One of the myths that I must dispel is that of Babylon being destroyed by supernatural events. No No, God is MUCH more strategic. Sometimes fire must be fought with fire. Like the way dynamite sucks all the oxygen out of a raging oil rig fire, so too will my IP (intellectual property) suck the fuel out of this raging economic monster (note the metaphorical pun).

Quite simply it is my miracles/inventions that will do this. If this seems a little odd to you, I suggest reading CHILDREN OF EZEKIEL BY Michael Lieb:

Publisher's Review:

"Are Milton's Paradise Lost, Ronald Reagan's "Star Wars" missile defense program, our culture's fascination with UFOs and alien abductions, and Louis Farrakhan's views on racial Armageddon somehow linked? In Children of Ezekiel, Michael Lieb reveals the connections between these phenomena and the way culture has persistently related the divine to the technological. In a work of special interest at the approach of the millennium, Lieb traces these and other diverse cultural moments-all descended from the prophet Ezekiel's vision of a fiery divine chariot in the sky-from antiquity to the present, across high and low culture, to reveal the pervasive impact of this visionary experience on the modern world.

"Beginning with the merkabah chariot literature of Hebrew and Gnostic mysticism, Lieb shows how religiously inspired people concerned with annihilating their heretical enemies seized on Ezekiel's vision as revealing the technologically superior instrument of God's righteous anger. He describes how many who seek to know the unknowable that is the power of God conceive it in technological terms-and how that power is associated with political aims and a heralding of the end of time. For Milton, Ezekiel's chariot becomes the vehicle in which the Son of God does battle with the rebellious angels. In the modern age, it may take the form of a locomotive, tank, airplane, missile, or UFO. Technology itself is seen as a divine gift and an embodiment of God in the temporal world. As Lieb demonstrates, the impetus to produce modern technology arises not merely from the desire for profit or military might but also from religious-spiritual motives.

"Including discussions of conservative evangelical Christian movements, Reagan's ballistic shooting gallery in the sky, and the Nation of Islam's vision of the "mother plane" as the vehicle of retribution in the war against racial oppression, Children of Ezekiel will enthrall readers who have been captivated, either through religious belief or intellectual interests, by a common thread uniting millennial religious beliefs, racial conflict, and political and militaristic aspirations."

As you can imagine the average venture capitalist would run screaming from my bizplan, and some say I lack business savy altogether. The practical destruction of Babylon will require faith. If prophecy states that my inventions will work then convincing the Christian my technology will work is not an issue. Business folk and techies require a little more to go on so I offer this:

The virtual prototype of the most valuable invention ever conceived, except for maybe the External Merkaba.

What I need is between $20k and up in seed capital. I will not negotiate with an NDA or give you a breakdown of my budget, I may indeed spend some of it on food, rent, pot or even toys but mainly towards prototyping and so forth. You will give me what you can with the promise that whatever the amount you will receive you will be returned, not your portion in heaven, but 20X in cash! I REWARD FAITH! Your place in heaven could never be bought despite what the church says.

Speaking of which, how many billions in tithes have been given over the centuries? With what outcome? Give to the actual head of Christ and see what happens.

Now I have had a substantial amount of experience trying to solicite my IP to all kinds of potential "Westinghouse's" (The man that took a chance on Tesla and...), and one thing I've learned is that most are ignorant of the times we live in. The ones that are aware of this window have tried to screw me over or have offered me false promises to string me along. Unlike most if not all inventors I am not paranoid or overprotective - quite the opposite. Like Tesla I am not motivated by money except as a means to make me a better inventor - this is humanitarian. I have learned some things since I was he. If I am not as ruthless as John D. Rockefellar I will not succeed. I also am doing this as punishment for the sins against earth - Petroleum is quite literally a MOTHERFUCKER. Karmically speaking the infrastructure I created 100 years ago is mine and mine alone to destroy and build anew, the way I and the big guy upstairs have always wanted it.

My plea to the masses who want me to succeed is one thing, but you the big wig financier will need a bizplan and feasibility study. I have this available upon request.

Contact me at to arrange your donation. If money is an issue for you then simply spread the good news with the S.P.O.R.E. of your choice.

Thank you.

Adaluncatif Melchizedek