Genomics, Chaos, and The Tipping Point.

I saw a show about the Human Genome Project and learned that Genetic diseases begin at an atomic level. I Just read The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell and learned that social epidemics are created by minor tweaking of ideas. This book is discussing the mechanics of MEME Theory, that is, ideas propagate in a similar way as genes; in both cases many genes and memes are appearently useless or ineffectual. A successful meme or gene is one which propagates itself.

I studied Chaos Theory and learned that initial states or starting points, slightly varied, lead to vast differences in the emergent pattern derived from iteration.

The Tipping Point is the social aspect of what in Chaos is known as a Transition point, in Foam Coursening Rules, The Rearrangement Event. In each case What is happening is a stable homogenous system or state gives way to a definitive change or pattern via a disproportianate small change.

It is possible to associate these three systems through their THREEness.

Chaos = Quantum Foam - reiterating equation - pattern
DNA = Amino Acids - gene - body
Society = clutter problem - meme - social epidemic

Further when you look at the THREE within each of those, for example, in The Tipping Point there are three aspects to how a meme becomes successful for both the meme and its host:

PEOPLE = Mavens connectors salesmen
MEME = Law of the few Stickiness Context


Each row above has a specific role transcending the respective systems.

The first row describes potentiated beginning states, starting or transition points. The quantum foam is the background energy/noise from which all matter emerges. Amino Acids are the bulding blocks of the building blocks. The clutter problem is the homogenous fluff of similar and therefore failed memes (as in the more commercials one sees the less effective any one becomes). Mavens are the folks who can harbor all those memes. The Law of the Few makes The 3 types of people rare and therefore usefull.

We see here then that even though The Law of the Few is the opposite of the ubiquity of the others in the first row it still allows for the phenomena to occur.

The second row is a mediator or phase state, the actual processing which leads to the end point which must also be potentiated as "context" suggests. In chaos this potentiated end state is known as an attractor.

If all this is capable of being associated then what would be the context of a salesmen or body? The context or potentiating endstate of the salesman is the sale, the body life...but is that the REAL endstate? Does not the salesmen want to continue selling and the body want to continue living? Yes which means the middle row is the endstate and the first and third are really the beginning!!!

Any Buddhist will tell you this is true, that is, its not the destination that is important but rather the journey.

In every system in every part of the trinities the process must be initiated through intent.

You will also see that going from Chaos to Society is a Integration and Society to Chaos is Reductionism.

How can it be that DNA mediates between quantum mechanics and conversation?

This too can be explained by other eastern concepts - Karma and astrology.

The GOD/GUT is a scale invariant quantum computer. The Logos/DNA molecule is an OS and The Earth is a CPU. This is a hybrid computer we live in that runs binary in Hyperspace and analog in local space. It runs parrallel apps or dimensions in its multiverse architecture and novelty in linear time is its language because language creates novelty in linear time. Language is where causality flips on itself because it's language (in linear time) which allows us to understand the GOD/GUT.

The one word or Logos breaks down, cascading through progressive dimensions of novelty...

So How does the external solar system and stars influence our internal genes in our downloading into the CPU? And further, how does our DNA continue to respond to the stars and language while we are being processed/living?

The oversoul is parrallel processing all incarnations simultaneously in hyperspace but language and DNA is stuck in local space and linear time which means it must reiterate, mutate, combine and recombine in order to find an answer; this IS Conservation of Novelty.

The stars are more fixed and periodic than DNA and in this computer they are the clock, setting a frequency by which processing may occur. The disparity between macro and micro systems is necessary as is the 0 and 1. In the transition from hyper space to local space (the downloading of the soul into the CPU/Earth from the Oversoul) a novel imprint is given in the magnetic domain which reflects the fixed stars, this is the initial conditions, starting point or original equation - The Natal Chart.

The Hybrid Computer/Multiverse model allows the stars influence over DNA and successive incarnations (and the social interactions within them) due to the scale invariant nonlocal aspect.

We incarnate through an AND/OR Gate:

Where previous karmic status is measured against appropriate DNA and DOB of said DNA, this is how appropriate souls are matched to appropriate families.

When incarnated our existance is subject to IF/THEN Gates:

Where accumulated language is measured against current times places and people.

A self similarity occurs in the propagation of DNA and the overall propagation of EVERYTHING;

  • Two Becomes one
  • One becomes two

And its all about the Becoming which is infinity.