The Vision of the Eagle

11 On the second night I had a dream: I saw rising from the sea an eagle that had twelve feathered wings and three heads. 2I saw it spread its wings overa the whole earth, and all the winds of heaven blew upon it, and the clouds were gathered around it.b 3I saw that out of its wings there grew opposing wings; but they became little, puny wings. 4But its heads were at rest; the middle head was larger than the other heads, but it too was at rest with them. 5Then I saw that the eagle flew with its wings, and it reigned over the earth and over those who inhabit it. 6And I saw how all things under heaven were subjected to it, and no one spoke against it--not a single creature that was on the earth. 7Then I saw the eagle rise upon its talons, and it uttered a cry to its wings, saying, 8"Do not all watch at the same time; let each sleep in its own place, and watch in its turn; 9but let the heads be reserved for the last." 10 I looked again and saw that the voice did not come from its heads, but from the middle of its body. 11I counted its rival wings, and there were eight of them. 12As I watched, one wing on the right side rose up, and it reigned over all the earth. 13And after a time its reign came to an end, and it disappeared, so that even its place was no longer visible. Then the next wing rose up and reigned, and it continued to reign a long time. 14While it was reigning its end came also, so that it disappeared like the first. 15And a voice sounded, saying to it, 16"Listen to me, you who have ruled the earth all this time; I announce this to you before you disappear. 17After you no one shall rule as long as you have ruled, not even half as long." 18 Then the third wing raised itself up, and held the rule as the earlier ones had done, and it also disappeared. 19And so it went with all the wings; they wielded power one after another and then were never seen again. 20I kept looking, and in due time the wings that followedc also rose up on the rightd side, in order to rule. There were some of them that ruled, yet disappeared suddenly; 21and others of them rose up, but did not hold the rule. 22 And after this I looked and saw that the twelve wings and the two little wings had disappeared, 23and nothing remained on the eagle's body except the three heads that were at rest and six little wings. 24 As I kept looking I saw that two little wings separated from the six and remained under the head that was on the right side; but four remained in their place. 25Then I saw that these little wingse planned to set themselves up and hold the rule. 26As I kept looking, one was set up, but suddenly disappeared; 27a second also, and this disappeared more quickly than the first. 28While I continued to look the two that remained were planning between themselves to reign together; 29and while they were planning, one of the heads that were at rest (the one that was in the middle) suddenly awoke; it was greater than the other two heads. 30And I saw how it allied the two heads with itself, 31and how the head turned with those that were with it and devoured the two little wingsf that were planning to reign. 32Moreover this head gained control of the whole earth, and with much oppression dominated its inhabitants; it had greater power over the world than all the wings that had gone before. 33 After this I looked again and saw the head in the middle suddenly disappear, just as the wings had done. 34But the two heads remained, which also in like manner ruled over the earth and its inhabitants. 35And while I looked, I saw the head on the right side devour the one on the left.

A Lion Roused from the Forest

36 Then I heard a voice saying to me, "Look in front of you and consider what you see." 37When I looked, I saw what seemed to be a lion roused from the forest, roaring; and I heard how it uttered a human voice to the eagle, and spoke, saying, 38"Listen and I will speak to you. The Most High says to you, 39'Are you not the one that remains of the four beasts that I had made to reign in my world, so that the end of my times might come through them? 40You, the fourth that has come, have conquered all the beasts that have gone before; and you have held sway over the world with great terror, and over all the earth with grievous oppression; and for so long you have lived on the earth with deceit.g 41You have judged the earth, but not with truth, 42for you have oppressed the meek and injured the peaceable; you have hated those who tell the truth, and have loved liars; you have destroyed the homes of those who brought forth fruit, and have laid low the walls of those who did you no harm. 43Your insolence has come up before the Most High, and your pride to the Mighty One. 44The Most High has looked at his times; now they have ended, and his ages have reached completion. 45Therefore you, eagle, will surely disappear, you and your terrifying wings, your most evil little wings, your malicious heads, your most evil talons, and your whole worthless body, 46so that the whole earth, freed from your violence, may be refreshed and relieved, and may hope for the judgment and mercy of him who made it.' " COMMENTARY - This preceding prophecy is about the rise of America and its attempt to become the NWO - The revived Roman Empire and Babylon (Eagle) , its 3 major powers/countries (heads), wings on both sides and feathers (bipartisan political leaders). Compare this Apocryphal beast to the Biblical Beast out of the Sea in Revelation; wings=heads, heads=horns, feathers=crowns The Lion is me.


Ezra Sees a Vision of a Man from the Sea

13 Seven nights later, I dreamed that 2 I saw a storm at sea with rising waves. 3 I saw what looked like a man come up from the middle of the sea and fly with the clouds.a Wherever he turned, everything he looked at trembled with fear. 4 And when he spoke, everyone who heard him melted, like wax in a fire. 5 Then I saw many people from every direction coming together in a crowd too large to count, and they were ready to fight the man from the sea. 6 This man carved out a huge mountain and flew to the top of it. 7I tried to see from what nation or region he had taken the mountain, but I couldn't see. 8 I noticed that the people were terrified of the man, yet they still planned to attack and defeat him. 9 When he saw them rushing toward him, he didn't pick up a weapon of any kind. 10 Instead, he opened his mouth, and a stream of fire shot out. Flames came from his lips, and sparks jumped from his tongue. 11 These fiery things came together and fell on the crowd, completely burning up everyone. Nothing was left of the crowd except for smoke and ashes. I was amazed at what I had seen. 12I watched as the man from the sea came down from the mountain and called together a different crowd of people a peaceful crowd. 13 Some of these that came to him were happy, some were sad, while some were tied up and led along by others.

Ezra Asks What the Vision Means

I was terrified when I woke up, and I prayed to God Most High: 14 Our Lord, you have shown me a lot of amazing things, and you feel I deserve to have my prayers answered. 15 So would you also explain this vision to me? 16 You know that I am terribly concerned about what will happen to those who are alive at the end of time. And what about those who die before that? 17 They will suffer terribly 18 because they won't receive any of the blessings that will come at the end. 19 Yet those alive at that time are also in for trouble. They must face dangerous and troublesome times, just as you have shown me in these visions. 20 I still think that those who survive these troubles will be better off than those who disappear from this world as quickly as a cloud. Those who survive will live until the end of time, yet those who die will never see what takes place.

The angel Uriel answered:

21I will explain the meaning of this vision and answer your questions.

22 You have asked about people who will survive until the end of time, and about those who will die before then. So I will tell you 23 that the same one who causes trouble in the last times is the one who will protect those who have been faithful and obedient to God All-Powerful.

24 You can be certain that the people who survive will be much better off than those who are dead. 25Now I will tell you what the vision means. The man that you saw coming out of the sea 26is the one God Most High has kept ready during the history of the world. He will set God's creation free and will keep the faithful safe in the world to come. 27You saw this man breathe flames and a fiery storm, 28and you watched him wipe out the crowd of people who were attacking him, without ever reaching for a weapon. This means that 29God Most High will one day rescue all people who have been faithful to him. 30Everyone on earth will be shocked 31and will plot war against one anothercities will fight against other cities, regions against other regions, nations against other nations, kingdoms against other kingdoms. 32And when you see these things happen, together with the signs I told you about earlier, then people everywhere will see God's Son, the one you saw as a man coming up out of the sea. 33When the people of every nation hear his voice, they will stop fighting against one another and will leave their homes 34and gather together into one crowd too large to count, just as you saw in your vision. They will plot to defeat God's Son, 35but he will stand on the mountain of Jerusalem, 36and the new city of Jerusalem will be shown to everyone. This is the mountain you saw carved out, without human hands in the vision. 37The storm you saw stands for the time when God's Son will judge all godless nations. 38He will remind them of every wicked and evil plan they had and will tell them of the tortures they must face. These were the flames you saw. Then finally he will easily wipe out the godless nations by using God's holy Law. This was the fire in the vision. 39You saw God's Son call together a peaceful crowd. 40These are the nine tribes that King Shalmaneser of Assyria captured during the rule of King Hoshea of Israel and led away to a foreign land across the Euphrates River.e 41But these tribes decided to leave this foreign land and settle in a place where no one had ever lived, 42and where they could obey God's laws more faithfully than they had in their own country. 43They chose to cross the Euphrates at the most difficult place, 44so God Most High had to perform amazing miracles and stop the flow of the river until they had safely crossed. 45They traveled a year and a half through the region known as Arzareth,f 46where they have lived ever since. Before the end of time, they will come back home, 47and God Most High will once again stop the flow of the river to let them cross. This was the large and peaceful crowd you saw gathered around God's Son. 48They are the ones who will be left of your people. They will be found within God's holy nation and will be rescued 49when his Son destroys the godless nations that gather together to attack him. He will defend your people who survive 50and work amazing miracles for them. 51I replied, "Sir, why did I see the man coming up out of the sea?" 52He said: Just as no one knows what is at the bottom of the sea, so no one on earth will see God's Son or those with him until the final day comes. 53That's what your vision means, and only you have been told these things 54because you care more about studying God's Law than you do about following your own concerns. 55You have spent your life searching for wisdom, and knowledge has been as dear to you as a mother. 56That's why God has shown you these things and will one day reward you. Now after three more days, I will explain to you other important and marvelous things. 57As I walked across the field, I worshiped and praised God Most High for the amazing miracles he had done 58and for controlling history and all that happens. I stayed there for three days.