqualified absolute supreme creator, the never beginning never ending collective consciousness of all universes and all things in those universes. God is everywhere in a frequency so high it isn’t even a frequency. God is love. Does that about cover it? I’m not talking about “A” god, I’m talking about “THE” God, my Father, my Lord and yours.

It is intent God recognizes as harmonious or not, not words. To assume words have authority over intent is to assume language is equal to God. Know what blasphemy really is.

Victim consciousness is intent. You intend to assume God neglects you. This is not praise or glory to God. Your ego is the cause of your “helplessness” When “Shit Happens” you can let your ego digest it or your faith can remind you its really just “happens”.

Undealt with karma, sins, still stained robe, something to repent, your pathetic, empty, shadows of petty, ego-based misery, your negativity programming is most unchildlike. Children are perfect, perfect in that they show adults how fucked up they are.

Worshipping false gods, accepting false prophecy is otherwise known as rebellion. You should serve that which allows you to exist, anything less is rebellion. Serve it, everything from chlorophyll to buzzards, maggots to mushrooms.

Disharmonious intent such as murder or rape towards your fellow beautiful creations of God prevents you and that creation from growing (temporarily). But it allows for a reference for growth. Ultimately you will be held accountable. Duality is necessary (for a time) but not untrancendable hence Christ.

You are very loved. I ask you, what is a God without humans to glorify it? We are just as essential to Gods existence as God is to ours, you can’t really have one without the other. You can’t have parents without children, teachers without students...

This book was written among other reasons for those who take offense to its contents. If I don’t piss someone off I’ll be disappointed. I’m not doing this just to be obnoxious, there are easier ways to do that. Ya see, if you can be offended that means you’re still a victim of Satan or rather duality consciousness, and that is a problem. We can’t have you chosen ones running around Gods kingdom thinking bad thoughts. Linear time can host duality and get away with it but our kingdom will instantly manifest thought, and feelings can't be hidden. (I sometimes think we only incarnate for the illusion of privacy) Can you imagine what could happen if someone with less than Christ consciousness was let loose? That wouldn’t happen but what might happen is some of you chosen meek folk might not wake up in time and mistakenly be deemed unfit (John 6:39). Let me stress however, if anyone is to go into captivity into captivity he will go. Do not oversleep for this test brothers and sisters.

I went to church a few times and I saw a bunch of people closing their eyes, tilting their heads back, raising their arms and saying stuff. These are symptoms of religion. Praising/glorifying God this is not. Spirit appreciates ritual as an acknowledgment. The Lord asks, “Why do you assume I’m up here, why do you talk to air, what's with all this kneeling business?” The Lord appreciates your little religious rituals for what they are, acknowledgment. The Lord really wants to connect and that ain’t cuttin’ it.

I know a “Christian”. She’s one of these Fundamentalist (Fundie), Christianazi, AFA, Coalition, types. She’s into censoring reality and saying grace. She has about a hundred books about how everything thats not “Christian” is invalid. Her daughter is enrolled in a “Christian” biased curriculum that can somehow put a religious spin on algebra and insults Native Americans because they break the Creator down into its expressions as if that is polytheism and is “bad”. Her daughter once put a purple star between her eyebrows as teenybopper facial decor and yelled at her for it because she was “...inviting Shiva, the God of destruction...” into her. First of all the sandalwood paste dot represents the third eye, secondly Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu are more quantum physics terms than gods.

This woman has so much proof of faith that she doesn't have to deal with anything rationally because God will take care of it. She, like most Fundies, pokes fun at the “New Age” people (Quartzheads) or fears them because they dare to love themselves and want to be more than slaves to dogma, and cuz they don't see claiming to be GOD as a blasphemous thing. She is a victim and projects it out on her other daughter who in turn takes it out on the family and the world in general via stealing...It never ends. The hypercritical nature of the relationship is a direct result of “Christianity” and prevents any letting go or forgiveness. You have a daughter who is trying to be more than property up against a mother who HAS to be right, who can’t accept that SHE and her religious beliefs are the source of all conflict...why the moms fault? because the mother is supposed to have greater empathy through seniority. We all settle for consistent cause and effect, a comfortable pattern; only the soul can break it up with humility.

At some point the mom should just say, “Fuck it, here’s food and a bed I don’t care anymore, steal, get AIDS, get pregnant...” Some kids just have to learn shit the hard way...The daughter is working through her lessons while providing lessons for the mother...the daughter will prevail, will do many stupid things and learn from them, will do many normal things and get punished, the whole time quite aware that the mother will never accept or discern their individual karmic status, for the daughter is far older than the mother...How each one deals with her cold pricklies tells more about her karmic status than does their physical ages. Before one attains Christ consciousness the ego chooses to deal with cold pricklies in different ways. The mother takes the “I am right/ give me compensation“ approach whereas the daughter takes the “Fuck you/ get the fuck out of my way! “ approach. Now both are negative responses but I can tell you from experience, anger is healthier and more productive than stupid crybabyism. (Let me stress that anger without justification is not anger, it is stupidity, for anger should be a result of stupidity) The mother is slow to crawl out of her victim consciousness, however the daughter will quickly become bored with anger and move on to the next lesson...

I suggested that it was appropriate that someone gets molested. She (the mother) didn’t buy it. She can’t grasp what the Lord allows to happen or why. Society has programmed her to believe that good little Christians are immune from “bad stuff” (see Kathy Lee Gifford.) Society has her demanding compensation (this seems to be a trend, they don’t call it the Whiney Nineties for nothing) and she got it. More “bad stuff”. Her daughter “acts up” and “misbehaves” and is “disrespectful”. What she’s trying to say is, “You adults fuck me, now I have no respect for you, you forced me to grow up before my time and now that I have, give me some goddamn freedom...” and “ Mother, am I such a flaw in your little Christian world?” and “I learned how to think like a victim from you and when you project your little Christian expectancies on me I reflect a “you” you’d rather sweep under the rug.” OK, maybe she isn’t saying all that, but ya know what? Love will always wait for them. This woman is a beautiful and caring person and actually a benevolent Christian despite her emotional baggage and dogmatic approach. She is a wonderful mother with wonderful children if for no other reason than the fact they care enough to hurt each other. But this is normal teenage crap and is not entirely exclusive to Christian families. So let me ask, where is the reward in all this? In winning an argument? In seeing who can bitch and moan more?

True happiness is not found in meaning well and then acting like an assoul because someone in your life is feeding your ego through stress. True happiness is knowing you have the capacity to be GODLIKE. I’m talking about not sweating the small stuff because its ALL small stuff. This is the root of unconditional love, dig it?

- Brother, why do you look up? If God is everywhere then God is in you right? When you focus prayer and faith outside or externalize you are saying “OK Lord, do this...” That isn’t a bad thing if you’re praying unselfishly for others but if you need help you don’t bark orders, ask for signs, or give ultimatums to the Lord. You say (and this is my personal trip, you don’t have to say it) “Yes Lord, I have accepted you, I have accepted you’re in me, I have accepted your law and will never again doubt your way of teaching me for if something bad happens it’s only because you allow it, for this IS discipline (Hebrews 12:7-11). I will pay attention to my dreams and intuition for this is how you talk to me. I will eat the little scroll and commit egocide in your name Lord, even if some stupid oinker puts me in jail, for monkeys gave me beer and you gave me your flesh. I don’t care what they think Lord for I Gno you love me and I will love them as best as I can because you created all of us for all of us...I believe.”

All the assouls and rebellious blasphemers aren’t even aware of why they are the way they are. In the before/after life of the anti-now astral continuum some of these people chose to be losers. Strange but true. On the other side of the veil we all congratulate each other for having the strength and courage to be assouls to each other on Earth. To be in-lesson here is a privilege and some of us sacrifice our time here so that others may grow. That is why, like I said earlier, we must appreciate our antagonist. The catch 22 is, just because you were brave enough to be an assoul doesn't mean you yourself are exempt from your own karma. It doesn't mean you can’t or shouldn’t repent.