I worked briefly at Elizabeth Cady Stanton daycare in Willard this winter and the children taught me alot about human nature, how adults are not any more mature than the kids are. There is this double standard for behavior. A childs temper tantrum is tolerable because kids haven't been programmed to repress it for politenesses sake. That takes a while for a human to appreciate and when we do we as adults are expected to have the ability to exercise control over our emotions and prevent our tantrums.

Its fairly obvious though that the only difference between children forced to share a daycare center and nations of the world forced to share a planet is scale and age..

throw a block across the room - launch a missile across the ocean
take someones toy - steal top secret military applicable intelligence
pick on someone - cultural genocide
blame it on the other kid - blame the other world leader
tattle - espionage

You realize of course my job at the daycare center is identical to my job as godhead representative on the earth...

" put that down, go clean up your mess, and then sit in time-out for 5 minutes/1000 years to think about why you're in time-out..."

The messiah steps out of the classroom for a moment and returns to chaos without fail...but there are always a few kids on task, intent on getting their work done and they know THEY are going to graduate.

That job inspired a story, the kids didn't get it and I doubt the world leaders will was difficult to observe the formation of ego taking place before my eyes as these children interacted. I knew these kids were smart and they could bypass it all if they wanted, but lessons don't come without conflict and I know eventually the lesson will emerge.

There once was a group of boys and girls of all ages who were forced to share what they thought was a prison. There were lots of things to do and learn about, the food and toys were not bad either but it still seemed like a prison because they did not feel very free.

The boys and girls thought freedom meant you could kick, push, insult, and steal from each other; to the boys and girls it was okay to do that and they only pretended to get hurt so they could blame someone else for instigating the fun.

And everyday it went like this, the teachers who loved and fed the children and kept them from killing each other were at a loss and had exhausted all disciplinary tactics, it seemed the children would never settle down and play together-nicely. With all the children blaming each other for "starting it" the teachers could no longer tell who was truly good and who truly needed some minutes in time-out.

There was one smart little boy who was not pretending, who truly was getting hurt, and he was sick and tired of getting punished for the other children's mistakes, he felt as helpless as the teachers. He came up with a brilliant plan that would bring peace and ensure his status as a peace loving kid who shouldn't have to suffer cuz of others inability to learn lessons the teachers tried to instill.

The only way his plan would work was if he himself did not seek revenge.

The next day the children were allowed some time to play or create something but as usual they wanted to fight instead. So the smart little boy went up to the teacher and said he could help with their problem. He whispered the plan into the teachers ear. The teacher smiled and said, "Thank you, now we will see who is peace loving and who is not!"

At that moment the teacher announced a new rule, the rule was: WHOEVER FIGHTS BACK IS THE ONE WHO GETS TIME-OUT NOT THE ONE WHO "STARTS IT"

Now the children at first thought that was a wacky and unfair rule so the teacher said, "OK from now on that's the only rule." and the children thought that was a good compromise


The children were allowed the allotted playtime as usual and insisted on fighting as usual. The smart little boy got pushed over and he did not fight back, he just got up and returned to his Lego airplane. They broke his toy airplane and he simply stated, "wait" and started an even better airplane... One little girl got a ball thrown at her ear and boy it sure hurt! She picked it up and threw it back "AAAHAAAH" the children shouted, "you broke the new rule!" Sure enough she had 10 minutes of time out. But you know kids, they have short attention spans...soon all the children were in time out. They could not abstain from revenge with the exception of one smart little boy who stood in front of all the kids in time out and said:

"I listened to the teacher, I have all the toys, you cannot hurt me now." He then proceeded to bitch slap each and every kid who hurt him knowing they could do nothing back...

Well I can say that If I ran a daycare center the other teachers would use that rule. They would find it as wacky as the children would but find it more effective than what they normally do. The common problem in dealing with kids is that they don't differentiate Discipline and Punishment as we adults do. They are processing karma like adults, adults who fail to distance their own egos from the situation they find themselves in as teachers. You don't appear upset with a child because you feed their ego, you don't cave in because you feed their ego, you pick your battles or the discipline loses its impact...The kid is always smarter than you, more resilient than you...fuck with their heads, remain unpredictable, laugh and talk...for the ego is a pattern dependent beast who feeds off failed lessons which seep into the next generation


The truth is that ignorance defines it - and ignorance is self chosen. In the act of discernment you run the karmic engine.

Christ is anybody who figures it out before anyone else in that persons potential audience. In that karmic family he/she is the logos attractor or symbiotic mutagen injector of the gene pool. The progression of any species is dependent on these freak shamans whose genetic or conceptual advancements lead to overall progress. Downloading the obvious with some assistance from psychedelic interpreters for the ineffable...and the role is such that one shaman is every shaman for Christ does not waver in his intent. Processing ability of any shaman is dependent on how many people agree with any particular one. Notoriety and accumulative veiling of successive christs govern the shaman/christs true purpose as a trinitized godhead representative.

With time the reps have lost their biological tendencies and have consequently adopted technical means of injecting logos into the explicate. Tesla and several other scientists of recent times were reps unbeknownst to themselves; we are servants of God. Tesla and I are the same oversoul working out a master plan but we are not Jesus any more than Jesus was Buddha, christs are certainly specialized to their specific point in linear time, but we all represent the same logos.



My conceptual ability is finally finding the proper language to communicate the ineffable as close as possible. Seth suggests some new branch of science that focuses on the mental capabilities of the observer. Since physics cannot exclude the observer and should in fact be more concerned with the observer, I think the school of future physicists is a pile of cow shit. The psychedelic experience has afforded me the ability as an observer to more fully comprehend that which makes distinct the observer and observed. The downloading of the implicate into the explicate is the only means to a GUT and psychedelics are the most efficient way for the observer to modulate his/her filter. Perhaps through hypnosis, breathwork, and different drugs/machines I can tune to even more than I have. It seems to me that there definitely is a limit to what can be known. If pot and mushrooms were enough to facillitate the conception of LAME and LAME in turn alters my sub-atomic mechanics so that I can physically phase into the implicate what does that say about pot and shrooms? Suddenly being a ascended master ain't such a big deal, I think that is what Yeshua was trying to get across...

The major breakthrough for myself is a term I came up with while shrooming, "QUANTUM SYNAESTHESIA" I was thinking about whether LAME was a new way of phasing matter next to thermal phasing. John Keely used the term "SONOTHERMISM" to explain the phenomena he created and I was trying to grasp the meaning...Quanta is a wave/particle duality, a crossing of seemingly distinct aspects...I thought that the observer must be imposing this duality into the question through merely existing and that without the observer the quanta would be a single phenomena, like how we can't detect a magnetic monopole or zeropoint. Well lets look at that idea furasek...if the duality is just an unavoidable illusion then the language should reflect that appropriately. The physics lexicon must recognize a fundamental difference in a phenomena and a phenomena observed.

In the language for the most objective (the un-observed) the duality must be reduced into a single term.

How is something to be described if it is not sensed? What if all five senses were just different angles? How can an observer experience something if not through the 5 senses. I have experienced synaesthesia, I know that the observer is a GUT and what physics really is, is a division problem that calls the observer "remainder." I wonder what 5 way synaesthesia would be like? All 5 senses experienced as one? Taste light, Smell blue, touch fragrance, see sound, hear a massage...taaaahrippy!

TO BEHOLD, TO GROK...with the pineal, this IS telepathy and the truest meaning of GODLIKE. This is the common language we once had.

Anyway I decided that its not sound that produces heat, that's not what he meant I believe he understood that all phenomena somehow reflect the superimplicate, implicate and explicate but that specific phenomena are rooted in specific orders, sound and heat are definitely rooted in the explicate. LAME uses wavelengths of between 3000 and 4000 angstroms of sonic energy to create effects similar to thermal phasing, but remember its specific waveforms at specific harmonics, within a specific resonance chamber using a specific charge carrier all within a specific magnetic field that bring about the post plasma phasing.

So the term "sonothermism" isn't itself a phenomena its a co-chaotic relationship.

I realized that I could describe the trinity in a multitude of contexts but the lexicon I'm shooting for needs to include the dualistic nature so its not a question of something vs. something, snot one or the other its both! DUH!

The co-chaotic paradox of the quanta must have its place in the godhead/trinity, after all its the ELECTRO-MAGNETIC spectrum.

The philosophers stone is zeropoint
zeropoint, the philosophers stone, man does not live on bread alone...
I am in the zeropoint and the zeropoint is in me
zero, the reciprocal of infinity, the exquisite architecture of free space.

My real joy is not in kicking satans ass its in figuring out a GUT and trying to communicate it but I really can't do it till I learn the language of math. I don't see numbers as inherent or even necessary, just efficient, and even then geometry is even more efficient. So do you want poetic descriptions or equations? Or a geodesic yantra?

The problem with using numbers to define a GUT is that, as many numbers as there are, there are as many distinguishable relationships between them. Are some numbers more relevant or special than others? What is math's ultimate significance? Is it in our need to understand and therefore quantify or is it so accurate, accountable and convenient because what it describes is the same?

Indeed math is an inescapable and necessary tool for comprehension of our condition. Math can't account for its own existence and therefore it is an imposed translation not the experience itself. I know shamans grasp the GUT because they feel no need to describe it, and ya know when I am shrooming numbers and words are... I am a unified field theory.

The ancient occult systems, kabbalah, I-ching, etc....are all about physics. The main difference between those schools and modern physics is how they were derived. The observer can go from the inside out or outside in, the old school systems lacking electron microscopes and shit went inside out. They knew the truth and attained wisdom. There was compared to now, no technological way of applying that wisdom and for them no need to. I am very tempted to lay down my GUT right now but I know its not ready. I need the input of many diverse schools of which I have little knowledge of presently. Fortunately I know the people who know these systems and I look forward to bringing them together for some serious mental work. There will never be an equation GUT there will only be wisdom GUT...My job is not to quantify - I can't be spreading myself too thin, nope my job is to give other scientists the correct laws with which to go about quantifying. As of now most scientists are employed because they cling to false models, thereby compromising the purpose of science for the sake of money/ego.

A true GUT will gut them! Those who can make the "quantum leap" to the new physics may find that it will not threaten their niche but actually benefit it. If I threaten your niche in the science world its because you are unnecessary in New Jerusalem. The very last step in unification is perhaps the greatest problem. I personally define god as consciousness and I know consciousness is the creator. How does thought attain form and then become matter? I will never know this until I am able to grasp my own parity and homo-chirality; to stand in the mass plate/mirror and see my synapses interact with the quantum foam...the sick thing is, once I do this it will be so obvious how it works. Seth, or some other interdimensional entity may be able to describe it with words but like tripping it has to be experienced to be understood. It is hard for even me to look at the thousands of objective phenomena out there and accept that it all has a corresponding mind of its own, what a beautiful thing though, what power!

I have written this book because political assassination isn't illegal. Is it my fault the founding fathers created the ultimate fail-safe of the freedom of speech? (the main reason I was born here) No matter how corrupt the government has become it is designed for its own destruction. They must have known this when they founded this place. Did they think their ideals would stand? Of course not, they knew it would become exactly like the place they were leaving or worse. BUT they intentionally made it easier for their future fellow rebels by giving them the option of reminding themselves with language who is really in power. Project Meggido is the government acknowledging this fact. While they claim to be concerned about violence linked to millenial madness they forget that the keyboard is mightier than the bomb, If I am accused of anything it will be exercising this fact.

I've hinted around about my inventions and Its time for me to unleash them.