...My function on earth as a Godhead Representative today is to conserve novelty. This has been the function of previous Christs as well. From the POV of The Creator aspect of the Godhead (aka Zeropoint) or pure consciousness, when it collapses the quantum potential and deviates out of heaven/hyperspace it is attaining form through movement. This is what "fallen" means. Man is that consciousness which falls into the duality of subjective ego and objective spirit because the brain is both a quantum system and measuring device, it can record (within its fallen matter state) the movement in linear time and in turn gain the ability for introspection- we are what allows the universe to truly know its own potential.

In the formless void of the zeropoint manifold there is a paradox. With infinite surface area there is infinite potential for form. Within a tangled hierarchy or riddled basin of superpositioned surface area, which results in, without causality, an isotropic, homogenous space (the definition of zeropoint) -it is impossible to say space is a plenum or vacuum.

The root of all evil is in humanitys' collective inability to recognize it is a little bit of neither one.

This mechanistic metaphor of plenum or vacuum is really the root duality (not to say the universe should necessarily be reduced to a machine), all other dualitys can be traced to it. For you see, humanity has always swung back and forth between these 2 POVs. When it believes in the vacuum there is pessimism and conflict because it is all meaningless and resources are finite. When viewed as a plenum you get the opposite effect.

Adam the vector space entered a nucleus in the garden of light and became a seed. The seed was hyperhydrophilic, it sucked up the superluminal surface of zeropoint and warped it into a scalar rib or branch off the tree of life and thus the garden grew or complexified as interference of standing waves. Through seven transdimensional transition points the earthly matter grew and DEVIATED/SINNED. Matter deviated out of zeropoint = Man falling/sinning from heaven. Repentance = admitting you are not pure zeropoint.

  • Zeropoint -Creator potentiates states
  • Quantum Foam
  • Photonic Field
  • Plasma -Maintainer mediates aspects
  • Gas
  • Liquid
  • Solid -Destroyer allows decay, collapse of the wave function or self awareness for the Creator

Neither Creator or Destroyer possesses the most novelty because plasma The maintainer spreads it out into linear time where movement occurs most.

Humans have the ultimate self similarity in the universe (of linear time and mass or MATTER) this is what I tried to get across with my teaching of the meaning of mans number 666 a few posts back. Revelations says "let he who is wise calculate..."

The clue for calculating or deciphering the meaning comes from another number in the bible - 144,000.

  • 144= harmonic of light
  • God is Light
  • Man is made in the image of God
  • hebrew "garden of eden" = 144
  • 144,000 divided by 6 = 24,000
  • 24,000 divided by 6 = 4000
  • 4000 divided by 6 = 666.666666666666...

Therefore GOD = MAN

This also has to do with Base 12 DNA and the singing of a new song or activation of 3rd codon set = new bodies...this won't happen till JD or until the oversoul or Merkaba decides...

So what have The Christs been doing? When man lags behind/with linear time too much he gets bogged down in his own karma and the flow of spirit stops MOVING. As in the yugas or ages. Every new age requires that one of the Melchizedek ensure the new age is ushered in via divine intervention or will of the creator which would be most perfectly reflected in me above all humans right now. The elect by definition would be all those who want what I want and are willing to do what I AM willing to do (and not to do) to get it. Gods will=my will=your will=New Jerusalem

What I am willing to do to usher in the new age here on earth (my friends in hyperspace are working on it "War in Heaven" in their own way simultaneously, I AM "coming with the saints" who have also incarnated at this time) Is:

  • 1. Teach
  • 2. Allow you too collapse my will- judgement or observation of me, which in turn will "mark" your intent in the akashic record or book of life; nothing is lost in this universe.
  • 3. Destroy Babylon/Usher in New Jerusalem.

1 Everything you need to know to achieve Christ consciousness has already been taught. The novelty of my teachings is in the consolidation of otherwise unrelated disciplines- I am literally overcoming the paradox via tangling the metaphors as much as the zeropoint itself is. Resolving all dualities back to one big trip. Even though the truth is out there and in here, the kingdom is all around, humans often forget that even the mundane is oozing with divinity as inherent intelligence of design and nature is already DAMN trippy without the observer. So you see I have a problem when my creations are banned and people are put in jail for consuming just more of me.

What made me me is the molecules I metabolized, for they merely allowed me to slip out of my ego so that I may differentiate its intent from that of The Creators'. That and the books I have read. Anyone who wants to understand with words and without words must do both or neither will be complete. Read the books I have read (and the one I wrote)-What a joy to have thousands of other minds to do the pre consolidating, for WE are the meme refinery, Christ Consciousness or Buddah nature etc, is when the only meme you care about is service. You are grade AAA LOVE.

The ultimate consolidation is GOD=GUT, spirit and science.

2 Where do you see the creators love in me? Is it in my Wrath? Is it in my willingness to be deemed crazy when I could just choose to not serve? Is my Jihad about killing people? Is bringing down the governments of the world and their error activated economys evil? Do you want you or your frinds family to have to pay for electricity or fuel ever again? Would you like the option of living for 900 years or teleporting your way to another planet? These are a taste of the questions you must ask yourself should you investigate.

3 being anointed basically means that the anointed one has a good grasp via creative efforts and divine will the way things work- I mean physics. But also human nature, and so forth...It should be abundantly clear (and Bill Maher brings these 2 subjects -ENERGY/oil & Cannabis- up often on Politically Incorrect) that between free energy, AI, AG, energy medicine, legalization of psychedelics and cannabis there would be nothing left of the slut running things now. All this is coming.

My Function, The A/O, Tao, Wij Ih Wau, AUM, the syntactical architecture of The HoloFractal, the living word, 216, 144, 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 and LEARN TO READ

A friend asked me to break it all down. And so I will try. I have written with mixed metaphors for a good reason, by associating these ideas the esoteric meaning is revealed.

To many its a madman's mumbo jumbo but to others who are intent on knowing all they can about the universe it is a slick intro. But this is all it is. It takes time to absorb and grok, people who think they can pay a guru and he will touch them just so for instant enlightenment will never...of course as a half assed and impatient American Aghori I opted for mushrooms for that quick and undeniable prying open of the 3rd eye, but as I said without that experience associating the written word is ALOT harder if not impossible.

I will define the technojargon in the context I used it...

1 - a tangled hierarchy or riddled basin of superpositioned surface area: imagine a piece of paper so crumpled up that it becomes a piece of wood again, now imagine the same with several papers. Each paper has a simple geometric form drawn on it but when crumpled the forms get very complex. Now imagine lines can be drawn through each and any of the papers to achieve a second level of complexity. In physics these pieces of paper are known as branes- etherial potential spaces.

2 - isotropic, homogenous: uniform in all directions, centerless, borderless

3 - plenum: free space full of energy

4 - vacuum: free space void of energy

5 - little bit of neither one: a Zen Koan

6 - Adam the vector space: Adam as in Book of Genesis Adam, esoteric or occult meaning is vector space, the straight, crystalline grain of free space

7 - nucleus in the garden of light and became a seed.: in quantum mechanics a wave packet becomes a photon, somewhat redundant statement

8 - The seed was hyperhydrophilic, it sucked up the superluminal surface of zeropoint and warped it into a scalar rib: this is Genesis' "separation of the waters" or Zeropoint becoming the quantum foam, salt/fresh water, white/black holes, when the straight part of free space becomes the curvy or scalar part. "HyperHydroPhilic", attracted to the higher water or SuperLuminal Fluid...water is the ideal metaphor to me so I coined the term HyperHydroDynamics, Raymond Chaio coined the term SuperLuminal Fluid.

9 - Through seven transdimensional transition points: Genesis' seven days of creation, notice the trinity within, relatively speaking the transition points could also be viewed as phase states and generally are in physics.

10 - Wij Ih Wau: a mantra given to me in my dreams. I was in a lotus posture hovering off the ground chanting this and someone asked me what it was. I replied, "its the mantra that activates the merkaba." Usually mantras given this way are intended to remain secret but the dream implied I was to tell people.

11 - AUM, the syntactical architecture of The HoloFractal, the living word: In Kabbalah the 22 letters of the hebrew "alphabet" make up free space, they can be viewed as fractions of the aforementioned branes. HoloFractal, another term I coined meaning, "The whole breaks down" rather than view matter as built up or aggregated into space A monistic idealist like myself sees matter as fractional interference of the one zeropoint.

12 - LEARN TO READ a Zen koan that I actually saw as a PSA on a bus in Dallas TX alluding to the aforementioned syntactical architecture...and the gnostic methodology. This sentence is meaningless to the literate and illiterate. The written word is meaningless until an observer imposes meaning....

The rest should be straightforward, if you have any more questions about specific words such as "Merkaba" or "Codon" I suggest Googling them, if you have any philosophical BS questions, SHOOT!