Every attempt for a Utopian society/community has failed for two reasons. The infrastructure was flawed and/or the attitude of the inhabitants was flawed.

What is Utopia? Is it a place where all humans get along, or is it a place where all humans get along with eachother, the ecosystem, and their technology? Its the second one. A Utopia maximises the best humanity has learned and produced. The fact we are at the end of these times allows the Utopia a better chance at success because if anything we know for certain what does not work, but also technology has evolved to a point where the ideals are feasible.

The past infrastructures were either too grand or too ill equipped. The cities planned around Niagara Falls were far too centralized, the communes out in the hills of Newfield were suitable only to hippies who could be happy without electricity. There is a compromise.

Now the infrastructure I have envisioned is pretty much perfect so the only questions are, how to filter out the criminal element in the inhabitants and how to retrofit the Utopian communities into the error activated paradigm. I believe that any Utopia will need rules but my rules will enforce themselves, the inhabitants may come from any background and chances are the Utopia will be an improvement over what they are accustomed to. The appreciation of the Utopia is what governs its inhabitants to ensure its success. The Utopia will generate a vibe that acts as the police. The rules of moral conduct for Utopia have already been given by Jesus, the founding fathers and myself. The corruption that has tainted them and given us this society will not be a concern because we have learned those lessons.....

The purpose of Utopia is to give its inhabitants health, safety, education, creativity, and abundance. It also gives back to the earth the harmony principles from which it is modeled:


GEOMANCY- The position of the Utopia on the earth will be predetermined by earth grid coordinates. This is important for the reason of interfacing with Gaia so that the Utopia is empathic with the planets own feedback system, to encourage consistant conditions in the environment and to energize the Utopia as a whole.

BIOMIMICRY- The infrastructure of Utopia incorporates in the layout, architecture, materials, plumbing, industry, waste processing, and where ever possible this eco friendly concept. For example the community may look like a snowflake from above, process goods like a plant, roofs may look like shells, beams may look like bones etc...

SELF SIMILARITY- The main Utopia unit concentrically bifurcates down and out from a central business and education tower through park and crop bands to an outer residential band. This community of 800 homes may specialize in one crop, hemp for example and it is one of 8 identical yet specialized agrarian communities which branch down and out from a still larger Industrial hub which is also specialized.

REGENERATION- Regeneration is an overall recycling effort which finds a means through biomimicry to eliminate waste or reuse it, sewage and compost becomes fertilizer, Biomass becomes plastic, landfill gases power the biomass processing plant, much like what is being done now but Utopia makes it a priority. The Utopia is built to reproduce itself, and it can't do that if it destroys its environment or contaminates itself. It may produce and export eco friendly products such as organic fertilizers, toxin consuming microorganisms, toxin free hemp derived paper, fiberboard...

MINIMALISM- This idea is the antithesis of department store consumer fetishism. What isn't needed isn't produced. Luxury items, decor, frilly home amenities may be imported and enjoyed as they are now but the Utopia will not promote it. Minimalism may also be applied to any aspect of the infrastructure or society.

TECHNO AGRARIANISM- Each family unit is responsible for the production of one plant on a continual basis as its obligation to the Utopia. The Smith family grows parsely, The Wolfes grow romain lettuce,...etc, Each home has a subterranian hydroponic garden monitered by a PC with custom software for each plant. The larger outdoor community crops are watered and harvested with robots. What humans don't need to do, they don't, whatever a machine can do it does. The utilization of my inventions allows Utopia a decentralized interdependence, or complete independence from the current error activated paradigm.

ANARCHISTIC FEEDBACK- Natural law is based on the lack of imposed law. The human equivalent is anarchy. Anarchy allows faster resolution of conflict and in turn a faster return to Natural human law-peace.

The ideals, morals, and rules as outlined by the christs with the lessons learned from human history will allow the inhabitants the freedom they deserve. Voluntary self enforcement of peacefull existance is its own incentive. The violation of peace is an option but also its own deterrant. There may be government, but it will be minimal government. With a lack of enforced rules and consequent lack of repression the inhabitants will be able to explore the level of tolerance the Utopia will accept. If the Utopia is unable to tolerate a persons inability to follow the lessons of christ and the past he or she is simply forced to return to the error activated paradigm.

The Utopia then is a form of segregation. It is a voluntary luxury prison without walls. It freely gives a would be criminal everything he/she would want before that person commits a crime, but also freely expells them from those things if they do fuck up; isolation from the error activated paradigm is the reward NOT the punishment. The Utopia is free of currency and weaponry. It does not defend itself from invasion, it offers to reproduce itself for more inhabitants until eventually...

So the major difference between Utopia and a error activated paradigm is that undesirable behavior is prevented by starting with a infrastructure that doesn't compromise itself with the desire for monetary profit, which is the source of criminal behavior.

In our capitalist, free market the infrastructure is governed not by what is "best" "cleanest" "simplest" "most logical" but what makes money. In a Utopia only the best is allowed. If a better way is found, and by better I mean better for the planet, it is used and the previous method is given up with no regard for the manufacturer, consumer or distributor. Utopia recognizes the earth as the sole provider and anything that should threaten it must be eliminated.

The first inhabitants are the people who construct it, next the families who grow the food, and then depending on the specialization of the community the specialists. For example, The main unit I describe as Hemptown may have a Techno side such as nanotechnology, another main unit may be Soy/Zeus manufacturing, another wheat/foamed alloy production....


Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, Peter Parker, Mathew Whitney, what do we have in common? A secret identity. The real question is, is that secret identity the real person and the citizen is the mask? Why did those guys bother with costumes? Ahh you see they are ashamed, concerned for their family/friends or most likely selfish, wanting the luxury of anonymity, the option of returning to it...yeah they have women problems too.

Why be a superhero? Am I impressing anyone? That's not why I do it. I guess between psychedelics and my own suicide attempt I've been granted this freedom...You reach a certain level of enlightenment and you are obligated to serve. Ever since I was a little kid I've had this looming sense of security, that my future was not really "mine", that something bigger than life was going to happen. At least I know where it was all pointing now and it makes perfect sense. My parents were not killed, my planet didn't blow up and I was not bitten by a radioactive spider, I simply became aware of my free will.

Of course money i.e. pussy, drugs and toys have played a part, yeah I'm serving GOD but I see no purpose in being pious, the universe knows this too, knows I can get the job done...Why though do I do this? It was to impress a girl at first, I just wanted to invent something cool to win the love of someone who is otherwise outta my league-BIG TIME.

I needed some motivating factor prior to kicking satans ass..., delusional but effective...At one point, I don't remember when exactly, I realized I had to make a choice. I want to be rich and famous to brighten my plumage but to do that I have to claim this title which will most likely be nonconducive to landing a life partner. SO, if God is love are my interests torn?


I sleep for one reason, to dream. Without the escape of a daily REM vacation I would lose it. The scenery and situations I become a participant in or observer of is awe inspiring. As a mental health regulator it is better than any other stimultion. The unexamined dream however is a relatively empty one. If you get in the habit of thinking about dreams upon waking something cool happens, you realize that you can be your own shrink.

I have always made an effort at this and I can usually find meaning in my dreams, even if its years after the dream, I can trip or smoke crack in dreams, get some action, I can leap over houses and skim across the ground, get shot, and feel emotions I can't when awake. I have flashbacks of dreams inside of dreams, analyze them while I'm having them...The action and adventure is fun but the messages from the other side are so encouraging and fascinating, it doesn't matter if its a horror filled disgusting trip it gives me something to think about. An example:

Last night I was thinking about if I was to get a job with Bigelow Aerospace I wouldn't have to claim to be...to have a satisfying life. Like the whole antichrist thing can wait until I've gotten to be rich and anonymous for awhile...

This morning I have a dream that my elementary school music teacher hands me a book. The book was a psychoanalytical biography of my life.

The next act I am just an observer. I am hanging out with a young Marylin Manson, Brian Warner is it? He is preparing to hang out with some friends. They meet and the guitarist asks BriBri if he wants to start a band...

The significance is this: In the 3rd grade our class performed a concert for the students and staff. During a solo one of my classmates freaked out and bolted off stage. Of all the kids in the stands Mrs. Van-sumthin whispers "mathew" I heard her but pretended not to, after 5 or so mathews I go down to the microphone and finish the solo. This teacher handing me a book about my future written in past tense is representing my reluctance to expose myself and that I don't have the option of never outing my messiahship. The Marylin Manson part is representing that I will be successful only with help of a team, that I have been chosen for this role in the spotlight...

Not only did my subconscious confirm my fate it confirmed the appropriateness of a bad thing that happened last week. I finally got an internet account and was prepared to get around to making this a website. The Netscape software worked for one night and then my computer crashed, It shouldn't have worked at all cuz I didn't have enough memory... I managed to get the mailing address of Bigelow Aerospace before it did fuck up. I am also reminded of Conversations...The great genius offers ideas to the aerospace industry and they like his ideas. So the ultimate message is that this is gonna go down one way or the other. Surprise attack on the internet as the crazy antichrist, or a subtle slip into power through my respectable proffession and then a surprise attack on the internet.

Once you have identified your personal language, that is, how your subconscious communicates, dream interpretation gets easier. Even if you don't know exactly what a certain scenario or object means there is always an emotional reaction to it and that is what you must think about.

My dreams come in three major categories:


The odd/residual dreams are usually sexual or adventurous, they come from my innermost desires to fuck and to explore. The degree of reaccurance is minimal. The meaning is either obvious or completely void, spawned by petty daily thoughts.

The reaccuring/frustrating dreams are the most common and represent my desire to get a life.


I have several others like this and they don't effect me much anymore.

The encouraging/happy dreams are usually the same scenarios with opposite outcomes. They are rare and when they happen on consecutive nights I know change is coming. This has happened twice, when I got into Kryon and the past two nights. When I got into Kryon I requested new guides and a neutral implant. My usual airplane dream was replaced with me inside the falling airplane and not caring, I saw the seven tornadoes coming over the hill and was not afraid...In last nights episode I was in school and was able to levitate. I could not remember where my locker was or the combo. I went to class floating in a Lotus position and I was all cocky like,"Ha, look at me I can fly" and the girls were impressed! I didn't care so much if I missed class, in the dream I recognized that the ability to fly is more important than beating the bell. Instead of freaking bout the locker I looked for a janitor, he was Phil Donahue and he gave me the key to my locker. I drove a car wicked fast and stayed on the road...There are also encouraging/happy dreams that are reaccuring. I am floating over water, sometimes in a craft, zipping around the lake...Sometimes the most literal dreams are the happiest because understanding them is what makes me happy. The singlemost important dream for me is the waterfall dreams. I am climbing through a gorge, the gorge is sometimes pure marble, cut and polished smooth, its walls are high, the trails are intricate. I always go to the top of the falls and jump off. This is representative of the cathartic effect of FUCK IT, the feeling of complete freedom via abandonment of self concern, "FUCKIT, MIGHT AS WELL JUMP...My ultrahappy reaccuring dream is the toystore/mall dream. I walk through the aisles and pick out all the Star Wars crap I want, video games and action figures... Someday I will do just that.


One thing I learned from my little cousin is that I have become what I hated as a child, a disinterested adult. Mike always wanted me to play with him or he would fish for compliments on his creative skills and I would be like, "yup". FUCK, my parents did the same thing to me, "Look at this Lego helicopter, symetrical, styley like Airwolf!" and they would just ignore me. I got zero encouragement. All the things that were new to me were old to them so why should they share my enthusiasm?

They worked hard and I didn't know jobs suck alot more than school, and it didn't matter that they had been there and done that. Why do grown ups resent the enthusiasm of children? Is it the kids fault he is possessed by creative spirit?

Usually this attitude destroys the kids creativity, for me it did the opposite, I was not going to be discouraged by these pathetic adults who say you can be anything you want to be and then only acknowledge your mistakes. These grown-ups who consistantly send you to your room and then bitch 3 years later that you don't interact with the family enough, these elders who say, "He's gonna be a handful when he's a teen" TO MY FACE AND THEN DO EVERYTHING THEY CAN TO MAKE SURE I FULFILL THEIR PROPHECY!

Its a bit of a stretch for an analogy but this apathy vs. passion thing reminds me of when Jesus said, "let the dead bury their own" That statement is coming from a place in him that has been there and done that.

We humans are dead already if we assume this classroom is the be all end all. While we are in school learning our guides and gods are at work running the real world and when we say, "hey look at my good work" They are like, "yup, thats what yer sposeta do..."

Now of course parents and guides and god alike can and do encourage good behavior and share the enthusiasm of youth but its really a matter of whats appropriate for the individual, and in the end its all brought to light and resolved so fuck it - my parents may not have been impressed with a Lego helicopter so I decided to create something cooler for someone more important, for better reasons, perhaps if my folks had supported me I would have been content with those kudos and lost my edge...The harshness of parents and Jesus is similar here. "You are enthused about meaningless things, your toys and your flesh are only a means to get your real work done, you'll understand when you grow up/ become an ascended master."

Generation gaps provide the major karmic potential of humanity, they keep eachother in check, gender, culture and caste also add to the karmic potential but are secondary to age difference. Similarly the Dharmic potential of old souls vs. young souls is reflected in the dynamics of all human conflict.