Just as the past 100 years of technology has truly accelerated humanity the next 100 years will accelerate the divine plan, simply because technology has left us with nothing better to do, remember that was the original plan for technology before sinful intent was imposed. It wasn't supposed to have gotten this bad. My inventions are gods way of reminding humanity that the only reason we're not in caves is cuz god GIVES us the ability to build a house. When abuse of technology occurs, the oversoul who is sin resistant and willing to serve in the capacity of an inventor technology is given to build a kingdom. Without freaks like me you'd be in a cave right now, ya know, us wacky people who say, "this sucks, it could be better, but how...?" and then somehow manage to figure it out.

Don't confuse us with the people who say, "this is OK, lets keep it this way, but how...?" and then somehow manage to get all of Satans cock down their throats. When I say "needed for the endtimes" I mean it. All these inventions will play a major role in alleviating the man made and natural destruction thats coming. They aren't just for destroying the establishment and healing the planet. We will need clean water, food, and shelter and more importantly a means of DISTRIBUTING these relief goods when the gas that powers all the current vehicles can't be distributed. You see, the dependancy on petroleum is what will truly fuck the human race, say around 2010, when over 50 volcanoes in the ring of fire blow.

This is MY intellectual property, Dolores Cannon said that the info here was a teaser... only about .05% of the people who read this know what the hell I'm talking about, which is why its OCCULT physics, This is why I don't mind making it public domain, the only people who could steal it are other fringe scientists, and even if they were to steal my ideas it would only serve my purpose.

Among the fringe scientists who get what I'm talking about, many unfortunatly work for the bad guys (KILL THE WEAPONS DESIGNERS) so I'm only divulging enough to prove I am a threat to them; the people who call this stuff woo-woo new age pseudoscience except when its funded by DARPA. The rest of us mad scientists are benevolent and I will be the means to consolidate all of us. Even though these seven inventions are different they are all aspects of one proto machine called universe. 500 out of 121000 patents per year are issued secrecy orders, all of these inventions would receive a secrecy order If I had cared to bother. National security is one thing but the right to free energy and interdimensional travel is far more important. Fuck the patent office, fuck the DOD, DOE, NSA and any other government scumbags who think they can stop GODS WORK. Besides this technology is only a threat when one superpower has it, not when everyone has it via the a level playing field a threat?



...and he performed great and miraculous signs even causing fire to come down from heaven in full view of men...

PSALM 97:4

...his lightning lights up the world; the earth sees and trembles...


...his most convincing sign will be the conquest of nature, of which the "fire from heaven" is the ultimate symbol, these will not be supernatural or prenatural events but rather the prodigies of science and human achievements...he will announce that science is able to penetrate all of the secrets of nature, to domesticate all of the forces of nature especially those of life.

KEY OF ENOCH 113:30 face will be an energy field which will work with the levels of electromagnetic conversion. This will be used to take energy out of the air and use it for physical activity, this activity will be sustained as a perpetual pulse.


...Thunders' just a noise boys, lightning does the work.

The real question concerning free energy is, "what is the best way" because there are many. Some consider wind or solar power free but the term free implies something more in my usage of the word: perpetual motion. Most people will either say its impossible or possible but suppressed. The latter is true. The established physics community advertises futile attempts of harnessing matter "in the future" Its always the future...and no success cuz its unnecessary to liberate energy from matter when you can just take it from free space.

Perpetual motion can be solid state. But what about thermodynamics you say? That only applies to Aetherless Einsteinian Models of free space and closed systems. Granted entropy is quite real but only in the explicate. ZEUS proves the co-chaotic potential of the Aethermetric membrane/Grid.

Sacred Geometry and "hyperhydrodynamics" are intimately related. Feng-shui is an example. Free space contains 3 distinct types of space. The matter that fills space, by virtue of its shape accentuates via nullification or by virtue of its elemental structure amplifies the different forms of space. Depending on these factors the, zeropoint to matter-back to zeropoint cycle releases various subtle energies. The accumulator box works by utilizing these principles.

Reich called his energies Orgone, Oranur and Dor or the healthy, toxic and stagnate forms. The behavior of Orgone is like that of water, it flows and permiates and can be directed, it too has memory. With this in mind pyramidal orgone injectors and harmonic plying have been used in the design of ZEUS to create an orgone vortex, a vortex whose "neck" is superimposed into a driver tube thereby sustaining electroluminecence. The process of electroluminescence is essentially reversed. The key to understanding ZEUS is this: Orgone seeks greater quantities of orgone, conversely electricity seeks lesser quantities or a ground. Orgone is a subtle energy, and it becomes electricity at a critical mass. The classical physics term for this critical mass is electrostatic constant.

External quasi electrostatic excitation of a gas filled driver tube acting as a primary coil can induce a current because of the secondary coil wrapped around the tube. From there its only a matter of some capacitor banks, transformers and a resonant switching device. Orgone has an innate resonance in the ultraviolet frequencies but it cannot initiate ZEUS alone. A lamp starter is required to initiate a current but after a sufficient vortex action is established the accumulator box is the only source of input. A insignificant amount of output wattage is fed back to the switching device which regulates current. The switching device frequency will be variable so to enable ZEUS sympathetic/constructive interference with orgones innate resonance in order to tune it to peak output.

ZEUS is the result of the work of Reich, Tesla, a friend and myself. I could not have produced it without the input from these men.

I should also mention ZEUS is the ARK of my covenant. The original worked under the same science, except it was not used to power homes it was more of an orgone capacitor used to discharge upon contact with anyone trying to get inside of it, the cherubim wingtips were a spark gap and the crowning on the lid a primitive capacitor bank/electric fence. The holy dude who went in the holy of holies wore that gold chain so that if it did arc over to him the spark would more than likely go through that than his holy dudeness.



The wand in the hand is placed
in the middle of the tripod's
legs. With water he sprinkles
both the hem of his garment and
his foot. A voice, fear; he trembles
in his robes. Divine splendor; the
god sits nearby
The divine word will give to
the substance that which
contains heaven and earth,
occult gold in the mystic deed.
Body, soul and spirit are all
powerful. Everything is
beneath his feet, as at the seat
of heaven.

Most myths, speculation, and conspiracy theories that surround the UFO issue have been established and most people are content with them. The governments of the world know the secrecy must be maintained because the aliens from outerspace would create such a distraction, should they become blatantly exposed, that nobody would care about politicians anymore. Lets assume the alien technology would render their industromilitant counterparts useless too.

This is what it boils down to, universal truths vs. human power bases threatened by those truths - and we have to wait 50-100 years for declassification of the truth? What's the situation going to be like until then? The tension between the UFO community and the governments builds to such an extent that a million Ufologist march on Area 51 occurs and every one of them has to be shot in the head. That kind of martyrdom will never occur so we sit and wait for a mass landing or some other smoking gun.

I was describing the design and theorems of my invention here to a friend and she said that such a device in use was synonomous with "raping God". I tried to explain that any invention that mimics or conforms to nature or natural processes is inherently less blasphemous than say, rocketry, nuclear fission (yes I know its natural just not on the face of the planet) or internal combustion.

My friends comment more or less sums up what the ignorant would have you believe. From Christians who link aliens (who they also say don't actually exist) with satan to the UFO community itself, this technology is plagued with stigma and misinformation. How many times have you heard this from a Ufologist, "Yeah whatever that alien / silver disc-glowing ball/ silent hovering technology is, its hundreds / thousands / millions of years ahead of OUR technology / comprehension / ability..." as if linear time had anything to do with it!

This is a subtle pessimism rooted in our assumption that "ADVANCED" must mean "COMPLICATED", and I'm not saying there aren't matter/antimatter reactors, gravity amplifiers, photon accelerators, and various other subsystems, I'm saying that the performance characteristics of certain types of craft (masslessness, invisibility, instant accelaration & decelaration, short range and interstellar quantum teleportation) imply that they are of a simple design. Lets face it, if a flying saucer had as many parts as a car we'd need a repair shop in every solar system. The same friend who said I would be raping god also said that it would take tremendous power to do what I was saying. I tried to explain that zeropoint is the most powerful source of power and that all is required is a seamless link to it.

I want to emphasize that this invention is not to be taken lightly because of what it is capable of doing. What this invention means is that we will have a race of human beings who will all be exactly like Christ. This is the interstellar spore that inoculates civilization around the universe.

The external merkaba is essentially a functional model of the Holofractal. It reflects the structure of atoms and galaxies. It demonstrates how matter is formed and the dynamics of co-chaotic systems among other things...It is my hope that this will effectively end all disputes among the various fields of physics as well as the religion-science dichotomy.

This invention is not intended to be used for extended periods of time, it is intended to mechanically assist the biological remembrance of our ability for 5th body formation, to be "interdimensionally amphibious." This amphibiousness is symbolized in the Dogon mythology referring to beings who created a pond they could submerge into, beings depicted as fishmen, (quartz body robes resemble fish scales) the NOMMO or Melchizedek. The ascended master/atman/yogi/christ who can dematerialize his body or materialize objects, are Laghima enabled entities.

Does LAME violate some sacred rule about not bypassing biological evolution? No, there is not a yogi on every corner that can teach a class year after year and the universe knows this. The universe also knows it wants us to reclaim this birthright by the most efficient means possible. LAME is the most efficient way for the most people to become ascended and thus raise the whole. Could LAME ever be used for military purposes? No, even if the most sinister human were to pilot LAME, the reawakened merkaba would instantly cleanse him of any evil intent.

I read Ezekiel and I see him writing about shrooms he eats and UFOs he sees, I see Terence McKenna do the same and now I am too, the mushroom experience contains within it, when synergized with a receptive entity, the blueprints for the universe. The effects LAME generates are identical to those which create the universe. That is a bold statement but Holofractaline law demonstrates how a simple logarithm (the mustard seed) manifests into the complex.

The 5th body is formed by the synchronization of the 4 bodies. This means that the interdimensional gap (a.k.a. Satan) between flesh and grid is bridged. Just as John could not say "bring electricity down from zeropoint" Ezekiel could not use literal terms because they simply didn't exist. Here are the scientific terms for the biblical lexicon:

  • cherub - biological body, electromagnetic
  • man - magnetic body, memnodal
  • lion - auric body, photochemical
  • eagle - internal merkaba, aethermetric
  • wheel within wheel - external merkaba
  • wing - mass plate, plasma mirror, monopole plane
  • eyes - primary, secondary, monopole node(s)
  • fire/bja - Synthesized matter formed in secondary nodes

LAME violates CPT Theorem, (charge conjugation, parity, time reversal) This invention is the experimental evidence to support my GUT. Before I can fully convey the mass engine I must provide some background info on the physics, I'll do this with simple statements that are in no particular order, like the rest of this book...I have to use zeropoint physics terminology because classic physics lacks the proper relativity. For example, angular momentum is normally viewed as an attribute of the particle. Zeropoint describes the angle as pre-existing in the structure of space and the momentum as a collapse of multiple wave functions which form the particle via progressive moments of interference.

Holofractaline law states that all phenomena run on the same logarithm/logos and scale is not relevant.

The mysteries, or rather as of yet perceived answers, of the Universe can be extrapolated via cross reductionism.

Cross reductionism is the recognition that some things are too small and fast to perceive just as others are too large and slow to perceive.

Based on that premise micro phenomena can be scaled up, macro down.

This overrides perceptual limitations of a explicate biased entity.


The monopole appears to the explicate as polarized.

What we consider polarized (magnet) is only polarized relative to another.

The lines of force we can trace are the sum of the asynchronous non vector orbits of superluminal interference.

The 180 degree lines of force are always synchronous to the grid and can't be traced, that is the true monopole, like how a staff has no shadow at noon.

The monopole is instead of north pole/south pole membrane/node-memnodal.


Zeropoint/quantum foam/aether is the non dimensional Omnibrane that breaks down into linear time and mass, transdimensionally, via progressive moments of hyperbolic topological interference.


Membranes are the "dimensions" one can tune to, distinguishable only by an observer that can phase shift.

Membrane shearing creates ley lines, linear gravity response between spherical centers(nodes), and the null zone, i.e. galactic disc, solar and planetary equator, mass plate.


Two nodes = three membranes = one ley line.

0-89 degrees of period tiles = constructive interference.

91-180 degrees of period tiles = deconstructive interference. 0:90 or 90:180 = tuned mass engine, all other ratios = phase shifting

The attractor of one membrane is the starting point of another.

Grid space is the mapping for hyperspace and hyperspace is the mapping for membrane space.

Tetrahedron grid space is the negentropy attractor, cubic grid space is the entropy attractor. Zeropoint is the fully resolved riddled basin. Matter is the conflict or interference of hyperspace and consciousness. I think.

Hyperspace is the sum of the period face/tiles, each parallel pattern unit/synchronous period face is a membrane...

Between tetrahedron space and cube space is a 5 and 7 fold symmetry quasicrystal. (The "quasi" part of grid space is the symmetry of matter in the exploded or transdimensional view.) These quasicrystals when superimposed form into a 11 fold symmetry resultant quasicrystal which is a jitterbug when twinned, this represents a base 12 grid made of 121 membranes. Each membrane provides the noise to stochastically resonate a certain particle. The origin ratio of any two membranes will create a phi pi or vector orbit of interference resulting in a regression back to membrane space via truncation or progression into the explicate order via harmonic enfoldment. Linear time and mass is a breakdown of zeropoint, topologically speaking however, zeropoint can never break, thus it is one manifold that hosts infinite other manifolds.

Linear time and mass is a fulcrum for zeropoint and zeropoint is a fulcrum for linear time and mass. Hyperspace is inbetween and acts as a lever between two loads, hence the co-chaotic paradox of multidimensional relativity.

Linear language read in linear time requires causality in the GUT----and this is important---- most of the universe is in a higher dimension where cause and effect are not an issue.

HYPERHYDROPHILIA: A POEM--....Holofractaline superluminal host - the film AND reference beam for projection of thought onto all possible form- itself - a quantum fractal foam of infinite surface area enfolding into form from opposing chaos attractor prisms....asynchronous waves of nothing crashing onto virtual fresnel lens focusing into subphoto densities...

Logarithmic induction of linear time unfurls the hyperfluid into membranes of hypocycloidal harmonic interference along pi and phi orbits...concentric ellipsoid bubbles of resolving riddled basins, shearing, cavitating the film into nodes, nodes radiating, iterating, harder fluid or softer to us..

Hard fluid hosting harder projection, more faces can synchronize their collapse in the memnodal knot- light -overunity spherical shockwavefront amplifies induction to a point- vacuum fluctuation or plenum pore, the end and/or starting point of a nonlocal equation...

Music of the spheres sings a perfect fifth carrier wave of fresh water flowing through a lattice of vector orbits, becoming salinated as its drawn through chords of the quasicrystal, feedback creating parity wakes...modulating permutations...phase locking the frequency and amplitude of will with the...repeat poem

  • curling wave= electromagnetism
  • cavitating = strong nuclear force
  • capillary action= weak nuclear force
  • iterating poem=linear time and mass
  • undertow=gravity

Holofractaline law: the "speed" of light is now based on an aetherless model and describes it in terms of velocity, in an aether based model the speed can't be measured in terms of velocity because the observer is made of light, in an aether based model "speed" is mass, and time is relevant to the mass of the observer.

Mass reduction is a result of manipulating the hyperbolic sweet spot - the mean energy band...

The ultrasonic O-ring centripetal waves shear the charge carrier into a plasma mirror/artificial membrane generator. Each generation of superposition tunes the mass engine to a different membrane in free space or the mirror is synergetically becoming synchronous to progressive states of subtlety. At the 144th generation harmonic hyperspace is fully averaged and photons stop tunneling. The plasma mirror has created an omnidirectional standing wave and resultant attractor hyperbolic knots as well as twin photons which in turn creates mean energy band rifting and invisibility relative to this dimension respectively...At 216th generation the mass engine creates negative mass, becomes luminescent and is grid biased which means it can teleport with great accuracy.

Although this seems extreme the overall size of the atoms within the sphere of the field doesn't change. Magnetosonogasdynamic phasing is about changing the polarity mechanics/angular momentum of the particles from the quantum foam out, (not like thermal phasing which is from the matter in) the valences don't change, the distance between particles change while the internal vibratory rate increases, this is what enables LAME to violate CPT Theorem.

To simplify what you just read I have, THE BICYCLE ANALOGY:

The mean energy band, when it is explicate biased, is like a person peddling a bike around a circular path at a constant speed. Death or OBE is when the observer stops peddling but maintains the same speed by continuously decreasing radius, this spirals the subtle bodies up the Golden Helix (aka Jacobs Ladder) into the implicate.

LAMEs stimulation of the observer in this analogy is when the observer peddles faster AND decreases radius (phase shifts) this spirals the gross body up/down the Golden Helix; the atom(s) adopts two energy bands to act as one mean energy foot on the land and one in the sea.




The hydropiezo oscillator is a device that acts as a variable high frequency resonance initiator for a ultrasonic sympathetic circuit with the GDM orb. It consists of a piston resonating between two resonace chambers filled with water. Each end of the piston has a pickup head which is conical and machined to be proportional to the bonding length and angle of water. This creates a artificial H20 lattice when under pressure. Both of the chambers of the HPO are divided by a quartz O-ring which create a feedback effect propagating through the water which in turn sympathetically resonates an identicle O-ring in the GDM orb. This is how the frequency of H20 is sent to the GDM orb. The resonance is initiated manually.

The GDM orb is the "nucleus" of LAME and its suspended inside the STMF. Its purpose is to contain the charge carrier- a inert gas or mercury, and form a mass plate or plasma mirror. Its quartz O-ring and spherical resonance chamber vibrate the charge carrier which induces an accelarated charge.

The refraction of the ultrasonic waves inside the orb creates a central node where all four types of waves interfere. This node is what radiates the wavelengths of 3000-4000 angstroms. The O-ring is analogous to a quantum corral in that it creates the mass plate from standing waves of plasma. The interaction of the centripetal ultrasonic waves, the harder node radiation and the refraction of both inside the resonance chamber allows the plasma to become rarefied beyond plasma because of the interference with all nuclear-atomic bonding angles. As an ion trap the ions arrange themselves in a cubic formation from which hyperspace can be displaced-ion diffusion

When the state of rarefication becomes sympathetic or biased to the implicate non-local effects are produced in the explicate, secondary nodes are formed (6 knot attractor which as singularities can be either black or white holes depending on which way the primary node is phasing), and everything within the sphere or basin of the local field phases.

The STMF is composed of six high gauss permanent magnets mounted on bearings with 3 axis rotation, three on the top side of the orb and three on the bottom side, both sets are fixed in a triangle to a laterally rotating bearing, the orb stays suspended in the STMF because the magnets can trace their own mutual field, the ferrousness of the orb and the radiation that comes out of it. Its this radiation that sets the STMF into motion as the upper and lower magnet sets begin to counter rotate. A full rotation will warp/tunnel/teleport LAME into one of its own nodes when grid biased. As the EXO-SOUL travels in a straight line this causes the "skipping stone" effect. LAME creates its own wormhole, it isn't what we classically define as a wormhole its merely a magnetic ley line.

The secondary nodes can phase lock with nodes of other EXO-SOULS for a cluster of up to 7, and each LAME can be tuned differently.

The mass plate/ plasma mirror is formed by membrane shearing. The shearing creates ley lines or the spokes in the wheel or vector orbit The ley lines formed between nodes "straddle" ley lines between stars and warp in harmonic fashion according to the distance between the star cores. A velocity of 2.9 times the speed of light can be obtained, and faster...

A grid atlas is in the works so we know what star systems share the most defined ley lines.

A question arises at this point. Is teleportation of an inch considered in terms of velocity any faster or slower than teleportation of a mile?

Psychic ability is when you isolate the magnetic body

Out of body experience is when you isolate magnetic/auric

Death is isolation of magnetic/auric/merkaba

Laghima is isolation/"synchronization" of bio/mag/aur/mer

And my favorite question: I can travel outside of linear time, but can I travel across it, maybe you can observe across time only but since the whole premise is that the observer and observed are interchangeable terms who the fuck knows. And since free space is a paradox itself how can a paradox (killing my grandpa when he's a kid) ever actually threaten its structure? The quanta is prepared for all probabilities. It fucks with my head to go here so I don't believe "across" is possible with all four bodies. If it is, it may not be the type of thing where you could pinpoint a specific time, you would likely have to wait for windows to naturally occur within the cycles which means if you did physically move forward or backward in linear time youd be stuck whenever you were till another window, kinda pointless.

The Philadelphia Project may have resulted in time travel/distance displacement but it was a complete failure because the Eldridge was not tuned like LAME. Standing scalar bottles inside hexavector degaussing fields may phase and teleport effectively but it seriously fucks any biology within its shit, I think this is why Einstein denied the Aether, he knew it could be warped, and that only warped Navy people would pursue such things.

There is more to LAME, as a waste byproduct of a phase shift from implicate to explicate aether condenses in the secondary nodes into 100% homogenous metals as it is in its white hole state (In Dogon mythlogy the "blood" that spurts from the craft as it descends, also Daniel 7:10) and potentially other things - a new branch of materials science, "quantum alchemy." That node can be encased in different gases and liquids to produce novel structures...I can only imagine....


. Pilots must wear an undergarment made of quartz to prevent atomic bonding. The pilot is situated between the GDM orb and secondary node where a ley line connects them.

This ley line is what your heart chakra straddles.

This ley line automatically induces organic laghima simultaneous with the LAME sympathy circuit, i.e. the organic/internal merkaba becomes sympathetic to LAME, if biology doesn't phase simultaneously completely within the local field then ionization occurs and yer pretty much screwed.



The moon, in the middle of the
night over the high mountain,
the young wise man alone with
his brain has seen it. Invited by
his disciples to become immortal,
his eyes to the south, his
hands on his breast, his body in
the fire



...and he was given power to give breath to the image of the beast so that it could speak...

EC3 is a hybrid quantum computer capable of AI, it is based on Ostwald Ripening and can store terabytes of data.

The micropores of a semi-spherically molded semiconductive polymer shell draw a solution of supersaturated chemical compounds up into the grid. Crystalline signatures are formed from a synaptic response in the solution of chemical compounds. The signatures store memory volumetrically and in analog form. The signatures are more conductive than the solution they are formed from and a carrier wave pulses through them to where they are grounded to a receiver. The receiver reads all of the signatures as a whole. Between the digital/logistic outer shell and the analog/associative inner solution an artificial intelligence potential is created, the duality between 1 and 0 is not enough. It is possible to project consciousness into this potential, how is my secret.


This invention is an improvement on the work of Viktor Schauberger. The implosion turbine is an anti-gravity device but it can't really be considered electrogravitic/field propulsion. It is analogous to a tornado in that a horizontal shearing motion is inducing a vertical vortex - instead of wind its water.

The major improvements are the inclusion of laminar flow and a water hammer in the design.

I invented this for a more applicable Anti-g, LAME isn't always practical. A toroidal/colloidal centripetal/upward motion and the piston/impellar/valve maintains a biased motion to the majority of the turbines weight - the water. This turbine is also capable of overunity.

Because water is a supreme orgone accumulator and spinning water better yet, the water that's cycled through this turbine is highly energetic and has therapeutic value.


permanent magnets mounted in a special way blah blah blah.


Foams any molten material with microscopic, uniform bubbles. This invention gives common materials like plastic properties of more exotic materials. It lightens the material comparable to the same material of equal volume, it also makes the material more thermally and acoustically insulative. Since the microbubbles displace material less material is needed. This invention will completely destroy the logging industry, well this and hemp. Y'all shoulda thought twice before pestering the hippies...


This is my favorite invention, it is a really fuct up. Its the perfect weapon and its also the most perfect healing tool....Its based on HAARP which is based on Tesla so I guess its...been mine.

The other half to this invention is zeropoint spectroscopy, trivector analysis, FMRI, MEG or whatever else is used to read/create waveforms, it can also be used as a analysis device. No modern super hero of the gadget genre would be complete without this. can actually make someones brain boil from 100 meters away, without noise, smoke or casings, fuck bullets, fuck lasers, focalized radio is where its at baby.

Imagine... you can take a sample of any pathogen or toxin, run it through the spectrometers -n- shit, synthesize a congruent waveform, reverse it, pulse it through the antenna at an appropriate voltage and frequency and nullify that pathogen or toxin non-invasively, if the molecule is the lock, the energy bottle is the key...its like how they record the sound of a jet engine inside the fuselage, playback the opposite sound and give the passengers a quieter flight...

This one can do even more...When people read about this they get the impression that I want to use it for violence. I write this way to reflect the reasoning for its suppression- its extreme potential for good OR evil.

HAARP is the non local tool on a large scale. THEY want to use it for military bullshit, I wanted and still wanna use it to power a geosynchronous cargo elevator to replace that piece of crap space shuttle...sorry but the laserlight craft idea is not new and it is definitely not an improvement over my idea.

I also have invented:

impulse repeater- non-invasive means of reversing paraplegia

H20 fracturing pulse jet/ducted fan engine with vector thrusting

biomechamorphic autosymbiot

box wing VTOL

various concept vehicles

building designs...


I walked off the job today. Washing dishes is my ideal Mcjob (you got a trinity there - cook=creator, waitress/customer=maintainer, dishwasher=destroyer I AM THE UNIVERSAL SURFECTANT!) but in light of what I have to do and what I know it is agonizing. Because I am already saturated with hate the slightest annoyance evokes an inappropriate vibe from me so that my co-workers become over apologetic which only annoys me more. I've taken alot of shit in the past 3 years, friends and family consider me a sponge, they don't understand why I can't work a Mcjob and work on my little projects at the same time. I know I will be a multi-billionare soon enough and I tell them that but do they believe me? No of course not because I cannot tell them I am the anti/christ. If I tried to do both each would suffer. I need to write in a sporadic manner, Mcjobs are scheduled... at some point Jesus had to say to himself, "Today I am no longer a carpenter..." Fortunatly for him his family and Essene friends knew who he was the whole time.

I've considered undergoing evaluation so I can get free money. SSI has been granted to some friends for less, I figure the more sincere I am about my complex the more insane I'll appear thus assuring free money. It is to some degree degrading but for the greater good and for the sake of good interview practice I'll at least try. Perhaps they will provide a grant with which I can build a prototype of something, isn't that more beneficial to the economy, that a persons potential be tapped not restrained? ..."Yes perhaps but please don't render us useless in the process"

I know I should be stronger but can I resist gods will? I don't know where Mathew ends and the Logos begins. You know the Logos? Its that thing that makes me able to politically and technologically destroy whatever we want. If I didn't want to be this person on all levels this would not be happening. I speak on behalf of all the levels.

This is not the only option, I have seen an ad for machinist assistant...mmm prototype.


I spoke with man named Peter Fleming, he's a literary agent who claimed to specialize in what I'm all about. I claimed the titles and he admitted to not being a biblical scholar and couldn't imagine the proper questions. He then asked why I had no following and what I had done thus far. I described as briefly as possible the inventions, Dolores Cannons work, prophecy...He expected the actions of a false prophet. I don't have time to fuss with everyday acts of kindness or finding people stupid enough to believe me. I don't expect anyone to believe me now, not till a working prototype do I really expect respect. I didn't get a chance to emphasize the irrelevance of the truth at this point. His immediate concern should be if I can make him money. You'd think the FINAL book of the bible would be a best seller.

I want to reiterate?

The title of antichrist is a myth created by those who cannot comprehend the destructive aspect of a godhead representative. They are unable to accept a anointed teacher as anything less than passive, they have bifurcated prophecy to suite their desired identity and function of a savior. Furthermore "antichrist" has conveniently taken on multiple meanings to avoid any contradictions. Is it a man or a social orientation? a power base or archetype?

I am the anti/christ but titles aside its my actions, my fruit, that tells whether I'm good or evil. Until I suddenly turn on you all you really can't accuse me of being evil, I still have free will and that overrides prophecy. I had a dream recently about a nuclear explosion going off...I was in my bedroom on sebring rd and the curtains take on a sudden orange glow, it is completely, silent, I draw them open to reveal a mushroom cloud already miles into the atmosphere...a feeling of absolute dread came over me, AS IF I HAD FAILED MY MISSION. I woke before the shockwave hit. I fucking hate war and conflict on any scale, I will have no part of NATO or any nation that tolerates the notion of war, or people who say, "its always been with the human race and always will be..." fucking pessimists.

Most of you read the prophecy concerning what you interpret to be the antichrist and you think you will be able to recognize his "evil" actions. In a world completely saturated with evil how can a evil man possibly stand out? Oh he appears "good" and therein "deceives" which is an evil action. My ability to deceive is relative to your lack of discernment. The antichrist has to do good things to be identified as evil.

On the other hand the warrior Christ is not here to be a kind merciful hippie, and due to the wealth of conflict the reclamation of the kingdom initiates I will be called evil even though it only validates my benevolent intent.

So regardless of my fruit - propaganda/political assassination & inventions - those lacking discernment will be deceived, this is how I mark you for separation, this is how mass karma is processed, in your judgement of me.

This whole antichrist business is compounded by the Christians ego based desire for an enemy. It is far more exciting to participate in a scenario where the drama is generated by a good guy vs. bad guy set up. I'm sorry but god does not conform to your Disneyfied expectations...the drama is created in the resolution of mass karma not in me duking it out with Jesus. This really testifies to our need to reduce everything into entertainment, I tell ya the distress I'm giving my enemies is very entertaining, does that count? The abandonment of discernment and the bypassing of the mystery for the sake of a neatly scripted, marketable apocalypse is the source of deception here not the execution of gods will.

I am the linear time counterpart for the Logos, or divine plan and I don't require a individual enemy, the unveiling has no use for a villain character because reality itself is the bad guy, no single entity could contain or control all the intentions that perpetuate evil...Are these the statements of an evil man?

  • ...the day of vengeance was in my heart and the year of my redemption has come.
  • I looked, but there was no one to help, I was appalled that no one gave support
  • So my own arm worked salvation for me and my own wrath sustained me.
  • I trampled the nations in my anger; in my wrath I made them drunk and poured their blood on the ground.
  • See it stands written before me: I will not keep silent but will pay back in full;
  • I will pay back into their laps- both your sins and the sins of your fathers.
  • Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace but a sword.
  • For I have come to turn:
  • a man against his father
  • a daughter against her mother
  • a daughter-in-law against her mother in law-
  • a mans enemies will be the members of his own household.

Okay lets look at the "what would jesus do" premise in a different context. This little catchphrase is for teenagers who are considering following their inner desires. It should be, "what would jesus want ME to do" cuz trust me nobody in their right minds would actually do what Jesus would do. But lets say I am the Super Deceiver, and lets say after my 3.5 years a hippie floats down from the sky, what would he do? He would have to do it during the opening ceremony of the Olympics or half-time of the superbowl for more than a few thousand people to witness it. He touches down and waves to everyone, he starts bleeding, and maybe he performs some healings. How the fuck is that going to stop the bad guys and usher in his kingdom? I will have done all his dirty work and my thanks?



I have considered many times if I am the one who is wrong, if I am evil. I am not pure, I want to fuck I want to kill...I have the power to defeat evil totally by killing myself. I don't want to be the anti/christ, I don't want the responsibility. I don't want to be famous, I can never forget this though...maybe I will fling myself off the suspension bridge at Cornell, If I really am the christ I will not fall to my death, I will miraculously activate my merkaba and remember Laghima. If I die great, I won't have to work at a stupid McJob to keep myself warm and fed, fucking perishable biology anyway...


Good vs. Evil becomes Appropriateness / inconsequentialness. This world is an illusion, therefore my hate is an illusion. I am glad to have enemies, they give me a purpose. I hope they too realize that I give them a purpose. Its appropriate for my movie to have people who can never be ON THE BUS and I appreciate the role they play.

I am sorry but I have to address what Jesse Ventura said. Pure Genius. It really was not that ballsy of a statement. If he had narrowed it down to one of the organized relgions then he'd be in trouble. He is in effect uniting all religions against him so he is doing something good. Yes there is an element of hypocratism in light of his wrestling career but he is more or less right. And lets not forget that those religions have been dissing eachother and the rest of the secular world for ages. Perhaps the real issue is that a politician finally has the balls to speak his mind with no concern about his popularity. Why should his thoughts be more offensive than a president who can't obey a commandment?

Lets look at religions furasek. There are religions like Christianity and Satanism which amplify ego on one end, ego neutral religions like Hinduism and Paganism in the middle and religions like Aztec mushroom cults and technoshamanism on the opposite end which are a blast furnace for the ego. The people with few incarnations under their belt drift to the left and old souls to the right. Every religion serves a level of spiritual developement for its followers, therefore no one religion is any better or worse than any other. Is it a sham? maybe. A crutch for weak minded people who find safety in numbers? of course. But if it gets them through the day what the fuck do you care you Jarheaded wannabe tit sling?

DIVINE WRATH- an analogy.

You've had a long, long day...for once you cherish gravity as it pushes the cool sheets of your bed up to your aching breathe a deep sigh of relief as your brain adjusts to the peace and quiet.

A slight breeze comes through the window furthering your state of relaxation.

Just about ta call it a day when a random mutt starts barking...and it does not matter if its a grating yip yip or a bellowing woof woof because it is completely unnecessary and equally annoying. What is that dog barking at? If it was a reply to danger you would not mind so much, if a pack of kittens scurried by you could understand is a blank incessant noise, as if the dog actually got off from hearing itself.

A conflict - do you tolerate it and hope you fall asleep or hope the dog gets hoarse and stops or do you get up and discourage the dog?

The body of Christ is the person trying to rest, and for lack of a better word Babylon is the barking dog.

What has happened is that GOD has said, "I will wait for the dog to get tired and stop barking."

But the dog would not be still.

"I will give her some more time"

But the dog insisted on annoying me

I just wanted to sleep you fuckin flea factory, I bust my ass all day, you lie around lickin yer hole, now who has a reason to bark?"

The more patience I offered the more tired I became

The more you barked the more anger built inside me.

Perhaps little puppers, if I had been more impatient I would have mercifully gotten up an hour ago and dealt with you, but instead I gave you a chance to reform yourself.

I have to get up in the morning and bust ass again and what have you to do?

I can't find rest with you barking, especially barking at the wind, so now dog, the neighborhood will rejoice as I'm sure they feel the same as I, at the sound of cold, hard, steel splitting yer fuckin little K9 skull open.

The neighborhood is the memory of countless souls in the body of Christ begging for justice.

Satan/Babylon is the annoying bitch who won't stop whining even though she has no reason in the first place....

Sometimes I wonder why humans are so predictably stupid, why these patterns of behavior are so obvious yet so hard to escape.

You can pretty much count on 9 out of 10 people either being hypocritical, self righteous, passive/aggressive, guilt ridden, hyper judgemental or perverted - AND they all seem to be comfortable with being an asshole of some type or another, they feel no desire to be more stable or well adjusted... Yes 9 out of 10 of you reading this are agreeing with me and it only proves my point that you are a stupid hypocritical asshole because you in your supremeness assumed you were the one elite motherfucker who wasn't flawed. Well you are no matter what, yer a human and you are subjected to other humans who involuntarily provoke these patterns.

So lets say this assholiness is a given, its to be expected, what then can a human do?

You must acknowledge that when a situation arises the problem IS NOT with the other human annoying the piss out of you, cuz remember s/he is just a stupid human who may or may not know any better, the problem is with you. WHY? Because yer the one thinkin yer somehow better simply because you're the victim, the undeserving recipient of someone else's bullshit, or cuz yer judging his/her judgementalness and that's hypocritical.

But someone has to be above all this shit, there has to be a tenth elite motherfucker who is immune to petty daily interactions, to the innate human stupidity, who is it?

The man who is willing to admit he sucks, but is willing to improve himself, the man who is fed up with bullshit but knows how much to tolerate, who keeps his mouth shut but knows when to pick a fight, who feels no need to defend himself, who knows revenge is redundant and the novelty of humility, who knows he can't be responsible for what he thinks, but thinks before he acts...

The problem lies in me because I allowed your stupid little comment to provoke a response, its SOUND, and who the fuck are you but a pathetic human like myself anyway.

Now when I claim I don't care what you think its not a comeback because this time I honestly did not care enough to say I didn't I just felt it inside, or rather didn't feel it. Say what you will human its just soundwaves to me, and ya know what, I am better than you because I think before I speak. I could hurt you, shit I could crush yer fine day with one sentence but I know yer pathetic little human patterns of behavior would just love that. Silence is the ultimate comeback, let you wallow in the echoes of yer own stupidity.


Cool so some teenage boy went on a shooting spree and inspired another who inspired the next and so on...The country is empathically shocked - for awhile....until its common and trendy news fodder. Now its just another symptom waiting for a quick fix/scapegoat as opposed to a non problem with an obvious cure... (But Tekken 3, Rambo and 2-Pac are so easy to pick on. These outlets prevent more crime than they cause, but we will never know the difference, its like pornography, we say it leads to rape, yet if all the males on this planet were deprived of this stimuli...that fantasy would get displaced and we males REALLY WOULD degrade women, as opposed to indulging in a harmless mental/manual release, boy I tell ya what, after I rub-n-bust the last thing I feel like doing is going out and hunting mucous membranes especially when the flesh around it could be prepared to kill me...what the fuck?)

.......It'll blow over like nuclear weapons, militias and breast cancer when all the sudden some new event-crisis will focus our collective attention on its causes and unrealistic remedy, Pat Robertson can chalk it up as another sign of the apocalypse (I agree with him there), and it'll give people another reason to say, "Oh Jesus this world is going down the shitter" OR "When I was young we didn't have these problems" and life goes on for the people who didn't go to work/school today.

Well I'm fuckin sick of it, not the kids goin postal, that's to be expected, I'm sick of the media blaming the media, yet what are they gonna do? Stop airing the news? Are they gonna say, "Well maybe if we didn't make such a big fuss these wackos wouldn't be tempted to seek their 15 minutes via our big fuss"? No, of course not, newsworthy or not the media has no choice but to report the most hideously pathetic negative shit it can sniff out, that's its job. The media isn't going to terminate itself for the sake of traditional family values such as sanity. People always bitch that the media is biased one way or another. People say if the news only reported good news then Our society would change to optimism. That is another form of being biased and the industry that thrives on your insane pessimism would start bitching...error activated economy.

Def Jam, Nintendo, Tri Star and Glock aint gonna stop production cuz .05% of the population goes into the school or workplace and reminds us just how error activated it is.

There is NOTHING you can do! Nobody to really blame except the parents or Satan, satans too general but parents are the most obvious place to begin laying blame, that is, if you still feel the need...

The shitty negligent useless and abusive parents who breed the same but oops! Their brains are all over the kitchen walls so...little late to press charges.

But shit hasn't this violent wacko crap been around since the beginning? And isn't the level and frequency merely proportional to the population growth?

No theres more to it. There IS novelty in these modern times, factors that weren't there when you were young. Why is it so shocking that more youth are participating in violent outbursts? Kids watch TV, they see that they can get attention if they do something drastic enough, and a whole bunch of attention they got. Who saw this coming?

Technology progresses faster than our ability to forecast its long term effects, its the same lag that occurs between language and intent. We don't really know what we are communicating until the END of the sentence. Did those kids get their message across? Until MeekWorld arrives and we're all telepathic we depend on the modern day mass media which can only present "old news". Depreciation begins the moment the story pulls outta the News lot. You see mass media is an almost instant socially empathic network, like at a party when the chill vibes are governed by the fact that EVERYONE KNOWS EVERYONE ELSE Is feeling high-n-fine. When I watch the news I can count on the fact that the majority of my fellows Americans are gonna feel the same about a news story as I am. And because we are so damn interested in watching ourselves watch ourselves an infinite well of mirrors is formed between the collective unconscious and the mass media. Whatever image is presented must come from one or the other and whatever single image is focused on is for the moment empathically reflected in every minds eye...did you see the news last night? Did you feel the pain of the outcast shooters or the pain of those who were shot. You did not feel a thing because its just a TV, but you know the reaction of millions of people and thats more important. Mass media and the internet are training wheels for telepathy, but until a positive meme is inoculated it is a double edged mirror...

Cool so some teenage boy went on another shooting spree... Here goddammit let me tell you why my little psycho brothers are losin it and for the record you stupid Christian retards its not because of Marlyn Manson or Pulp Fiction.

As a baseline you got simple hormones which destabilizes the emotions like a 5 year long low level PMS, testosterone for that matter. You got the girl factor, if the young dude isn't getting shot down he's getting dumped cuz the bitch found a better ride, fuckin manipulative sluts anyway...This is a good start to our massacre.

Next you got the parents on his ass for every little thing from grades to chores, from the stash of herb in his drawer to his choice of music, haircut, clothing, i.e. subculture, yeah they are begging for a hole in the head...

And you got school, here's a dozen more clueless grown-ups who could care less, teaching useless garbage and drilling it into your head that this is the only way, that your whole future is riding on how well you memorize the crap. Telling you what to do all day, punishing you because you have no faith in the curriculum or the burnouts who teach it, no one there is willing to admit that school is a complete waste of time and ineffectual at preparing youth for life outside of its walls or instilling basic values that the rents can't cuz they went to the same got these annoying Kool Kid Kliques roaming around, smelly hallways, crappy food, a severe lack of technology, uncomfortable seating, routine routine routine, hotty bitches you know you'll never get to fuck, Bullies who can't find nothin better to do than intimidate you making you feel like a wretched gaping pussy.

If you got any friends who can empathize they are probably assholes. You need a job to get a car, you need a car to get a job, and if you pull that off the fuckin boss is a prick and the car fuckin breaks down cuz ITS ALL ERROR are skinny with zits, but you know someone who'll buy you forties and that takes the edge off....You consider your options. The path that you have been offered don't quite jive...ARMY? yeah right, life of crime? well I already feel like a prisoner, not everyone gets caught, perhaps if I do something drastic while I'm young and do get caught they will finally listen and know they pushed me into this victim state of mind...besides in Jail I won't have to think about food, clothing, and shelter...

And then one day my little psycho brother got punched in the face by his step father for his poor grades and decided that someone has to die. He reasoned that if someone didn't die now it would just be worse eventually, and he is right, if a world leader can justify violence this way...

Hey y'know maybe if the girl was a little more humble and honest and sensitive...Maybe if the parents would lighten up about the pot and not let his appearance embarrass them, maybe if the classes he took were more fun, diverse, relevant and interesting...maybe my little psycho brother wouldn't have wasted all those people. Maybe he would of held out and learned from his depression, harnessed his rage to be productive BUT...

Girls are bitches, the PDFA kept bugging his folks to be responsible and the Education Department stayed in denial.

Maybe if he had learned the good kind of "FUCK IT" that comes from knowing Christ all the bullshit in the world woulda rolled right off him. But the salesmen/proselytizers witnessing procedure seemed so fake and self righteous, so preachy, generic and out of touch. He never let Christ into his life because these men are incapable of representing the TRUTH. They would never say go ahead and puff herb, listen to Deicide, play Resident Evil, its actually all inconsequential in light of the TRUTH!

Oh yeah, you don't need to be clean cut, popular or a high school graduate to enter the kingdom, they would never say this!

These men actually repel my little psycho brothers from Christ and when he does open fire he is only teaching them so...teachin em' that when yer truly hopeless and on the verge God don't mean shit. And the Christians in that school/community like to show how Christian they are by FORGIVING him. Don't address what led to his breakdown, just forgive him and pray...then lock him up and await the next "crisis" And NO, mandatory prayer would not have stopped this from happening it woulda pissed him off even more. Bless the hopeless who have the courtesy to kill just themselves...they are still teachers.


I keep hearing two things from people I've told thus far:

  • 1. Anger is not the way
  • 2. Technology is not the way

1. It is my opinion that "acceptance" of living in bodily form where I'm relatively comfortable, should not result in apathy, "Oh its OK" You see, those under the influence of Satan find contentment in this world with no concern for what ultimately affords them their contentment. they also have no longing for anything better, and forget it could be MUCH WORSE Not so with the poor or the aware. The poor & the aware generally don't say, "Oh its OK"

When I say EVIL can't know what ANGER really is I mean that in the same way a parasite can't be mad at its host, FOR ANY REASON. Only the host can justify any irritation it tries to relieve. Socially speaking, humanities parasite, the rich, could decide to become symbiotic with its own populace and its ultimate host the PLANET.

Who among you would hesitate to swat a deerfly on your face off your face? And who among you cares if the deerfly is mad at you for wanting to be rid of it? So it is with GOD and the industromilitant, centralized, error activated BUG on the face of the Earth. The Buddhist/New Age do no harm thing is honorable but the oppressors who are fucking over the people of say, Tibet or Burma obviously interpret "honorable" as "weak". I have to believe that most victims of these pipsqueak dictators are angry, and I have to believe they would prefer a world without them. Its only natural to feel this way, and its cool that they don't act on it, it shows supreme strength, but they also have to realize that its wrong not to fight back if you're indifferent about life and death in the first place, if you don't fight repression now you just make it harder for the next generation.

I am not afraid of stooping down to the level of my enemy. I am not concerned with the progress of my oversoul. I'm not saying that I will kill and become tyrannical I'm saying that the ultimate source of all this sick behavior is rooted in the infrastructure which prevents peace.

2. The ultimate source of the "fucking over" is technology, for that is what the evil intent manifests as. My benevolent intent alone has no effect on manifested evil intent, therefore I must fight fire with fire, like the way dynamite puts out oil well fires; My burst of technology sucks the fuel out of this raging economic monster...

Now I ain't saying intent alone is I was talkin to a fella into TM and he told me about the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi and the effect the TM folks have had on specific warzones. Group meditation can and does suppress violent tendencies in certain global conflicts but when the prayer for peace stops the suppressed emotion results in greater conflict. Group meditation can't vent the emotions of others from a distance, that takes actual destruction.

What is suppressed from manifesting merely gets dammed up and leads to less frequent but more explosive outbursts. This is exactly what Christianity does to the soul, Jyever see the Simpsons episode where Ned Flanders flips his shit because he was programmed to be oodily iddly did darn diddly pleasant? If Ned moderately allowed his Satanic side out he would not have checked himself into the mental hospital. By suppressing our earthly desires we never actually experience the bad effects. Without actual experience with the bad we can't value the good of the heavenly. The truth is experience, good and bad is secondary...You need to know both or you don't know either.

(You are still under the assumption that Eve eating the fruit-o-knowledge was a mistake, most creation myths describe the fall into the explicate as such, but as an archetype this "mistake" is the iteration of the separation of the waters but for the observers rather than what they are made of)

For example, the woman I spoke of earlier, the hard-core Christian lady, cheated on her husband, started smoking pot and let two of her daughters get pregnant...So much for the years of devout church goin. Ya know what? She is MUCH happier and I imagine over time she will get burnt out on this lifestyle and return to Christ. But when she does she will not worship Jesus. She will not look down on people who puff etc...Through experience she will have wisdom and balance, in effect she will not be a hypocrite, she will be a true Christian.


The debate over creation vs. evolution stems from two things: The creationists literal interpretation of Genesis and the evolutionists inability to find the missing link.

Science is confused as well as theology. For example if we take the creationists literally we have a severe case of inbreeding. The evolutionists claim there is a mitochondrial eve but who knows? the creationists say Adam & Eve were the first humanoids on the planet. If so who were the Nephilim and who gave birth to Cains wife?

These two views on the origins of humanity are pure dogma. Why is it that they can't compromise? Why is it that God and natural selection can't co-exist? Well the evolutionists are starting to come around by admitting there may be a "designer" and indivisible complexity in nature. If either school of thought allowed for chaos theory or extraterrestrial life they might have some conclusive answers to the question at hand. They would much rather cling to their faith or career than consider reinterpreting the facts.

Things like psychedelic mushrooms, spontaneous civilizations, unknown quantum cosmological cycles, interdimensional angels altering the magnetic structure of the planet and hybridization programs are too kooky to have any validity, yet lets examine what creationists are saying, its pretty far fetched, and look at what the evolutionists are saying, its equally silly. CREATION-EVOLUTION-INTERVENTION, ITS ALL THE SAME.

The B'nai Elohim did not descend to fuck humans, they descended to fuck the indigenous humanoids to create a hybrid root race - US! What is so far fetched about intervention as opposed to creation and evolution? And what's wrong with all three ideas combined, that's the only thing that makes sense!

Two humanoid species, each lacking some genetic ideal, but when they are bred together the hybrid balances the primitive Neanderthal and the over refined alien into an ideal humanoid. The indigenous humanoid is like a dump truck and the ET humanoid is like a 1950's concept car, put 'em together and you get an SUV, comfy and capable, slick but rugged.

Planets are first planned in the superimplicate, then formed in the implicate, and manifested in the explicate, meaning the goldilocks zone of our planet was intentionally placed there, the node existed before the gas that condensed into it. Our solar system is likewise in a galactic goldilocks zone, or hyperbolic sweet spot which allows the mature planet to graduate back into the implicate. This raises the question, "why explicate in the first place? Couldn't the form of the planet stay in the implicate and still serve as a school for entities?" The explicate order is a fulcrum for the lever of Gods work and the core duality it hosts is needed for evolution.

Genesis has multiple meanings, one of them is the non-linear process of explication. The seven days are actually 7 successive fundamental interactions. The breakdown of plenum/zeropoint into transdimensional inertia of the quanta into aggregate matter - all odd sacred numbers are unfolded, 7 is the four unfolded - the seventh day is the fourth term, the inertia stops in the explicate, it rests...Speaking Genesis, its funny how some Christians think that Big Bang theory is in compliance with genesis, however if they looked a little further into Big Bang they'd realize it really isn't. Big Bang ends in heat death of the universe and according to the bible the kingdom is eternal.


An issue of THE DOOR goofed on the CHRISTADELPHIANS because they had the notion that Christ might be mistaken for the antichrist. What gave this particular sect the insight to arrive at this most logical conclusion?

They cited Hal Lindsey and his fellow authorities of end times speculation; these men also claim insight into gods plan and the antichrist. The Christadelphians found 30 instances where biblical descriptions of Christ match their "antichrist". Edgar Cayce said that Christ would not come with trumpets blaring and thunder, rather he would be born into a poor family, raised in obscurity and outed when the time was ripe. I'd have to say now is the time.

I have been watching TBN to get myself extra annoyed and I've noticed a trend. The psychopreachers, Hagee and Van Impe for example, are producing these end times videos. Now they have always churned out spiritual blackmail and I have seen them as humorous and helpful to me in that they are drawing in the suckers who I don't want in my kingdom but...lately they are dramatizing the antichrist and the rapture. I am not just annoyed anymore. Make up any shit you want about me, but for fucks sake don't tell people that if they go to church they are going to vanish leaving the damned. Again, its not so simple, not so easy. I would not bitch about Christianity so much if you were not so self assured. OOH its so magical! I'm so special! I'm a Christian and you're not! OOH please convert so you can come with us! Oh, in the twinkling of an eye!...The Rapture is not a moment it is a process. It starts with egocide and ends with Laghima, and it has to be chosen, it doesn't just happen to you. The mere fact you guys are claiming to know whats going down proves you don't have a clue, you fools, you silly silly fools...

Another example of why I hate Christianity, again I am watching TBN and this Christian named Fred boasted of being the first non-Buddist to enter Tahk San monistery in Tibet. He said he kept repeating this prayer, "The Lord is an all consuming fire" then he showed a newspaper clipping about the same monistery burning to the ground. He took credit for the fire and all the Christians applauded him.

They are also promoting this movie The Omega Code which looks like a cross between The Omen and Pi. It makes sense that Hollywood is seeing the End Times market but the thing is, TBN is supporting this movie as if it is scripture when obviously its a work of fiction. They are saying that The Bible Code upon which the movie is based is accurate, they are saying that the mass media is not inherently evil now that a Christian movie is in the theatres. They are now saying that Hollywood can represent God accurately enough to be used as a means of saving their otherwise uninterested, unborn again family and friends. They talked about how they were consulted for The Prince of Egypt for accuracy, Its a fucking cartoon! Hal Lindsey was a prophecy consultant for The Omega Code, its like Pat Robertson being a consultant for politics, the lines between Church, Hollywood, and Washington are dissolving into a unified Bullshit factory. The Christians should be focused on this 1000 year long real-time movie that they are in, not Michael York with red contact lenses.

I watch The 700 Club and Pat seems to have made a career around dissing things. Pat gets so worked up about the occult, spiritism, satanism, and vegetables that I have to wonder what makes him think he is not possessed. After all those demons are so tricky he might not be able to distinguish his intent from that of Satan himself. Why is it he and Van Impe, Hagee, Schuller, Copeland, Lindsey have these beady eyes and flat brows, isn't that a sign of possession? Seriously though, If Pat was what I consider a true christian he would not be concerned with sacrificial babies and tarot cards he would be addressing true evil. To make my point here is the beginning to the conspiracy chapter in Church of the SubGenius's REVELATION X.




M.A.D. works but its sad. We need to be able to kill each other to maintain peace.

Whats that say about humanity? Whats that say about the power bases who deem weapons of mass destruction necessary? It says that as a fear response nations who can afford it (and oftentimes can't) need to stockpile weapons. One superpower initiates an arms race and then becomes paranoid because smaller nations want to defend themselves. The super power basically creates its own enemies by virtue of its own status.

Among the well equipt military powers there exists a standard of living and mutual understanding from which the notion of peace comes from. We don't want to nuke our allies in interglobal commerce. They have alot to lose by war which means we do.

The cold war is over but the presence of weapons alone is enough to perpetuate paranoia. Do 3rd world countries feel we would nuke them or use lesser weapons for purely offensive/dominator reasons? I guess so cuz they developed nukes of their own. Even though they could never actually win the arms race or a war the nationalism pride factor, "we ain't goin down without a fight!"- puts them in fight or flight, generating, contributing to the collective tension of future shock.

The truly sad fact of the nuclear age is the mere acceptance of it. Nobody seems to mind that more than half of humanities effort is expended on its destruction. If all the effort that went into war was put into helping the enemy by defeating fear, extending trust, surplus, knowledge and technology there would be nothing for a third world country to bitch about or resent in the superpower and nobody to sell old weapons to, war would have no market.

That all seems unreasonable to the superpower. They have to enforce peace with threats of war. I enforce war with threats of peace. Their system is error activated and deliberately resists solutions to maintain itself. My system is solution activated and deliberately conducts errors to maintain itself. They create the problem to sell you the solution. I steal their problems and become the solution to give away...I promote peace by monopolizing its opposite. Its a common theme in cartoons for the good guys and bad guys to stop fighting and join together to fight some common enemy. That is precisely what I'm doing, becoming the mutual enemy, G.I. Joe and Cobra teamed up to defeat Serpentor, likewise all the nations will stop fighting each other to try and take me out, but that's what I want so I will not lift a finger to stop them, (see 2 Esdras).


You know what pisses me off? When THE DISCOVERY CHANNEL or THE LEARNING CHANNEL airs programs about the future of warfare. Its like they are admitting its OK, like they've given up on the notion of there ever being world peace...

"In the future wars will be fought in cyberspace..." Fuck You assholes! War is NOT a given!

Now c'mon what the FUCK is so difficult about being good and peaceful, and following the ways of god? Even if aggression is some biological imperitive couldn't it be channeled into something constructive?

Perhaps we need to invent some outlet for you human males that sits somewhere between Monday Night Football and WW3? Games do it for most of us and only the participants can get hurt, (except for soccer?) but I can't believe soldiers and weapons designers and leaders want to destroy the playing field and the spectators too?!

Alright you fuckers, you wanna go to war? Do it, I'm sick of all this tension, I'm sick of trying to understand your reasoning, I'm sick of hearing about who sold what to who, and I'm sick of hearing just how many nuclear weapons are stockpiled, I'm sick of seeing shit going down in other countries! FOR FUCKS SAKE WOULD SOMEBODY PLEASE LAUNCH A WARHEAD TO WASHINGTON D.C.!

C'MON, we spent all the money for this shit, lets justify the purchase!



There once was a handsome man whoknew he was handsome, he also had a large penis. These physical attributes made him able to have his way with virtually any woman, at least women who were as shallow as he was. He was an intelligent man but found it was easier to make a living through his good looks. Because of his physical attributes his mind did not develop to the point he wanted it to, his body became the focus of his existence. This caused his ego to swell as big as his muscles and erection.

This man was aware of his problem yet he did not try to change, he instead wore a mask of wisdom and charm which was obviously false to anybody who knew him. He became afraid of the people who knew him because they had the power to remind him of just how much he hated himself. He was scared most of his father because his father reminded him of his potential he has never reached. His father never approved of his choices and it only reminded him that he himself never approved of his choices.

The man went through life with guilt and resentment and at any moment he could have stopped doing the things that made him feel that way but he did not stop. He did things so terrible that he had to keep them secret, for if his family were to know these things they would be devastated.

The man was blessed with a wife who loved him very much. She knew of his faults and looked past them seeing only his potential. She constantly reminded him of what he hated about himself. She was so pure and he was so rotten he could not understand why she stayed with him. He thought she must be with him for his good looks and big penis, he wanted to believe she was as shallow as he was. He thought if this was true then he could fuck other women and it would not matter. This man learned to live on negative emotions because he knew of nothing else. He would become angry with those people who were pure, even punching and yelling at them, because that generated the guilt he needed to survive.

The man had a brother who was also one of these pure people. He loved his pure brother but he tried to make his brother feel guilty at every opportunity, he would assault his brother when he thought he deserved it, although he never really did. His pure brother felt sorry for him.

Then one day at a party the man, drunk on vodka and feeling particularly honest, confessed to his pure brother that his greatest wish was to fall before Jesus, confess all his sins and be forgiven...

This man is truly fuct, he does not understand that that is the LAST thing Christ wants him to do, Christ already KNOWS he feels bad, CHRIST KNOWS HE IS A LOSER...WHAT CHRIST WANTS HIM TO DO IS SIMPLY STOP BEING A LOSER SO THAT HE CAN GET TO A PLACE WHERE HE CAN FORGIVE HIMSELF!

This magical place, this return to innocence cannot come from Jesus or me or his must come from within and that goes for everyone.

You have a gift inside. The negative crap you generate in your life is like the box your gift comes in, the more misery you create for yourself and/or others the bigger the box gets. The goal is that when you see the size of your box not to assume the gift inside is equally huge, the goal is to find someone who needs that gift, someone who needs to open that lesson up and show you that there actually is a gift inside.

That is, a negative person possesses more potential karma, and in her/his life people come and transmute it into kinetic lessons bringing them that much closer to a clean robe. But we first must see that it is soiled. If you feel that you are a loser just remember that you can stop being one at any time. Remember that you do have a gift, you are a gift. This man who I use as an example did not know that I would open his box, he has just unknowingly given his gift to the world and so it is for all humans.


I see math as a language describing relationships but also all language as a mathematical description of our relationships. Why should numbers end in the objective reality? If emotion is primarily conveyed with language then the language must have a order of operations....because you don't say, "I want to kill myself" until after being told, "you're fired" or "I don't want to be your girlfriend anymore"..reading and hearing requires linear time for the equation/conversation to produce an answer/reaction. When the problem of linear time is solved i.e. telepathy, the answer will eliminate the need for language.

The equation/conversation is a preset problem, like your remaining karma, and the order of operations balances it out. The act of resolution (seeing eye to eye) creates an answer equal to the problem - the answer and problem are interchangeable once the answer is found. Karmic potential draws emotion through the order of operations.

  • Linear time=order of operations
  • sin= karmic potential
  • language=resolution potential
  • love=sinning potential

If human intent fuels the karmic engine then the human body is the car. You've heard metaphysics call the body a vehicle. This implies the driver is a separate entity.

For the discarnate souls who volunteer or are obligated, the vehicle is what takes them to "work" or rather, allows them to work.

Earth is your job, love is your paycheck, and sin/karma is your bills. Christ consciousness is when you work at home (don't need a car but can drive anyway) and death is your vacation time.

All negativity in the human condition is the result of our biology. Biology feels pain, starves, and deteriorates. The vehicle is flawed and separate from the driver/mind. The truth is the flaw is that separateness between vehicle and driver.

When your car rusts and breaks down you generally feel negativity, you blame the engineers, you blame the petroleum industry, you are at the mercy of someone other than yourself to fix it, and its all due to your lack of knowledge about the car.

Conversely, a car that is fast, responsive, never breaks down and never needs fuel or maintenance would make you pretty damn happy wouldn't it? This is what it means to be an ascended master...I'm the engineer, the fuel, the new parts, and the mechanic of your vehicle and I will get you back on the road/grid YOU WILL BE ONE WITH YOUR CAR.




I want to address all the vegetarians and animal activists. The bible has alot to say about the health and morality issues of eating flesh. It says not to. In ancient times and with indigenous cultures the humans and the beasts had mutual respect. The animals knew they were here to serve us. Their bodies were fully utilized as a sign of respect as well as practicallity. The hunters honored the spirit of the animal because they knew animals had a spirit. Because of this animals would actually help humans by walking into a village and offering their flesh or through psychedelics by guiding them to where they were.

Today the humans have turned animals into a industry completely void of respect. Today humans have no practical need for flesh (and I swear to god if one meat eater says "protein" or "B-6/12" I will fucking blow up every slaughter house on the planet personally). Most land is used to raise food for the food. All the while people ARE starving. This process is unefficient.

This is my promise to all the people who care about the welfare of animals, the food animals, the nearly extinct, and the ones we call pets. In the near future people will not have time to raise food for food and will have no choice but to eat vegetables. Soon after that the survivors will not even need to consume food because their bodies will live on subtle energies, including animals, this is why "the lion will lie down with the lamb" All this sickening shit will be a memory nobody will remember.

In the meantime my network will be a platform for GREEN activists, I plan on consolidating all of us so that we synergize our efforts. You are the survivors, you will inheret this planet and you will be the ones working towards the ultimate vision of peace, just as you always have.

Some things I want to promise the world right now before I stop writing this mini-treatise on the endtimes:

I will only keep 10% of what amount of $ I will amass during my reign.

I will compensate all the innocent people who have to leave their presently SATAN affiliated employers/jobs due to my job.

I will do my job

If you don't like it, I can make it worse