ZEUS - A solid-state overunity device that combines Teslas radiant energy receiver ideas with Reichs Orgone accumulator ideas.

Another self indulgent Abstract/Essay by Mathew G. Whitney

Clever idea Nicki but where do we put the meters?

Perhaps no other sentence spoken in history was as damning to future generations as the above. A response to the offer of wireless transmission of electricity. If you ask me Tesla was being generous because the system offered at least involved transmission, and that can be regulated even if reception canít. Generous because he reluctantly supplied an idealogically compromised energy infrastructure, wires at least need continual maintenance.

So what if Tesla had come to Westinghouse with not a system with a central generator linearly distributing energy with wires but rather a simple unit. The single device would redundantly, unobtrusively find its way into everything from basements to boats. Surely Westinghouse would have seen the immediate gains but would he have been able to project this technology into the future? Could he see that the difference between these two energy infrastructures would be so immense? Can you imagine what 2002 would look like had Westinghouse opted for the redundant micropower system?

In the inevitable phasing out of one technology for a better one capitalism says to the inferior technology, ěya had a nice run, now deal or go brokeî When Edison invented the light bulb it replaced the need for stinky dangerous kerosene and the oil industry was threatened. Soon enough the internal combustion engine provided a new market for oil, which in turn killed Edisons electric car and battery pack station business. Back then electric cars were superior. So as the pendulum swings back the question is, how much mercy should we have on the petroleum industry? More or less than they possess? More because petroleum is so integrated. Less for the same reason.

Who cares?! Its capitalism and there are plenty of countries with no vested interest in oil anyway. It would be so cool to see a country bypass the industrial age!

  • ORAC = storm cloud
  • Bion grounding rod = leader stroke
  • electroluminescence = return stroke
  • work = forest fire, glass

Also like the XXIT, ZEUS works by creating a vortex and tapping energy from the neck of the vortex, instead of a ferrofluid the medium is orgone, Wilhelm Reichs term for a Superluminal Fluid known by many names throughout history- akasha, chi, prana, quasi electrostatic bio-plasma, etc. The behavior of orgone is unique and if understood in association with sacred geometry can be directed to do work, in this case the work is the excitation of gas atoms within a driver tube.

We'll begin our abstract of ZEUS with the assumption the reader is versed in orgone theory, if not please Google the word orgone do a little reading and come back.

Ambient orgone is available from free space at all times as is ZPE, (yes I differentiate the two making the Z in ZEUS something of a misnomer) but unlike ZPE orgone density fluctuates with sunlight. Conventional cubical orgone accumulators stagnate and are designed for human tolerances, the ZEUS accumulator walls are harmonically layered at specific angles so that a orgone vortex is created. The vortex is meant to overcome the tendancy to get a weak charge at night and on overcast days. From the outside ZEUS has an obelisk shape, this is its accumulator box.

The orgone vortex has a neck which superpositions a gas filled driver tube in the center of the accumulator box. When the orgone density in the tube becomes sufficient it will excite the gas atoms inside the tube. This is a process I call Reverse Electroluminescence. Since the charge comes from ambient space the driver tube is not connected to a current but a resonant switching device (powered by a small battery, the only input) This keeps the gas atoms oscillating at a orgophilic frequency close to ultraviolet.

In order to harness this resonance in the driver tube and attain more energy out of the system than the battery puts in we simply allow it to act as the primary coil in a transformer, the coil wrapped around it is the secondary, when the gas atoms return to a ground state induction occurs in the secondary. From there the coil is connected to a series of capacitor banks, isolation transformer, spark gap, load and finally to a Bion Grounding Rod.

With ZEUS we are becoming sympathetic to orgones innate frequency, allowing it to morphogetically self amplify and harnessing its interaction with a closed system. It works similar to Floyd Sweets device in that you only have to keep an oscillation in the medium for energy to drain out of it and into the system, in this case however it is not negative energy utilized. And like his device ZEUS is susceptible to environmental changes, but ZEUS compensates by understanding orgone.

ZEUS was designed for single homes but some scaling down would be possible. It needs to be outside as it is, the scaled down version could be used ubiquitously.

As simple as this sounds I have yet to attain the means for a prototype. One was attempted a few years ago but I lacked the money for proper tools, facilities, and well you know the story like my other essay/abstract I have left out a critical detail or two to make my IP non-enabling but Iíve given enough to convey feasibility.

I'll tell you where you can put those meters!