This is a letter I sent out to a group of astrologers who had commented on Tesla's natal chart:


My name is Adaluncatif Melchizedek, the vessel was named Mathew G. Whitney.

I was born March 10 1975 at 5:13 a.m. in Ithaca NY USA

on February 16th 1996 I had a vision and shall we say a message...long story short I have since determined that I am The Christ and next incarnation of the same oversoul that produced Nikola Tesla. Besides biblical prophecy I have found corroberative evidence (winter of 98) in a trilogy of books called CONVERSATIONS WITH NOSTRADAMUS by Dolores Cannon.

I am contacting you all because I came across your feedback regarding NT's chart and I was hoping for your feedback on mine. On my 22nd birthday I went to see an astrologer named Linda Ruth. At the time I was hesitant and actually scared to claim these titles to another person. I'm over this now of course and so...its all a matter of timing. In regards to my being outted the bible says that nobody knows when, only the father.

My great aunt is a witch and I myself played around with a oujai board. signs seem to indicate that May 2002 is when the seed capital for my inventions will arrive.

I appreciate your discernment here and open mindedness. Most folks upon hearing my claim immediatly dismiss me with "crazy" and "druggie" tripe and thats fine, I AM, after all here to seperate not convert...what I appreciate about astrologers is that they judge me according to my chart and thats all, a much more objective approach.

If you are interested in learning more about my claim please read my book, it can be found here:


In the book I don't discuss what makes me think I was Tesla so i'll tell you here.

I knew at the age of 5 that I was an inventor, that I had to be on TV, that I'd be rich one day and that I would live for a LONG time.

I had Nightmare induced OBE's and was convinced I could fly.

From as far back as i can remember i had an affinity to R/C vehicles and naturally assumed the power that ran them came from the controller. I thought that antennas should be spherical. My first invention was one of his last inventions - a means of projecting thought, at the age of 7 I had no idea how this was to be done. I also was convinced that an entirely liquid diet was ideal, the first time i heard the name Voltaire I felt I had to read up on him, which i still havent done. I also have an aversion to bright lights and loud voices (unless its in the form of music)

Personalitywise I am almost identical to him, the major differences are that I smoke cannabis flowers (he liked alcohol) I have a healthy libido, I am entirely self taught, and my mother is far from exceptional. I am physically very similar, tall, thin, deep set blue/grey eyes and protruding cheekbones.

Today my mission is the same. I am not here to be as prolific, although its possible. I have the eidetic imagery ability and have worked out about 8 major inventions. Some would argue i still lack the business savy but I maintain that I'm here to change the nature of business. Karmically speaking you will immedietly see the appropriateness of my oversoul being "piggybacked" to The Melchizedek - Tesla created this energy infrastructure so only he/I am allowed to pull a Shiva on it.

I often think that Jesus and Tesla paid the price for me. Their piousness and sacrifice justifies my tyrannical megalomania and decadence, my fame and fortune...

Well that's about it, i thank you in advance for any work you feel inspired to do in my name. I have no witnesses, maybe one of you will take it upon yourselves to spread the word and testify based on what you find in my chart...



And the replies:

Hi Matty/Ada,

Your chart has some interesting connections to tesla's chart- your sun on his neptune and your uranus opposite his ascendant. there's more, so it's really quite an interesting story that you've decided to share with the astro folks!1 I think you need to be aware that astrology is only one way to see into certain things, and it has it's limitations. Trust yourslef, and try to maintain a balance in your life, as much as possible. I wish you much success in all of your inventive creations, and if you'd like any feedback on what any of the astrologer types tell you, I'd be happy to give it to you, so that you might get a broader perspective on it all, cheers!




Hello Mathew,

I took a look at your chart as I see you as someone who, despite the obvious agenda you have for your life, still has some big questions about who you are. I can see the potential for 'genius', you are receptive to lots of good ideas, but you need to be very careful about any foray you make into the unknown (psychic/imaginative activity, etc), because you are likely to open yourself up to a lot of negative influence. You have a tendency to be disorganized in this respect, a factor that can make you very suggestible and sensitive to others who are only too eager to take advantage of you. I can see that you grew up with a lot of female influence in your life, perhaps a very strong dominant mother. I can see that you would probably rather not dwell on your problems at home. But I think you should work them out. Otherwise you will never know who you truly are. Who you might have been in the past does not matter. You have a good day, and I wish you all the best.



Thank you for writing. I shall try to get ahold of "Conversations with Nostradamus." I shall also check out your book. I would encourage you to read Voltaire, especially "Candide" and "Zadig." He wrote in the late 18th C. (1790 something). And what he has to say is very funny and still applies to "New Age Nuts." He lived through a transition period, as do we; his time was the shift from the "Age of Reason" to the "Romantic Era."

I know there is a tradition that Jesus was born on Mar. 10, -0007. There is another tradition that he was born in late August with Sun at 28 degrees Leo conjunct the fixed star Regulus (the king maker). Personally, I think the whole Christian thing is a very old and successful hoax; many popes have voiced (privately for the most part) the same oppinion. But, be that as it may, the title Melchizedek literally means king of righeousness or as the Greeks would say "philosopher king," or a "king of theology." No wonder he so often said, "My kingdom is not of this world (of the material plane)" -- it was of the mental/intuitive level! In Hebrew, "melech" (or some version thereof) means "king" while "tzadaka" (or some version thereof such as zadig, zedik, zedek, etc.) means "righteousness." A "righteous" person in the Hebrew tradition never refuses to help when he is asked for it. Jesus was of the tribe of Judah, the tribe of Israel's kings (hence the long geneology of Joseph given in Matthew chapter 1. That Joseph was the biological father is stated in Matt. 1:24-25. ". . . Joseph . . . took unto him his wife: and knew he not till she had brought forth her firstborn son. . ." It was the tradition in royal families for husband and wife to have sex only at certain times of the year (mainly in our month of December) so that the babies would be born in late Sept. near the Jewish New Year. So, Matt. states Joseph "took" his wife and she became pregnant. Sex during pregnancy was not "kosher" thus "he knew her not till she had brought forth." This passage has been sorely misinterpreted by those who wished to "Hellenify" the myth of Jesus -- i.e. have him sired by a god, like all the Greek heros. The tradition that has him born in late August is probably more nearly correct, and he was a few weeks premature. After all, a long ride on a donkey could very well bring on labor a bit early!! In any case, the chart for 8/-0007 shows a legal mind (Mercury conjunct Pluto) rather than an inventive one. His father, Joseph, was "a master of the craft" (misinterpreted as "carpenter") which probably meant a deep student and teacher of the Talmud and what we today call "Kabalah." Anyway, Hebrew priests are from the tribe Levi (sons of Aaron, Moses' brother, Moses' nephews); so Jesus could not be a conventional priest. As a decendant of the tribe of Judah he had to be a kingly priest. In Revelations he states "I am of the root of David (a particular branch of the Judah tribe) and the Bright and Morning Star (Venus or Shahar -- the Semitic desert tribes, both Jew and Arab, worshipped the Venus and Moon, the Goddess; the Star and Crescent (Venus and New Moon) are to this day the emblem of Islam (Arabs) while the Jews use the intertwined triangles of the sixpointed star of the heart chakra as their insignia). The crucifixion story in St. John, and only St. John has this, states that Jesus' side was pierced and water and blood flowed therefrom. The only "gash" I know of that issues "water and blood" is a woman's vagina! What was St. John trying to say? This is interesting in light of the fact that Eve was supposedly born from Adam's side (rib). I think somebody got it backwards and sideways!

As you may know, "Christ" is from the Greek. It is a translation of the Hebrew "meshiach" meaning "the anointed." "Meshiach" (or messiah) was originally a title for Kings ("God's anointed") and priests who were initiated with sacred oil. (Remember the sweet smelling oil Mary Magdalene, Jesus's wife, used to anoint his feet?) Later is meant a prophet or anyone with a special mission from God. Still later, it came to mean one who would deliver the Jews from bondage and oppression (esoterically, from attachment to the physical material plane). The word "Christ" is from the same root as the word "crystal" -- a transparent substance that transmits light. In the non-New Testament gospel of Philip, that apostle says, "The chrism [light] is superior to baptism, for it is from the word "chrism" that we have been called "Christians," certainly not because of the word "baptism." "Arati" or "baptism" by fire is an old practice in the East; it is still done in Hindu temples, and I have seen Mexican Catholics do it too. One wafts the flame of a candle toward one with the hands, and especially toward the eyes as a blessing and worship. A true "Christian" must be a transparent vehicle who transmits the light of the divine (as in Thy Will be done). [Read the Nag Hammadi Library for gospels not included in the New Test. -- inclusion in the N.T. was a political decision, by the way. Study the history of Christianity (Churchianity); do you know what - and how - happened in 325 AD at the first council of Nicea? You should find out, if not.] Now to Tesla's chart (July 9th 11:59 PM, LMT, Smiljan, Yugoslavia, 15E19, 44N35). I see significant differences between it and yours. He had planets in Earth (physical, practical) -- Pluto in Taurus on the ASC at an early degree, and Uranus in Taurus in the middle of the first house. He had an intercepted 12th house. He had been in the spirit realm for the equivalent of several lifetimes. You, on the other hand, have Capricorn as your ascendant as well as your 12th house cusp; this indicates you reincarnated very quickly. Tesla had Pluto and Uranus in his first house. Those are impersonal, universal energies. You have three very personal planets in your first house, Mars, Moon and Mercury. They are in Aquarius, so I have no doubt that you have genius and inventive talent. Your Jupiter (planet that can correlate with meglomanical tendencies) is at 28 degrees Pisces and unaspected. Jupiter in one of its own signs (Sagittarius/Pisces) and at a "critical degree" (28/29 or 0) can be very exaggerated and inflated. There is a tendency to expect too much and/or to go too far. It is not surprising that at age 7 (or thereabout) you cognized an invention for projecting thought, for at that age your progressed Sun crossed your natal Jupiter. Transiting Pluto now has crossed your natal Neptune in Sagittarius and is within orb of a square to natal Sun. That square will be exact in January and Feb. 2003. Your inventions could be very useful in the coming war (as I see it when Pluto gets to 19 degrees Sagittarius it will be opposing the U.S.A. Mars and Uranus in Gemini and on Bush's So. Node -- "final justice for old karma," and it's been announced that the admin. plans to again go into Iraq in 2003). Sun and Jupiter in your second house certainly give the potential for making a great deal of money. Whether that would be for yourself or for others remains to be seen. Tesla never made much from his, many of which, like Wilhelm Reich's, were confiscated and supressed by the government.

As I said, Tesla had planets in Earth. You have NO planets in EARTH. Many abstract thinkers have missing Earth charts. Some very wealthy people do, as well. There is also a danger with missing Earth of substane abuse (drink, drugs, overeating, sexual, "buyaholic," and on and on) because there is a disconnect with the body and the material realm. Pisces/Neptune are particularly suseptable to escapist mechanisms (drugs, et al); so, I'd advise you to forgo cannabis, alcohol, even prescription medications such as Vicodan, and use music and/or meditation to get "high" and tune into the transcendental. I have had enough experience with telepathy that I know it is a valid means of communication. I suspect it is related to hearing, and that there is an organ in the ear and brain that processes incoming thoughts of other people as well as one's own outgoing thoughts and emotions. There are some scientists who say our brains emit photons (light particles), and those particles carry our thoughts and feelings and penetrate the brains and bodies of everyone and everything around us, and ultimately the whole of the universe. I have also experieced sending thoughts. It is a valuable ability when I am teaching. The students unconsciously (for the most part) receive my thoughts, then I speak out loud the same information and it seems very familiar and natural to them, as though they had always known it! There is also telepathy between "dead" people. One man who had been "dead" for three years before I met him told me he was working on "the other side" with a group of business people and scientists (which he was in "life") who attended high level business and government assemblies and meetings. They transmitted and influenced the "living" to move and create in positive and evolutionary ways. I asked him that since I knew who he was, did the people at these meetings know the ideas and inspirations came from him or others in his group. He laughed and told me that was the beauty of a big ego. A big ego thinks any idea in his mind is his own and will act on it. If he knew it came from someone else, he might not do anything with it.

There enough connections between your chart and Tesla's that he may indeed be your teacher and may be telepathing his inventions to you. As far as a "price" -- well, you are born under the sign of Pisces/sign of Sacrifice. So, you may be called on, or forced by circumstances, to sacrifice your personal gain and glory for the greater good of the whole. The Melchizedek cannot help but give aid and assistence to whom, and when and where, it is needed. And the three planets in the firest house of your chart in Aquarius, the water bearer, that show you must pour out for the benefit of humanity, all your wealth of knowledge and genius.


Eleanor Buckwalter