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A rant by Matty after same incident...

I went down to University Way today to score some nugs from a brother named Sean.. The first time I went down there to score I saw him coming and knew. It warmed my heart:

"Can you help me out with some nugs?"

"Sure lets walk!" Sean trustingly replied.

Today I went down to University Way to score some nugs from a brother. I walked up and down the street for an hour and could not find him. I recognized his friend who had been present during our previous exchange (today would've been the 3rd).

"You seen Sean around?"

"No, he got busted by an undercover cop, he got knocked down and kicked then they tazed him twice to make sure he stayed down, guess they were trying to make an example of him"

The beast was awakened in me upon hearing this, my heart went out to my brother and now all I can do is put my rage out in ink.

When I was 14 my Cop dad asked me to help him bust a kid by purchasing some LSD from him. Being a JustSayNo/PDFA/DARE/Junior Spies brainwashed little patriot I eagerly agreed to help him. Thank God I never found the kid because I'd still be hating myself to this day.

Needless to say I've seen the light since then, the propaganda that had me convinced "DRUGS ARE BAD" and those who willingly partake deserve incarceration "FOR THEIR OWN GOOD" has totally backfired and I AM not going to rest until all non-violent drug law offenders are set free to return to their friends family possessions and pot.

Street folk want to blame the cops, others, perhaps a little removed from the black market scene blame the law - cops merely enforce.

A funny thing about cops, they are either GOOD or BAD. My father was a cop and is an intelligent man. He was a "good cop" just as I was a "good DARE graduate" Today I refuse to believe my Dad could have bent over for the same propaganda aimed at 9 year olds BUT HE DID!!!

I've been busted on 4 different occasions and I was dealt with in a reasonable manner in each case because I knew (from my dad) that if you are polite with them...but in Sean's case it didn't matter. Some say Cops are worse in some places, perhaps in proportion to population density - if only cops were as geographically consistent as Big Macs. I have a hunch that the cops where I'm from have made a conscientious decision to LOOK THE OTHER WAY. Whether this choice stems from internal guilt or from being fed up with paper work & wasting the courts time I don't know BUT THEY HAVE.

Last summer I smoked with about 10 kids daily in the open space of a city park where 3 years prior I had been busted in a relatively private area. One day some out of town kids came to us lookin to score and they did, not soon after some local "Wigger" thugs strong-armed the newly acquired stash from our new friends. The robbery was reported and the local cops actually TRIED TO BUST THE WIGGERS WHO STOLE THE POT - NOT THE KIDS WHO BOUGHT/SOLD IT FAIRLY AND PEACEFULLY.

Cops of all people in this world have an acute awareness/knowledge of "good" and "evil". Any cop who thinks potheads are a threat to the community and deserve their possessions seized, body incarcerated and family stranded are quite simply themselves EVIL - whether they are "good" or not. I had a cop admit to me he was a "tool" but he still went on to profile my brethren anyway.

Until laws are changed via grass roots orgs, NORML, MPP, etc, it is they and they alone who perpetuate this FUCKING BULLSHIT!