EM activation of AIDS and Rev. 16:2


The following is the association of 3 pieces which seem to indicate a correlation between prophecy and the current work of Tom Bearden. I have personally interpreted the First Beast of Revelations as the infosphere infratructure etc,.. It is already known that EM fields inherently disrupt geomagnetic and bioelectric systems but the potential for severe manipulation using Toms latest innovation, the Fogal Transistor, will only compound the problem and make the populace that much more vulnerable. Part one is excerpted from an interview by the "Sovereign Scribe" with Al Bielek at


Part two comes from an article I found online


This article is rather dumbed down as can be expected- to make it comprehensible but to those in the know, scalar waves=hyperspatial communication= increased manipulation potential - compare to the heavy technojargon here


Revelation 16

1 Then I heard a loud voice from the temple saying to the seven angels, "Go, pour out the seven bowls of God's wrath on the earth."

2 The first angel went and poured out his bowl on the land, and ugly and painful sores broke out on the people who had the mark of the beast and worshiped his image.


There's only one area where he stuck his nose out and he's gotten himself in trouble, and that was when he spoke out about AIDS, the causes and cures of AIDS. He has his book: AIDS: Biological Warfare; and it's a bombshell. And he got more than got his wrists slapped over that because he stated very flatly the causes and the potential cures, (accurately,) for the most part. He alluded to the electromagnetic cures but he also did not point out, though I haven't read the book in full, he accurately states there is no electromagnetic connection. There certainly is in so far as the triggering mechanisms are concerned.

The virus gets into the body. The body, if it's working at all, and you're not already dead, the immune system automatically puts up a defense to the virus and isolates it. And then it sits there in the body for "umpteen" periods of time. It may run 6 months, it may run 10 years and nothing happens. Sometimes it never happens with a person. They've got the virus in them all this time. They'll get an HIV plus reaction on the test because of the antibody reaction with the chemicals they use in the testing. But that doesn't mean the person automatically is going to come down with the disease. Its not automatic.

There are other factors involved. The weakening of the immune system and triggering the mechanism of the reproduction of the virus. Anything that triggers it such as pulsed electromagnetic fields will start it going, that's why most of your AIDS cases are in the big cities, and very little in the rural are". You go well north of Denver there are no charted cases as such.

SS: Why is that, because there are just free floating electromagnetic waves?

AB: It's because of the concentrated electromagnetic pollution in our big cities. The major problem seems to be our TV stations. The fact that they use pulsed transmission class D transmission for higher efficiency and to get a better picture out further and also to avoid some of the problem in reception. They also additionally use circular polarization. But the pulsed transmission as characteristics of a TV, they can do this on AM, they can not do it on FM. It's very, very complex and very difficult. But with the signal for TV, which is AM, or for the Voice of America AM broadcasting facilities which are all over Africa and various places around the world, which are now running megawatts of power, there are also class D pulse modulation. And this stuff generates enormous harmonies and is very disruptive to the body's physiology. This may be the key to what's going on with the AIDS, the rise of the cases in the cities.

But he (Bearden) got into this and he got into the fact that the government knows the cause and they probably know the cure and boy, they came down on him. It's part of the government policy, they don't want a cure for AIDS - it's part of the population control program. The Navy did a private estimate a couple of years ago on a classified study how many people were likely to come down with AIDS by the year 2000, as an example. Their computer studies said by the year 2000 there will not be man or beast, vertabrea beast, on the face of the earth that doesn't have the virus in him. And they don't know how many will succumb or how long it will be if there will even be any human race left.

...TC: This class D pulse modulation, is it scalar?

AB: No. It produces RF sidebands and harmonic sidebands which are damaging and it may produce some scalar components. I don't think anybody's done a good study on that. But it's not doing this deliberately if it is. See, all tube-type transmitters, and all of these are great big transmitter tubes, all produce some of the higher order energies, and some solar-type transmission without it being intended. This is one of the reasons why, any ordinary AM transmitter produces some of those higher order energies, and if you want overseas reception you have to use tube-type receivers particularly the types designed by T. Henry Morey and Tesla in the 1930's, to get a consistent reception from overseas. The solid state receivers are worth the powder to blow them for the most part, not the commercial ones. They do not work that well. They lose part of the components. They lose all the higher order energies which you need to reinsert in the processing in the signal in order to prevent the very severe fading effects which normally occur.

TC: Can they put the subliminal messages on CD's and cassette tapes?

AB: Not readily on magnetic tape bemuse you have a very limited frequency range in which they work. They could probably do it on laser discs. They couldn't do it on a CD audio disc because your frequency range is too limited them

SS: Are there any things you can use to protect yourself from ELFs and these waves?

AB: Yes there are devices available and I have one that might be one of them. I have not examined it, it's the first time I saw it. We'll have it measure it to see what it's putting out, take it apart and look at it. But there are devices that have been available are still available that do help. There's more than one approach. The 7.83 hertz human resonance thing is one of the most reliable. It's only about 35% effective. It does not help everybody, but it is helpful.


Looking through walls, communicating instantly with distant galaxies or just gaining clearer television reception could all be possible with refinement of the transistors that Bill Fogal soldered and glued together on his kitchen table in Martinez.

He demonstrated the Fogal Semiconductor on Monday afternoon in an Augusta Technical Institute electronics classroom while making a pitch for the funding needed for more laboratory testing. Sitting around student work benches, 15 engineers - from the U.S. Navy, a computernetwork company, and a telephone company - watched Mr. Fogal's television as he showed how his device affected the contrast of a videotape promoting Disney World.

After the video extolled the adventure of ``Tomorrow Land,'' partner Tom Bearden offered fantastic possibilities for the future with Mr. Fogal's development. `

`It's not voodoo. It's not magic. It's just science that has been on the shelf since 1903,'' said Mr. Bearden, a retired Army aerospace nuclear engineer.

As scientists applied basic physics over the decades, they took shortcuts to create the communications tools used today, he said. Those scientists ignored physical properties that work better, according to Mr. Bearden.

Mr. Fogal simply applied some of that ``forgotten science'' in creating his transistor, Mr. Bearden said.

``It's a different slant from what everybody is doing because nobody was taught this,'' said Sam Little, vice president for technology at Networks Online. He came to Augusta to study the transistor's potential for speeding up computer and Internet operations.

``If they can do what they say they can do, they have brought it up to a point where it takes a wellfinanced, sophisticated organization to carry it further,'' said Merle Temple, Augusta-area public relations director for BellSouth. He brought an engineer to the demonstration to see if Mr. Fogal's technology offers highquality communications on ordinary telephone wires at a fraction of the cost of fiber optic cable.

Mr. Fogal and Mr. Bearden have two patents and are applying for two more. What they need next, though, is a customer to pay the millions of dollars needed to research commercial application of what they have discovered.

In essence, the transistor ignores the signal transmitted through the wire because of static. Instead, it collects the noise-free signal traveling in a hallo of energy flowing outside the wire, as Mr. Bearden explained it.

As an example, he said conventional electronics was like a water wheel powered by a stream diverted from a river. Instead of getting power from the little stream, the Fogal Semiconductor uses the water current from the whole river. At the same time, it uses a transmitter that combines energy waves into ``galloping waves'' that spurt at more than one hundred times the speed of light. That allows it to fold a video signal into a direct current of electricity and also to increase the speed of processing.


Anyone familiar with Toms' work knows that he is as versed in "fringe" technology as anyone. In the above article he was clearly sugar coating the Fogal Transistor and who can blame him? I urge you to look over the entire freezone website to get a grasp of the implications. That site was put up in the early 90's, the Fogal transistor and solicitation to the various players (2001) is almost prophetic. It makes you wonder about Tom. On the one hand he helped develop Sweets' work- the most promising of solid state overunity devices, but then he is working on this Fogal transistor which while offering incredible potential for advancement it also will enable "mood alteration" to a unprecedented level. "Looking through walls"

"one hundred times the speed of light" should be a red flag regardless of my opinion.