Human nature

Posted By: Vlad

Some interesting extracts from the new energy yahoo.groups postings:

"ICI's own paints laboratory held an internal audit and what they found puts this claim in an entirely different light. For the audit showed that the most scientifically qualified of its research chemists had contributed to the least number of patents, and the fewer scientific qualifications the staff possessed, the greater the number of patents they had contributed to. In the most striking case of all, the person who had contributed to most ICI's patents had no scientific qualifications at all.

It seems that Maurice Ward's greatest strength as a researcher was that he had not been taught how to think."

source: http://www.alternativescience.com/flame-proof.htm

... People, I'm reading all these notes going back and forth in defense of one or another and, even though it's not something to laugh about, I smile thinking of the famous Rodney King lament "why can't we get aloooong!?":-)

The answer is simple: it is human nature and only those who understand its complexity can control it and take advantage of it. To change it, it's wishful thinking, period. But like the two poles in a magnet, there is always good and bad in the human nature true, in various proportions, but both aspects are there, in all of us!

Ego is probably the most powerful of them all and it can push some to amazing accomplishments but equally easy to ridicule and destruction, when it takes over the reason. So what if Tim wants the Nobel Prize? I met a guy who thinks he's the Second Coming of Tesla and the Christ/AntiChrist (I'm not clear yet). He has no scientific qualifications at all but he's a self taught genius with brilliant ideas, the kind of Maurice Ward from somebody's note above. That's the human nature part we should be focusing on.

There is nothing wrong to stand up to bullying, to be honest and fair and ask that from others. Some people need that to bring them "down to Earth". Others don't get it, and for the benefit of the cause and the many, we must continue without them.

I agree that the experimenters out there are the soul of the free energy movement (and the soul has a mind of its own). I wish the "brain mind" would be awaken (the scientist, theoreticians like the JPL guy) because it has been proven they can help tremendously to shorten the way to the target by cutting through empiricism and the hard work of the trial and error experimenters.

But the bottom line here is that this is a WAR and we have to prove we're not just a bunch of losers that sacrifice our lives (time, money, career, family you name it) to build stupid toys that run cold and run web sites because it's in fashion. Gentlemen, what we want to do is change the world by bringing free energy to everybody on this planet, and, as a byproduct, trigger the next chapter in physics.

All we need is that working unit that can prove it is possible and can be sold to whoever wants to buy it. As in any war, we need war tactics and strategies, discipline, organization and commitment (there are big words but I don't know better ones). Most of all, we need each other, we need to set aside our differences, get the best out of us to win, or we'll be divided and conquered, as it happened before. In hindsight, if we don't succeed, I hope we can live with the shame and our magnificent ego.