My fellow potheads, put the blunts, bowls, and bongs down for a moment and lend me your ear...We know we are guilty. We are guilty of NOT being content with beer and cigarettes. We are guilty of being torpid, happy and introspective. We are guilty of having faith in the Constitution. We are guilty of assuming we have a God given right to ingest anything we damn well please. Most of all we are guilty of forgetting our enemy is completely retarded. Barry McCaffrey is an idiot, he admits that THC is a medicine but then pushes the idea of a inhaler because the smoke is too much of a side effect risk. Have you seen these ads for prescription medicine lately? Besides, if coughing is too much of a "risk" there is always bhang or brownies...He starts bitching about how much money illegal drug users are costing taxpayers - yeah these fucking anti-drug campaigns are even more expensive than days lost at work...aahhhg!

Why have we idly sat by and let them convict us of being human? All they have is propaganda and a minority to believe it. We have facts, logic, and objective reality. It makes me sick to think I was born in a supposedly “superior” country where billions of dollars have been wasted trying to denounce a fucking plant, the most useful plant on the planet.

Bill, your priorities are demented. Sixteen BILLION dollars, twenty-five BILLION including secondary costs, yet I can still get pot, acid, shrooms, coke, and heroin anytime anywhere and you KNOW that will never change. That money will never even put a dent in the flow. There is nothing you can do except accept human nature and work with it instead of against it. You lose because you try to control and abolish, I win because I give up and adapt. I’ve got your fucking war...When I was a child you had me, like Hitler who aimed his propaganda at children, but I grew up and read between the lies. There is one thing I still believe from those days, drugs DO separate the winner from the loser....

All this talk of abuse implies that moderate use can happen, but you make it ALL sound like abuse. Concerning narcotics, when someone does go down you say, “well if someone is stupid enough to do that then they get what they deserve!” You give the alcoholic compassion, “Oh but its a disease!” but what do you give a junkie? More pain. Junkies are not losers they are humans, I care more about junkies than I do about any politician. The real loser is the whole country, because you Bill don’t rely on common sense, or GOD or virtue, you rely on speech writers and popularity. I don’t give a fuck what middle America, caravan drivin’, soccer moms think, they got the socially acceptable prescription drugs to keep them numb. You do not care about your brothers and sisters, I DO! Put sixteen billion into detox-rehab-Ibogaine-homeopathic-wellness centers and you will be forgiven of your sin. Write your own script you puppet...

I have undermined your little Ricki Lake/Montel Williams-lets-grill the-pothead mentality, and shattered the “dopey” stereotype. I’ve smoked pot and tripped for six years, I started as a teenager and I will stop when I’m good and ready. You want a war, I’ve got your fucking war. Go ahead and book the trailer park mom with the son she puffs herb with, go ahead and get his little brainwashed brother to come on and beg them to stop, go ahead and get an audience to yell at the mom and the older brother...and then book me.

Last night I saw another PDFA advertisement. A girl named April who was 16 said she got high and that she then got date raped. She blamed marijuana for being a slut. Then she said,

"marijuana won't get you nowhere"

This morning I look at the ITHACA JOURNAL and on the front page is a story about how CARL SAGAN was an avid pot smoker and that it inspired some of his intellectual work...HMMM who am I going to believe, some little slut PDFA paid to spread their BS or a world famous astronomer/author and fellow Ithacan who was highly motivated and intelligent...You know Jay Leno would have had a field day with this if Carl was a stupid politician. I saw a man on Politically Incorrect say drugs have done nothing good for people, he is a clergyman, he benefits from prohibition because he needs a scapegoat, if he were a shaman, musician, artist, writer or chaos mathematician he might feel differently. He has no empathy for drugs and therefore his opinion is meaningless. The USA network just aired Dazed & Confused and they cut out the scene where Slater mentions how George Washington grew Cannabis.


I imagine the tobacco farmers of today are starting to feel like the hemp farmers of yesteryear. Sixty years ago assholes named Anslinger, Melon, and DuPont, eager to usher in the polymer age THEIR way screwed these farmers of their lifeline, their meal ticket. These co-conspirators had to resort to propaganda to denounce this vital cash crop. Today the facts speak for themselves, tobacco is addictive and deadly, anyone willing to disagree with me needs only to pull their head out of their ass momentarily for an objective reality check.

In both cases however there is a common bond, and that is that it is unnecessary to impose prohibition on a plant or the people who willingly partake of it. Reefer Madness has taught us this. A front orchestrated by industry lobbyists and bureaucrats, played out with demonizing P.S.A.’s and ill conceived programs, all intended to brainwash children, induce guilt in parents and appease an old stupid minority. Being a guinea pig for the second wave of Reefer Madness (Just say No) I can honestly say it worked. I was convinced that anyone who would do such a terrible thing as smoke dehydrated Cannabis flowers must be evil, suicidal, scum. This caused me great pain as it dawned on me several of my relatives smoked pot. The Partnership for a Drug Free America and DARE are responsible for that pain.

Those stupid fucks are also responsible for the increase of pot smoking in the high schools now. Metaphorically speaking they put pot, an otherwise innocent cookie, in a jar and put the jar way up on the top shelf. That's called demonization. They tell the kids, “we don’t want you getting into this...” but at the same time they fail to tell them why. What the fuck did they expect to happen? Assuming everyone between the ages of 21 and 10 has had or is having this same experience, is it no wonder our collective curiosity has peaked to the point that it never had to be “pushed” on us?

We know there is no such thing as drug related crime (even though alcohol does cause crime, alcohol is to me beyond the definition of “drug” because it doesn't do anything but cook neurons) only prohibition related crime. Think about it. Nobody flips their shit when they get down to one beer or cigarette cuz they know they can cruise down to the mini-mart and get more. The black market doesn't allow for that luxury. Junkies and crackheads don’t enjoy robbing people and they don’t enjoy acute withdrawal...

If you can’t differentiate between narcotics, Cannabis, psychedelics, and prescription drugs you don’t deserve an opinion. Yes, its convenient to lump them all together and give the word “drugs” a bad meaning but its also stupid. Narcotics are illegal to keep the DEA, Coast Guard, cops, SWAT, mafias, and drug lords employed for the black budget, Cannabis is illegal because it can render countless industries useless, psychedelics are illegal because anyone who partakes of them deduces the obvious and determines that everything the establishment has to offer sucks and that mental health is alot simpler than they want you to believe.

Collectively they, like TV, allow victims something to blame, including the user, the criminal justice system gives bad guys a break if they blame their ill behavior on their drug habit so of course they do. All the other drugs are legal because that's the best way to wring the most money out of them...

Between the prison overcrowding, the propaganda, the black market profits, and all the environmental, industrial, and medicinal uses of Cannabis you have to question what the fuck is going on here...Logic vs. stupidity, objective reality vs. emotion, I’m sick of it...

The dictionary defines “hemp” and “marijuana” as the same thing, Cannabis. This is a true statement, but THC and fiber are entirely different. I had an opportunity to ask a state trooper a simple question, “Does it matter how much THC is in the green leafy substance when you bust someone?” to which he replied “No”. This in effect means that the law can’t differentiate between dope and rope. Where do you draw the line? An oinker can seize your hard earned cash and more for having a stem or seed. The law can’t tolerate us growing it or smoking it but its OKAY to braid imported hemp or swallow synthetic THC (Marinol) when we BUY it from a pharmacy. I think people are forgetting that most medicines were originally derived from plants. The organic THC is superior for several reasons, smoking it allows better control over dosage, you can grow it, etc.,...All these Clinical Government tests are a waste of time and money. If a person says that it eases pain, lessens nausea, or decreases pressure of ocular fluid, then it does. Why are they weighing anecdotal truths against the ill informed emotional response of stupid people? Not to mention it is just as useful as a preventative medicine. When you get home from work, you’re achey, stressed and ready to kick the dog, a few puffs of herb is just what the doctor ordered. When it comes to daily stress reduction alcohol is not practical or healthy compared to getting stoned. You alcoholic dads go straight to a bar after work, get sloshed, come home and act like assholes to your wife and kids. The pothead dad comes home, smokes a bowl, fixes up some munchies and watches cartoons with his kids...Hey Tritt, buddy, the whiskey NEVER worked! (and would you like some cheese with that whine?)

I was flippin’ through an issue of Police Chief magazine and there was an article about how legalization wasn’t a viable option. Can you say “BIASED” boys and girls? I was at a friends house and we were puffin’ down a “Godfatha blunt” (has a whole eighth in it), and the Ithacops show up on a noise complaint. They ended up pocketing my friends hard earned cash ($200) which he earned at a shitty Mcjob simply because he kept it stashed with his herb. After I was frisked and questioned I asked one of the pigs if he preferred busting mellow potheads over busting strung out crackheads with guns. He openly admitted that he felt safer busting potheads. If cops just have to see Pothead culture for probable cause, and then keep busy fucking around with these people (who are even more chilled out than sober people) and then get to abuse forfeiture laws I guess its easy to see why they want the black market to exist. The article went on to say that nobody has proposed any good plan for legalization. Bullshit. Gatewood Galbraith did. Now I will.

Premise 1- Farmers don’t give two shits about what they grow as long as it provides. On or off the black market Cannabis is the most profitable cash crop conceivable.

Premise 2- Tylenol has killed more people than pot

Premise 3- I have a right to ingest (smoke) anything I want

THEREFORE: As a cash crop and as a medicine it is superior and should be utilized.


  • * End P.D.F.A. and DARE
  • * End prohibition on Cannabis and psychedelics
  • * End Analog Act
  • * Keep narcotics illegal
  • - start needle exchange program
  • - start narcotics (in exchange) for guns program
  • - convert methadone clinics into Ibogaine clinics/wellness centers
  • * Release all non-violent drug law offenders out of prison
  • * No mandatory minimums
  • * No asset forfeiture
  • * Adopt European model of Cannabis marketing, psychedelics-buyer beware, as its always been...shrooms no prob

Old white men are our elected representatives but how can they “represent” the tossed salad that is America? Bill Clinton is a puppet, Bob Dole doesn't exactly have his finger on the pulse of America. Politicians don’t want to be leaders and they don’t want to be responsible. Their lip service, their wannabe rhetoric, their oral defecation reveals their potential as leaders. What they do want is to remain wishy washy in the hopes nobody will pull a JFK on their asses. So I guess we can’t really blame them, anyone who actually stands for progress and harmony usually gets shot (JFK, MLK, Marley, Lennon...) If they really wanted to be leaders they would grow a sack, sprout a patch, and offer detailed solutions to the disease instead of the constant “I’m gonnas” about the symptoms. They should be willing to die for their country.

What happened to the uncommon common man of yesteryear? What happened to the Idealism of our founding fathers? Its all been snuffed out by “vital corporate interests”. Y’know, America was founded by people who were pissed off with the shit imposed on them by their fucked up, corrupted government. Do we see a pattern here? Unfortunately in today's time period the people who are intelligent or aware enough to be pissed have no place to start over, no native lands and people to exploit. Nope, we don’t have those luxuries and if we did we know better than to use them as they are inferior, patriarchal, ego-based methods.

I made a list of superior methods of recovery. I could probably list 50 more but I will deal with shit when it is brought to my attention. But just to give you an idea of my priorities... I will admit the suggestions are extreme but these are extreme times. Besides I wouldn’t even have to be here if “they” hadn’t fucked it up so much. I simply believe that love and female intuition should dictate our fate, not lobbyists. Our future stops in 14 years anyway so...If we were to fully utilize the following basic ideas there would be a smoother transition back to what we never had...I hear old people bitching and moaning about how things were better back in the day, hell I’m starting to say it and I’m only 21. Saturday morning cartoons are cheesier and toys are goofier than they were in the eighties, (what the fuck is a BeetleBorg?) thank God for the Star Wars comeback... You geezers had your chance, I wasn’t around for the 1950’s and you ain’t gonna be around for the 2050’s so don’t you dare dis another Gen Xer. We may be disillusioned and lazy but its only because we were born into a world that you created/allowed to continue, I’m not trying to blame, I’m just trying to point out that we Gen Xers don’t have any simple world to compare to this one. We didn’t have Howdy Doody, or Father Knows Best. We have Sesame Street and Good Times. We didn’t have Connie Francis and Burl Ives we have Faith No More and Skinny Puppy. I have to work with what I know, and frankly I don’t have the time to reminisce. While you’re watching reruns of Matlock, my fellow Gen Xers and I are gonna be saying, “Uh, yes...that's one ass-kick to go, and would you like fries with that?”

Government is a half assed attempt to replace GOD

* End the house and senate. Replace old white dudes with Domestic Cultural Ambassadors. Allow all demographics representation. Create on-line government. Allow actual citizens to vote on proposed legislature by phone. Each vote could be some form of credit as incentive to vote. Phone bills used to vouch security in the process.

* Open house classrooms. Curriculum overhaul based on the fact that right now none of it has anything to do with reality. Spiritual awareness, values, creativity, and relationship skills stressed. More hobby, recreation, and leisure time. Emphasis on learning NOT passing. Laptops for every high school freshman, new VR biology, vocational, science, math software. No hardcopy textbooks, the marketing compromises the content.

* Tolerance for ontological anarchy. Provide permanent (sorry Mr. Bey I can’t settle for temporary) autonomous zones. In each state the county with the worst conditions is designated as a Utopian Competition Reserve. Each PAZ would compete for the ideal model of existence. Winning qualifications based on how much was imported into PAZ after initial set-up, ecological, economical, and human harmony improvements over national par. Voluntary segregation for people who are sick of this paradigm. Currency optional living .Regenerative housing, decentralized interdependency.

* $ 7.00 minimum wage.

* Free energy for homes and vehicles.

* Ban all feminine product advertising

* End cattle industry subsidizing.

* No secondary uses for wildlife refuges

* start farming hemp/bio-mass production, subsequent eco-friendly industry.

* End animal testing, replace with murderers/rapists. Its a great crime deterrent and it allows for more accurate test results. For example, when you pour some new, and at this point in history not needed, would-be product down a dogs throat, its yelping could be interpreted in any number of ways. If a human is used he can say, "yes that burns, I am going to puke" or "I am going to pass out now and If I'm lucky die"

* Enter current death row folk into organ donor lottery, cuz they can serve society better in pieces. (NOTE: It was not my idea to punish or kill assouls but if you’re going to, don’t do it half ass, y’know what I’m sayin?) This also ends the cloning issue until JUST parts can be made.

* Utilize military for Earth repairs. I want the Peace Corps, the Marines, Greenpeace, etc....all working together so those Slash-n-burn rainforest folk don’t need to live off that land...I want the roadside/riverside clean-up crew to be more prestigious than lawyers and CEO’s, in gods eyes they already are...

* Ban Lobbying

* Government allocated grants, funding, venture capital for entrepreneurs/inventors, free patents

* Free nationwide daycare

* Beautification, social service, and education programs

* Increase Sin tax, eliminate slush-n-pork

* Mandatory recycling in all 50 states

* Zero tolerance pollution laws