Division - choose a side


Throughout history folks have been asked or forced to choose between two opposing positions. In a democracy you have the option to choose between candiddates, in a tyrannical system you are forced to go along with what is imposed OR suffer the consequences.

With the prior you have the choice to vote from several options with no one candidate particularly offering anything in the form of a solution to big issues, with the latter both options undoubtedly suck.

Caesar did it, Rockefellar did it, and now George W. Bush is. Roman Empire, Standard Oil, U.S. Corporate interests - its all the same bullshit.

With the End Times however a division will occur that is unprecedented, and the reason is in the reasoning. The Mark of The beast vs. The Mark of Christ, separating the wheat from the weeds, sheep from the goats



The tyranny of the aforementioned and the division they insisted on was obviously engaged so that a person could be identified as aligning for or against. With Christ this is true as well. The difference between these tyrants and Christ, their empires and New Jerusalem is that this division effects the future of the soul, it is apolitical and ultimate.

Now there are a lot of folks who have already made their alignments in this division, some by exemplary acts, others by professed statements. Some folks think that they are chosen or elect, some folks hate religion, some are ignorant and still others apathetic. These are all real indicators of where one stands in the eyes of God, but no division will occur until I am judged. Corinthians 6:3 Do you not know that we will judge angels? How much more the things of this life!

The reason for this is: the standard for which these alignments have occurred has not been present in 2000 years - the current alignments are based on deviations, rebellion, reformations, propaganda and all manner of falsehood.

The TRUE Body of Christ, The Bride, Spiritual Israel will come out of all religions even atheists and satanists, all subcultures races and age groups. I know in general terms who my people are but for the sake of their humility I will not say.

There is no way for me to judge each individual on the planet but they can all judge me and in so doing choose a mark, then they can have their personal Akashic record audited come JD.