Astrology is a science. It concerns the distinct signature of many celestial magnetic linear gravity responses upon your oversoul transfer into this Dimensional Cell Continuum. This condensation of an intelligence via a means of polarizing (DNA) entails a “mark” of that transfer as an event in the universe; a karmic signature/stain on your fabric of space-time. This mark is your current soul. Your oversoul is always in the implicate order, and from its perspective it has numerous souls simultaneously condensed in the explicate. From your souls perspective, because it exists in linear time, the other incarnations are before and after. Christ is no different except the "soul" and "oversoul" are indistinguishable because I come straight from the OMNISOUL, or The Great I Am. I ultimately have no "mark" or I am free from sin, no stain, which relatively speaking is the most obvious mark of all. My time of birth sets up a gate of pseudo karma (my robe is dipped in blood) through which I must pass which is appropriate for my mission, I can create and resolve karma within my own lifetime but it is for the sake of others that I suffer along with them. This "gate" allows the Omnisoul to superimpose upon a specialized oversoul, an oversoul versed in a particular realm of service. The oversoul that is truly mine is OANNES/TESLA; In Dogon prophecy this is described very accurately with these ten words "The twin of the victim will descend with the blacksmith" I am the Third Christ. The Tesla oversoul served in Atlantis as Christ or rather "a" christ, but that was the first root race and has no bearing on this covenant. Jesus and I come from the same Omnisoul (there is only one) but he was truly pure in that he had no "gate" and no "stain" (in Kryon speak imprint & implant) and was a one time only incarnation. I am a Godhead rep in this lifetime with some experience as a Godhead rep a long long time ago and as a as needed scientist. I can access all my lives to some degree which enables me to serve in both capacities - Rev 19:12.

Yeshua did not allow himself to be crucified for your sins, and Tesla did not invent this infrastructure for your entertainment. Yeshua died to gain empathy with humans, he allowed himself to be a victim to justify what I am doing. Tesla was the most unsung human to ever live, in the west anyway, (A&E's Biography of the Millenium got Faraday and Edison in the list but the AC that allowed me to watch the show, well thats not important enough to be acknowledged...) he created this technological infrastructure against his will but he created it. He was at the mercy of the men with the money, they called the shots and his ideal wireless infrastructure was shot down. It is for these reasons that I am allowed to destroy; I am destroying what I created. I created Christianity, I can destroy it, I created the infrastructure that powers the modern world, I can destroy it....

So a Platonic/zodiac year closes its cycle at the end of this Piscean age. That’s your first clue. The Pisces house churns out people just like me. People that share all the characteristics of all the previous houses. So I am not just a Pisces man, I am a composite of all men, I represent all humans. Now what is The Christ? The beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega. Jesus was the passive Alpha lamb. I am the aggressive Omega lion. We are simply reciprocals representing the expanse of the human condition while showing how to exist in accordance with the law of the Lord. My existence completes this two thousand year duality. Thinking Base Twelve now, what is the “anti” of the beginning and end? 666 is the number of our beastly, explicate core duality, its not Satanic any more than being a human is, if anything 666 reflects our divine origin, divide 144000 by 6 three times and see what you get. 144000 cube root is also half of the angle of the Logos.

Revelation like Genesis like Nostradamus quatrains like the Keys of Enoch is/are in certain parts written on multiple levels, or rather because they are often archetypal they apply on many levels. This is where things get confusing and intentionally so. Revelation chap 13:16 for example mentions the mark. This person who puts the mark on everyone is usually interpreted to be evil, yet at 22:4 the mark is specifically attributed to the Lamb/Son of Man. I do know my intent won't waver, so when it says "killed" I have to assume it means something other than death...I am not a prophet really because a prophet describes future events, I create future events so prophecy about me has to work around what I DO not the other way around. Free will overrides popular interpretation.

I won’t be running around with a felt tip Marks-A-Lot or subdermal debit chips, and I DO know the first beast ain’t an actual person. (More on The Beast out of the Sea and the true meaning of the Mark later) I can "force" you to make a decision about me, you really don't have a choice, its human nature to judge.

Born of a jackal. What is a jackal? Canine. Canis Major is our solar systems twin astral system, it is Sirius the bright Morning Star, home of the Melchizedek. At the climax and transition of the Apocalypse these two systems will, for lack of better words, “temporarily mesh existence”. Yes I know they are light years apart. This is a phenomena of quantum cosmology that may seem fantastic but I have experimental proof this is how the galaxy works.

I should mention that Cannabis (Flora Christ) is native to this system and THC has its own receptor site in your brain allowing you, like me, to “contact” this system through the sympathetic morphic resonance induced during metabolism of the molecule. When you do make contact you will be told to “Eat, drink,...relax”

I don’t segue from one message to the next in a fluid manner. I stagger around dropping off thought packages. Its not so much laziness as it is a reflection of the way I do things, non linear, for example this paragraph should’ve been the first thing you read but it wasn’t. Each sentence and passage could stand on its own up close. Step back and look at the whole book and it behaves in the same way. The Bible is alot like that. One of my pet peeves is redundancy. Unfortunately things surface more than once and I apologize. My non linear writing style will help keep you on your toes and hopefully keep the text fresh if you feel like reading it more than once.